Why I Hate : Weeaboos

Skullkid755 I like anime, and you may or may not. I honestly don't care, just don't hate people for there opinion on it. Well, there are people who don't think like that. Instead, they hate anyone who doesn't like anime. They also want to be Japanese since they think anime is the best thing ever. Guess what though weeaboos, that is not an intelligent thing to say. Anime is not perfect. Want proof? Well, the existence of weeaboos proves that statement. I hope weeaboos lose the battle. The battle with people who respect opinions so that they don't give everyone eyes the size of tennis balls, breasts that are bigger than monster truck tires, and hair that defies gravity. I also hope they lose the battle with people who respect opinions so that I don't need to look down at subtitles to find out what someone is telling me. If this post gets featured, then there's a chance. A chance that everyone who goes to the latest posts section sees it and joins my army, my army against the weeaboos. I want you all to know why, you should join me and fight weeaboos!!!

Weeaboos can't respect opinions on anime. They hate on all content on the internet that is negative about anime. An example of this is the comments on the item "Anime" on the list "Top Ten Things People Should Hate". They try to find content that hates on anime so they can tell the creator to like anime or leave the internet. An example of this is the negative reception to the list "Reasons Why Anime Sucks" and the controversy it gave the user mrcoolface, just for that one, opinionated list that didn't define his account. I think of him more of as a cartoon lover than an anime hater, because 75% of his lists are about cartoons while 25% of them are about anime. Here's another fact. I looked at his account a month ago, and everyday for one week, his list about anime got at least one vote and comment. Here's a tip. If you think content on the internet is made for the purpose of trolling, then don't respond to the content or start interacting with the creator of it. That way, you won't be humiliating yourself, you won't regret it later on, and most importantly, you wont' cause them to do it again!!!! If you aren't gonna respect opinions, don't be responding to opinionated content you disagree with. Simple as that. That way, you won't feed the "troll" and you won't make people think you're a weeaboo.

Another thing weeaboos can't do is have good internet content. They'll typically only make positive content about anime or make negative content about non-anime at the same time. For example, I won't name you, but a few months ago, a user made a list about spirit animals of users. What the f*ck? DEAR WEEABOO B, I AM NOT A FOX AND DON'T WANT TO BE ONE EITHER!!!
Something else he did was say that two users deserved to get raped for not liking anime. That is not a good reason to be traumatized and harmed for the rest of your life. If you think that, then what you are is being talked about in this rant. Well, he deleted his account and now has a new one of the same username with no evidence of still being a weeaboo as far as I know. If you can't have variety, then at least have good content that's all in the same category. Castlevaniafanboy128 did it with his video game list. Best transitions into 3D, franchises that improved over time, and game with the best AI are all different from the best games of all time list despite being in the same category.

And here is my third reason for hating weeaboos. They are hate any form of entertainment that isn't anime or inspired by anime. They don't realize that without cartoons, anime may have never been big at all. Thanks to Disney, animation is known as a form of art, unless it is straight out terrible! They are all like "Me like Japan for me like anime, me hate cartoon for me hate bad". They are very biased, close-minded, and ignorant of what American animation has done for all animation, including anime. Oh, did I mention they are wannabe Japanese? That's what they are. They think they are Japanese for watching anime or want to be Japanese because of that. They have never been anywhere in Asia yet they act like Dragon Ball Z is based off of a true story. They also jerk off to anime porn also and think that anime characters are sexy.

So, this post explains in plenty of detail why weeaboos suck so much that Kim Kardashian hates them for how much they suck. They have bad internet content with no variety, are close-minded and disrespectful of opinions, and think they are Japanese or want to be Japanese. They need to get brains, get honor, and stop trying to get anime girls, cause trust me, that is just wrong on every level!!! I hope you enjoyed this rant, unless you are a weeaboo. I won't kick you out of my life if you're a weeaboo just don't be bad enough for that to happen. See you all, in the War Against Weeaboo.


They want to be Japanese. Haha. Ridiculous. - visitor

IDC what race I'm in. I have to accept what race I'm in. Also all races are equal. - visitor

Yeah. Exactly. - visitor

But weaboos are racist! to Japaneses and Koreans. - ArigatoKawaii

Obsessers who can't take anime hate wonkeydude.
A lot of weeaboos still follow the "Me Japanese even though me American" trait. - Skullkid755

Nice post and advice. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Well said. - ProPanda

I agree with this,and I don't hate anime fans,just weaboos,MSS is a great user,and you're the third best user,and your both anime fans - Nateawesomeness

I agree with this whole post. There is nothing wrong with liking anime or being a fan of it. But trying to be Japanese? Not taking anime hate? Talking about anime only? Hating on Western cartoons? That is just messed up dude. I draw and like anime, but I like cartoons too, or maybe even more. I like the anime art style more, but as entertainment, I prefer cartoons, they are more entertaining and unique, but anime is good too. I am fine with people hating anime, I mean that is their opinion. My favorite show is a cartoon. I do not talk about only anime, I talk about cartoons and music and some other stuff. - visitor

I completely agree with your whole comment, AnimeDrawer. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yeah boo weaboos - HollowArrow

I agree big time with this post. I love anime and Japanese culture, but I'm simply not Japanese. That's one thing weaboos have to accept. - Mcgillacuddy

*wishes for the weaboo haters I am Japanese* - ArigatoKawaii

Didn't even have to read the post, I agree. - visitor

I've watched Hentai and jerked off to it once in a while but not like a weeaboo would do. I'm not a weeaboo. I don't even watch anime. I do watch Hentai sometimes but that's all the anime I've seen. Also IDC if you hate Hentai. That's fine with me. - visitor

Watching Hentai makes you a weaboo. - visitor

Of course the only anime you watch is Hentai... - ProPanda

Hentai is the only anime I watch but I only watch it like twice a month. Watching it everyday makes people weeaboos. It's fine to hate porn. That's your opinion if you hate it. Also Princess Peach Porn is also Hentai. It's the first kind of porn I've seen. I didn't watch reality porn until 2014 because I was too scared to watch it at first but later than I've gotten used to it. So I am kinda a weeaboo for looking at that. Hentai is porn that is cartoon and anime related stuff. - visitor

Metts, I think you should try watching actual anime instead of hentai. Better to like anime as an anime fan than to like hentai as a weeaboo. Come drop by my anime recommendations post so I can help recommend an anime series to you. I won't talk any further beyond this comment since I don't want to get called a weeaboo. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Metts, I hate to say this, but it's starting to look like your porn obsession is becoming worse than the average weeaboo's anime obsession. Which is REALLY saying something. No offense. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Danteem's porn obsession has been out of hand for some time. - visitor

True that, and he's also aDICKted to masturbation. - Skullkid755

LOLOL - visitor

Are you okay? Jerking off to anime porn is one of the reasons why Humanity is f***ed - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Thank goodness you don't care others option. But roger that, don't be obsessed in that. Otherwise, you will end up in a place where you don't like it. - BorisRule

But now I started to watch bestiality, scat porn and scat hentai. I also watch bestiality hentai and scat bestiality porn. - visitor

Holy s***t! That was syper gross! - BorisRule

It's like whenever there is Anime criticism or something, those weapons bash their ass off... - EpicJake

Good rant - Martinglez

They are the most annoying types of anime fans out there - Neonco31

Anime and cartoon are both goods but I straight up hate this fact most cartoons are getting taken up by relationship bulls*** with Disney actors

Oh and by the way of you don't watch nick you should go watch it nick sucked
Due to all the shows that were cancelled and added but that new show they added brung nick back to life I love it it beat Steven universe and Spongebob on ratings while Spongebob used new eps and loud house used rerun - speed

You know you're a weaboo when you start up a religon called Yinharou Society. what was the point of it anyway? - TwilightKitsune

We didn't really do anything in it to be honest. - visitor

Twilight, that society was made to cause people to cringe. - Skullkid755

Worst religon ever - TwilightKitsune

Hey, quit talking about that religion, I might get erectile dysfunction. - Skullkid755

I hated the Yinharou Society kinda dumb - speed

Which country is Blear from? - TwilightKitsune

LOL - TwilightKitsune

Weeaboos think EVERYTHING is stolen from Anime. I remember some weeaboo saying that Iron Man was a rip-off of Bubblegum Crisis, even though Iron Man came out 30 years before it. 🙄 - MonkeyMutantBoss