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1 Last Resort

This is the first Papa Roach song I listened to. It turned me into a Papa Roach fan. The instrumentals are amazing as always, the vocals are just outstanding, and it is sung with so much emotion you just fall in love with it.

This is a really good song because you can headbang to it, and it also has a great meaning. You fall in love with this song the first time you hear it.

It's the song that got me into Papa Roach. Love this song forever.

I never knew about Papa Roach before I heard this song! I love it! It's one of my favorites, and now I'm always listening to it!

2 Scars

I love this song as a whole. I get very passionate about this song to the point where I either cry or get angry!

The opening guitar riff always strikes a chord with me!

This is by far my #1 Papa Roach song because of the lyrics and the riffs!

I relate so much to this song! Meaningful lyrics compared to some of their others. Though, don't get me wrong, I love Papa Roach! I have the biggest crush on Jacoby.

Have a look at this music video and try saying he doesn't look gorgeous!

This song means so much. It saved my life, literally. This song got me into Papa Roach, and I'm addicted to them now because I know this band is the reason I'm alive.

I'm so appreciative of this song.

3 ... to Be Loved

Whenever I listen to this song, I just want to go out there and take on the world. It fills me with tons of energy.

Last Resort does not deserve the first spot. It has such a depressing meaning, and To Be Loved's music is by far better than Last Resort. You've got to be kidding me if you don't vote for To Be Loved!

Hands down the best Papa Roach song. It's catchy, upbeat, and has lyrics that can help anyone get through any day. I should know. It's helped me.

This is definitely the best song from Papa Roach. It needs to be number 1. Last Resort is overrated compared to this. Vote it up!

4 Between Angels and Insects

This song is unfortunately underrated compared to other songs on the Infest album, such as "Last Resort" and "Broken Home."

In my opinion, this is their best song on the album and arguably of all time, with fast rap verses and heavy, hard-hitting choruses. Awesome!

Lyrics are awesome. The whole Infest album was the best from Papa Roach. This song reminds me of the movie "Fight Club." You think you own things, but really things own you.

That beginning riff just makes my day. Every time!

Much better than all the new stuff that's coming out.

5 Getting Away with Murder

The chorus and bridge are the best parts, and the whispers really convey the desire for secrecy. Yet, somehow, the lyrics themselves are begging someone to find out because the narrator knows what he is doing is horrifying. This is the perfect song for Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.

The sentence structure conveys the thought process of a psychotic person falling apart. The song is both intense and catchy. Vote it up, people!

Not having this song at number 1 is like getting away with murder. The vocals are amazing, the music is even more awesome, and the chorus is all-encompassing!

6 Forever

Best song! I wish this was at least in the top 3! I love this song so much! I love the chorus! It is amazing!

This song needs to definitely be bumped up! I can't stop listening to it! BEST SONG EVER.

Wonderful song. The first time I heard it, I cried. Love it so much.

I think this was the first song I heard by them, and ever since, I've loved their band. Can't get enough!

My favorite song ever! Why is it in the top 8? Keep on voting! This awesome song deserves much more!

Because days come and go, but my feelings for you are forever.

7 Hollywood Whore

It's an amazing song. They can honestly make a song about anything, and it will always sound amazing. The guitarist was awesome as well in this song!

The first time I listened to this song, my jaw dropped! The way the guitar and the vocals blend together is amazing!

Amazing song. Not a big fan of Papa Roach, but this song, along with a few others, I actually liked.

8 Burn

Hello? Is anything wrong here? This should be higher than just nine. Come on, it deserves to be in the top 3. Keep voting for this! Burn.

Great song. You can hear the anger in Shaddix's voice. The intro is very nice as well.

Great song. Killer lyrics. Last Resort is the best, but this one needs to be uplifted. This one should be at number 6.

9 Lifeline

My absolute favorite P-Roach song. Great guitar intro and Jacoby's vocals really soar here.

Also, depressing lyrics that by the end of the song transform into positive ones.

This song represents my life like no other does. The lyrics are awesome!

Some songs are just underrated. This song needs to be #1 on this list.

10 She Loves Me Not

This song and Last Resort are tied for first in my opinion, but this song got me into Papa Roach. Actually, NHL 2003 on the GameCube introduced me to this song, haha.

Definitely my favorite.

Listened to this song so many times! Gotta love Papa Roach!

Probably their most underrated hit. This album is easily forgotten, but this song isn't.

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11 No Matter What

If I ever get the chance, and my voice gets a little higher in pitch, No Matter What is the song I'm singing to a girl. But then again, I'm no ladies' man, am I?

This song is fantastic, though. If people don't think Shaddix is a good singer, tell them to listen to this song.

Should be up in the top ten. This song reminds me of my relationship so much, and I'm sure it could describe some of yours too.

I like the acoustic version better, though. It may not be the most adrenaline-rushing song ever, but the meaning of the song is amazing.

12 Kick in the Teeth

Amazing song! Great lyrics and definitely Papa Roach's best song ever! Last Resort is good, but this one needs to be bumped up!

This is an insane song! The chorus is brilliant, the riffs are divine. Definitely deserves a top 10, if not a top 5.

Two words: Drop dead! I loved it from the first time I listened to it. It should be the first on that list, let's do it...

13 Gravity

The comment section of the music video is terrible. It's just people hating on this because of Maria, hating on Papa Roach, or loving it only because of Maria. It has rapping for the old fans and hard rock for the new ones, just as someone else noted, and Maria is great.

All I want is more positive comments in the music video. I hope those who see this will post them.

Only number 25! This is a great song. It should appeal to everyone. There is rapping for old Papa Roach fans, hard rocking parts for newer fans, and Maria Brink, who flows perfectly with it.

14 Where Did the Angels Go?

Easily their heaviest breakdown. The chorus is outrageously catchy.

Overall, a memorable song. Definitely has a lasting quality and will most certainly be regarded as one of their best songs, if not their best.

Amazing song. This song made me want to listen to more songs by Papa Roach. It should at least be in the top 15.

How can this be #39? This is one of the most badass songs by Papa Roach! This one should be at least in the top 5.

15 Still Swingin

"The Connection" is the best album to date, and it's opened with one of the sickest songs. It blends the awesome lyrics I love from Papa Roach with the "future sound," as they call it.

They're better than ever with this song and album.

We are the ones still swinging! Amazing song by Papa Roach. I always jump on my bed and pretend I'm Jerry Horton playing his guitar when I hear it.

This one should be ranked higher.

Great song with awesome lyrics. Just listen to it, and you will vote it up!

16 Face Everything and Rise
17 Take Me

This is one of the coolest-sounding songs Papa Roach has made!

18 Reckless

The first song I ever heard of theirs, but now I'm obsessed with Papa Roach. This song is by far one of the best. It rocks.

So, it is one of the most awesome songs.

This is such a great song. I love the new songs of Papa Roach more than the older ones, but "Last Resort" is epic.

The Paramour Sessions is their best album so far, in my opinion. I personally really like 7 songs from that album, and this one is my favorite. Still, their best song is Scars.

19 Before I Die

Best song I've heard in a long time, definitely better than half the songs in the top 10! So underrated!

This song needs to be in the top five without question.

Clearly, their best song. So meaningful. If it weren't for this song, I would not have a girlfriend.

20 Not that Beautiful

Whoa, this song deserves to be way higher! The lyrics and vocals on this track are just fabulous, not to forget the awesome rapping. Especially the delightful chorus which amazes me a lot.

I wonder if it's Auto-Tuned, but it isn't. They're awesome live, and this song is one of their best. Papa Roach!

Come on! This song is so much better than Last Resort. I can see that this song is going to be an absolutely massive hit on the radio when it is released as a single because I just can't stop listening to it.

It's just perfect!

21 Snakes
22 Broken Home

How the hell is this not in the top ten? The lyrics are amazing. The rapping and screaming are perfect. The music is amazing.

Tragically beautiful, a saving grace for any child affected by divorce.

23 9th Life

The verses really rev me up for the wonderful payoff that is the chorus. This would be a perfect song for a zombie apocalypse.

I think the bridge/breakdown kind of ruined the pacing, but other than that, I think this is an underrated gem.

Very good song. Makes you want to replay it over and over, but it's hard to find on iTunes, or with my luck, I can't find it at all.

Best song on their new album. Shouldn't be this far down the list.

24 Not Listening

I just got into it a few weeks ago, and I love it. For a total nerd like me, it's a nice break-out-and-forget-the-world song during the 15-minute bus ride to school.

Epic song, it's way too underrated. Go and listen to it when you next have the opportunity, you won't be disappointed.

10/10, love it. Absolutely amazing song, it was the first song performed by Papa Roach I've heard.

P.S. FlatOut 2 (if you know what I mean)

25 Wish You Never Met Me

It's a cool song. It should be number one, and number two should be Set Me Off.

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