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Skullkid755 This is my new post series inspired by the Playlist Junkie Series on YouTube, which is on the Cinnemassacre Channel and made by James Rofle, the angriest gamer you've ever heard, the Angry Video Game Nerd. And it's also inspired by Christangrant's post "A Story of Someones Life Told Through Pink Floyd Songs". I make a theme for the playlist, put songs in the playlist that have that theme, and bam, you have a concept album, by multiple music artists, that's in the form of a playlist. It doesn't have to be a Spotify Playlist, as long as you can put the songs in a playlist, you can follow the series and copy it. And even add some originality to the playlists. Now that the intro is done, time to get started.

Track 1 : One (Metallicaa) - The song One is one in episode one of this one series. Okay, now that we've got that one joke out of the way, I can talk about how this goes in the playlist. A solider is wounded in action and thus disabled, dead on the outside, but not on the inside. He is unable to move or communicate, and thus highly desires a mercy killing. It means that the horrors of war are not only on the battlefield, but also in the minds of those wounded badly on the battlefield.

Track 2 : Holy Wars... the Punishment Due (Megadeth) - This song is about war caused by religious beliefs, thus "holy wars" being in the title. I believe that while war is bad, it is reasonable depending on the reasons for the war to exist. Religion is not one of them. Like Dave Mustaine, I don't understand why people kill for religion. This isn't my favorite Megadeth song, that's Hangar 18, but is Hangar 18 about war? No. Is Holy Wars? Look at the title.

Track 3 : War Pigs (Black Sabbath) - One of the most infamous wars in American history gave inspiration for one of the most famous Black Sabbath songs in music history. It was gonna be the title track for their signature album Paranoid, but people thought it would be offensive, so they made Paranoid the title track. It's a song protesting against war. It's a hippie's favorite metal song because of that. An overrated song (though Iron Man is more overrated, can name a good amount of Black Sabbath songs better than both), but it's Black Sabbath's most anti-war song so it has to be here.

Track 4 : Machine Gun (Jimi Hendrix) - Any guitarist has been influenced by Jimi Hendrix in some way. Even if you don't know about him while also being a guitarist, one of your inspirations has probably been influenced by him. Jimi Hendrix was a master of concerts, effects, improvising, and more. I admire how Jimi Hendrix was able to use feedback in this song, he made it ear porn instead of ear rape. That's what makes this a standout song. And Jimi's solo, it can give you 5 eargasms in less than a minute.

Track 5 : The Trooper (Iron Maiden) - One of Iron Maiden's most popular and famous songs, and it deserves such status. Epic instrumental, especially the guitars, the great lyrics, and the amazing vocals by Bruce Dickinson makes this a heavy metal song that is heavy metal and heavy in quality.

Track 6 : For Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica) - Every Metallica fan should know this song. The opening with the bells and Cliff Burton's greatest bassline is the instrumental standout of the song. The lyrics of this song are also great as well. It's not a thrashy Metallica song, but if this song's speed was doubled, would you really like it better? The answer is no obviously. It's about the horrors of war, line 8 is one of the best lyrics of the song in my opinion.

Track 7 : Run Through the Jungle (Creedence Clearwater Revival) - The opening of this southern rock song reminds me of something that would put fear into the hearts of the most brave and heroic. Something deadly and dangerous. It reminds me of a bomb dropping. It's a song inspired by the Vietnam War, so I am absolutely sure it was intentional. The lyrics are about battle in the jungles of Vietnam, hence the title Run Through the Jungle. It's got a good instrumental, one instrument, not sure what it is, has a solo for a minute during the middle of the song, and it's a good solo.

Track 8 : Soliderhead (Newsted) - A better version of Metallica's Harwired, but it came out 3 years before. Metallica said "We don't need Jason Newsted, let's just get inspiration from one of the songs he made after he left our band." Metallica probably still keeps an eye on Jason, he was the first bassist they had for more than 10 years after all, so I think this song inspired Hardwired to Self Destruction. Not sure what the full meaning is yet, but I know it involves war and like other war songs, the bad things about it. I plan on reviewing the album this song is from sometime, just giving you an idea of what to expect from the next album review.

Track 9 : Indestructible (Disturbed) - The song has a memorable opening sound effect, the sound of a siren. You go to shuffle on whatever you're using to listen to music, you'll know it's this song after less than a second because of that. It has great vocals, lyrics, and rhythm guitar in my opinion. It's told from the perspective of a proud solider doing his job.

Track 10 : B.Y.O.B (System of a Down) - Not into System of a Down yet. Plan on doing so. This song is helping me do that. It seems to go between calm, aggressive, and in the middle. It's criticizing how many soldiers who fight are uneducated and poor. I like the instrumental too, especially the guitar. If you think nu-metal sucks this song will probably change your mind.

So those are my 10 songs for the playlist. If you want a good playlist about war and like metal and or rock, this is a good playlist for you. Do a different order, take off some songs, add some other songs, it's your playlist do whatever. This isn't copyrighted, just the music. You can do playlists like these on iTunes, Spotify, can burn a custom cd, add them to a YouTube playlist if that's your main source for music, and more. It's like a collaborative concept album you put together yourself. That's all I have to say, have a good listening experience, and I hope you had a good viewing experience with this post.


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