Top 10 Worst Songs of 2023

Music is the universal language, the soundtrack to our lives, and let's face it - it's not always sweet melodies and catchy hooks. Sometimes, it's a cacophony that leaves us reaching for the skip button faster than you can say "next." And that's why you're here, right? To contribute to the democratic process of music criticism, and help compile the definitive list of the worst songs of 2023.

Let's set some ground rules first. This is a judgment-free zone. We all have different tastes in music, and what may sound like a tuneless dirge to one person may be another's earworm. So remember, if someone lists a song you like, it's not a personal attack, it's just a differing opinion. And that's totally okay - the world would be a very dull place if we all liked the same things, wouldn't it?

When you're voting, try to think about what it is about the song that really grinds your gears. Is it the lyrics? The melody? The artist's voice? Or maybe it just gives you a headache every time you hear it. Whatever it is, this is your chance to have your say.

So, what are the songs that had you begging for mercy in 2023? The ones that made you contemplate throwing your radio out the window or deleting your streaming app?
The Top Ten
1 Toxic Gossip Train - Colleen Ballinger

This has to be the worst apology in YouTube history and probably even worse than the Logan Paul one back in 2018. At least Logan Paul matured and learned from his mistakes (as far as I know, he hasn't really done anything super controversial as of late) but Colleen probably won't. She just plays the victim and blames the people that accused her here and just comes off as super laughable. She needs to grow up!

Colleen Ballinger if she was accused of cheating on her husband: "The only thing I've ever cheated on is my math test! I'm not a cheater, just an attention seeker, who didn't understand I shouldn't let another man get in my pants! And I'm not a liar even though you think so because a few months ago I had some fun with another man! But that's not very interesting, is it? So let's go on the tOxIc GoSsIp TrAiN!"

Since sharing your opinion about this non-apology is now a claimable offense on YouTube, if you're looking for new ways to clown on this, go check out the folks at Genius for some good laughs. They are appropriately ripping apart this track, harder than any manipulation tactic or scheme Colleen could put in this track to not take criminal accountability for her actions.

2023 must be a better year for music since most songs making this list are mostly YouTube or political related songs. But my god..this has to be the worst one. Probably the worst example of an apology I've ever heard in my life, with the end result playing the victim and having no responsibility for sending lingerie to underage tweens. No wonder this got viral, this was such garbage.

2 American Flags - Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun

Finally, #3! I'm proud of this website's community growing up and being able to realize that the worst music isn't the most popular and annoying stuff people won't shut up about, it's immoral abominations like this that shouldn't exist! Thank you to everybody who voted on this and the top three

I'm gonna give you a hint on how to make a good song, and that's to not be an overly political person or more specifically a cringe conservative.

Just don't give this song the time. Either look up the lyrics without listening or just ignore it entirely. For a fun game, though, according to this song, Tom believes patriotism is; 5x incitement of violent behavior, 4x conspiracy to commit murder, 4x uttering threats involving bodily harm/death, 3x inciting subversive activity, 3x incitement of domestic terrorism, 2x incitement of hate crimes, 2x incitement of vandalism, 1x incitement of B&E, and 1x conspiracy to commit treason.

Its tom it will be bad. I guarantee you it sounds almost the same as all his other songs.

3 Boycott Target - Forgiato Blow and Jimmy Levy

"Cinderella Snapped" is currently the worst far left single of the year, and this is currently the worst far right single of the year. An easy target (haha), sure, but still deserving of the number 1 spot on the list. This is one of the worst right-wing singles I've ever heard in my life. Inflation? CRT? The economy? Nah man, they're targeting your kids promoting those "sexual genders" or whatever, we gotta have a moral panic over that. By the way, that "sexual gender" lyric is Jake Paul level writing. Anybody remember that "God Church" lyric? Yeah this is the 2023 version of that lyric. Lol.

Horrible transphobic right wing anthem that needs to be destroyed and burned with fire. Who the hell thought this was a good thing to make? Vocals and production are trash too. Just a reflection of societal stupidity in the worst fashion.

If the artists behind this song were in my kingdom, they'd never be allowed anywhere the throne room because they stink so much! Better put them in the serf cellar so at least they won't be tossing their sweat on the shelves of the shops!

Who thought this was a good idea? They use the t-slur despite being cis, there's a line about "sexual genders" (?), and they hammer in the message "target is targeting your kids" so hard that no one, not even the people who agree with this song's message, will find it funny anymore. And it wasn't even funny to begin with!

4 Pump Rock x Heavy Metal - Lil Pump

Like Barbie Dress-Up at the Hot Topic. This track feels like the shopping list of two genres for someone who knows next to nothing about the genres. Both pump rock and heavy metal arrangements feel like an aesthetic borrow with all the hollowness within, taking no human element with it except the cultural clichés and the secondhand embarrassment anyone would feel listening, or associating, with this.

Lil Pump doing a rap metal song, it's as awful and insulting as you'd expect it to be.

This is crap as hell.

5 Cinderella Snapped - Jax

Is this really where we're at? Like are we really at a point in society where someone can have a lyric as stupid as "I'm a goddamn CEO, don't call me baby, equal pay me" and have it get radioplay? And this is after getting radioplay for another one of the worst songs ever written. How does anybody take Jax seriously? Like, surely even the radical feminists this is meant to pander to can see the stupidity of this song and Meghan Trainor's...right?

Jax has always felt forced and preachy in her messages backed up by generic and slightly dated pop rock production, but this a new low. And you're right, she does sound like Kesha...

This has to be one of the worst songs ever made. It's like it's trying to be some form of empowerment track yet to me it just sounds like a total mess and half of the lyrics just sounds randomly taken out of context. This is far worse than Victoria's Secret, which was bad enough in itself.

This sound like Olivia Rodrigo wannabe. This song is nothing but awful. It has fake lyrics. This is 1 of the worst pop rock songs that I've ever heard. No wonder modren music nowadays is pure utter rubbish

6 Mother - Meghan Trainor

Every time I hear this, the more I hate it. What doesn't help is it is my sister's favourite song (despite being worse than listening to roadworks at 2am) so I'm subjected to it constantly. If there was one song I could remove from humanity, I would certainly be picking this one rn.

Man, I'm so glad I got out of my Meghan Trainor phase before this was released...I can't imagine even attempting to defend this sexist disaster when I liked her. Worst song she's ever made, unquestionably.

This song made me feel like I'm in hell. Imagine being the child of a woman who's crazy about being a stereotypical mother, has a cringe worthy and uncomfortable personality and she wrote this song for you.

Meghan Trainor hopping onto the tiktok music bandwagon is not something's by one wanted to see. I think she's trying (and failing) to get a gay fanbase. As a member of the lgbt+ community, we don't want her.

7 Area Codes - Kali

This song doesn't have the energy that it thinks it has. Tryin to sound like you bad but you just ain't that smooth. Would quit that second profession since you probably ain't good at that either.

A rather straightforward hustle track that wounds up rather inconsequential but respectable in its miniscule scope. The back beat doesn't strive to be flashy in a way that feels like her game is all just business to her. Kinda feels like the side hustle, or the entrée, to the real business Kali could be cooking, and I'm curious to see what that might end up being.

This song is pretty bad. The production is non existent and the rapping sounds like she's straining and mumbling at the same time

Makes no sense, no melodies, and the entire song is all based on this one part of it.

8 SH SH SH (Hit That) - DVBBS & Wiz Khalifa

Oh to be a fly on the wall in this studio to learn what they were thinking. Easily the worst creative concept to work a full song from, a flurry of annoying shush noises densely permeated to attack your eardrums for no second spared, coupled with lyricism so laughable the first thought it gave me was the 'She Farted On My Dick' song by NCT127.

Now that the list is gathering more votes, I'm glad that this has finally reached the top. After making so many songs while stoned out of his mind, Khalifa was bound to make a bizzare disaster. And I can't believe that DVBSS also played a part in this embarassment.

What the hell is this crap?

9 Ghetto Girls>>>> - DaBaby

Why do we still give attention to this clown? His music is as one note as ever and his lyrics are particularly degrading to women. Let's just leave him back in 2020 already.

One of two awful tracks off DaBaby's new 3-track long Call Da Fireman EP. Beats pretty bad sounding and DaBaby uses the same old tired flow.

DaBaby should just be deported all the way back to the country of Niger where he belongs.

10 Baby Don't Hurt Me - David Guetta, Anne-Marie & Coi Leray

David Guetta used to make really good songs. Now all he does is just make really meh 'remakes' of iconic classic tunes.

Can't even say at least he's bringing attention back to the original songs like what Stranger Things did for Kate Bush, because everybody still knows those classics and they're still a staple in clubs and memes etc. Just not needed.

Stop David just stop you're going to embarrass yourself if you keep doing this cringeworthy BS where you take older club songs and try to remix them in obviously cheap and overdone ways.

I wish that David Guetta could stop ruining classic songs at once. This song is a lazy sample like I'm Good (Blue). At least I'm Good (Blue) put in a little bit of effort. This song copied all the lyrics of a classic.

Last night I was in a club and the DJ started playing the intro to "What Is Love" by Haddaway, before switching to David Guetta's awful cash-grab remake. I wanted to punch him in the throat.

The Newcomers

? One More Time - Blink-182

This song is not a disaster but it's so overpolished and the vocals are not the best.

? What’s Up? - Dolly Parton
The Contenders
11 Mathematical Disrespect - Lil Mabu

Lil Mabu is everything rap aspires to destroy. A shoe-in industry plant WASP weaponizing the genre's scrappy, bottom roots initiative as a market for his family to get even higher. In truth, he's actually a silver-spooned Lincoln collegiate prep with over $12M to his family's name and a Hampton mansion to his claim. So as Lil Mabu peddles his lyrics about color theory and raps the numbers of pi, remember when he proclaims his tough physique of criminal, "tough guy" talk is as babyfaced squeak as the primly rat behind it.

Who calls themselves that? I swear, judging by the artists name, I would've assumed this guy was another troll artist ShrekTheGoat takes seriously, but apparently, it's real. Also, he sounds and looks like a poor man's Polo G.

Don't like beat

12 Try that in a Small Town - Jason Aldean

Anyone remember how YG released that song "FDT" where he dunked on Donald Trump, said he was going to crash an LA Trump Rally and "f it up", then said he was gonna go "black panther", which was blatantly calling for violence? Well, the same people who were praising that song are now saying that this song saying "try that here and we'll kick your behinds" in response to rioters is fascism. Bruh you can't make this stuff up.

The only part of this that is objectionable to me is the bit where he insinuates burning the flag and cussing out a cop are worthy of a violent response. They're not, that's freedom of speech. But everything else seems reasonable to me. But hey, maybe I'm wrong on that. Feel free to explain what exactly I'm missing here.

Conspiracy-peddling and monstrously grotesque in nature, victimizing countryside porch pops to defend themselves against invisible boogeymen that just don't exist. Put simply, this is the narrative that makes heinous bigotry happen, and Jason Aldean is fueling it for sleazy, monetary gain. It was horrid when it first released, and it's become double the atrocity with its video and subsequent controversy boom.

Gosh, why on earth does this pathetic excuse for a song have to exist? Jason Aldean is basically bragging about being a gun-toting psychopath and encouraging audiences to do the same. This is wrong on an infinite level. It's actually worse than Kid Rock's Bad Reputation album. This song just needs to burn in hell, enough said!

Never have I heard more racist dogwhistling and moral panic about imaginary enemies in one song than in this one. Trash.

13 Sugar Mommy - Crash Adams

Crash Adams, just... just stop. The lack of self-awareness has made you cross the line to a campiness no one could ever find comfortable. In no universe would anyone but you find the idea of a bubble pop track about why, not the listener, but you specifically bend backwards and simp for your 'sugar mommy' appealing, attractive, or any bit agreeable. Please stop making your glory-holy worship kink tracks before more innocent listeners get hurt.

14 We Didn't Start the Fire - Fall Out Boy

FOB just released this mess of an updated version on the classic Billy Joel song. While I still think this is better than Young and Menace, there is still some pretty questionable stuff, even though it's decent instrumentally. It's not in chronological order for some reason, they rhymed George Floyd with Metroid for some reason, and why the heck did they not mention Covid or even quarantine in it, which is one of the BIGGEST WORLD EVENTS OF THESE PAST FEW DECADES! I won't even be surprised if this ends up making Fantano's Worst Songs of 2023 list. Very disappointing after their comeback album So Much (For) Stardust, although I don't think it's quite their best. (I find the fourth track, Fake Out, to be pretty bland).

15 Shake Sumn - DaBaby

Who convinced that stupid 500-toothed dinosaur that he could sing?

This song is a disgrace to Jersey Club and the remix with Sexyy Red is even worse.

16 Swag Like Ohio, Pt. 2 - Trippie Redd & Lil B

Who on earth still says "swag" in 2023? I thought we had left that word back in the early 2010s.

This is a serious thing?

"Swag" and "Ohio" in 2023?

17 Automobooty - NLE Choppa

I don't think a track has left me more speechless than this. I feel six degrees of secondhand embarrassment and none of the thoughts they give could ever parcel into the words needed. I thought the hook was cause for concern enough until the whiplash from Choppa's second verse hit. I'm pretty sure there's lines bragging about recording pedophilia and performing domestic abuse on them in there too? The sheer absurdity and delinquency of this track should be the likes that psychologists should study and NO ONE ELSE.

Why are Choppa's vocals so ear-grating on this track? Also, the lyrics are very degrading.

The title says it all.

18 Justice for All - Donald J. Trump & J6 Prison Choir

You guys deserve jail for storming the US Capitol in the first place.

You could hardly call this a song, but some low-quality muffled choir.

This pile of excrement simply shouldn't exist.

Get this pile of excrement in the top 10 now.

19 Vulgar - Sam Smith & Madonna

This underwhelming track sounds like "Unholy" mixed with J.Lo's "Booty". Also, "watch what you say or I'll split your banana" has to be one of the worst and most unintentionally hilarious lyrics of the year, alongside "About to go Darth, about to go Disney" from "Watch the World Burn" by FiR.

This makes unholy sound great in comparison! This is such a bad song and I can't imagine many people wanting to genuinely listen to this. The moans are so bad and so unsexy that it's funny as well.

20 My Foot - Submarine Man

Eh, it's a harmless troll song that feels like a fun little middle school joke some nefarious teens with nothing else to do pull for a quick laugh. Eyeroll to it and move on, basically.

Submarine Man is the worst music artist ever. Submarine Man is infinite times worse than 6ix9ine, Jax, Tom MacDonald, Adam Colhoun, Jake Paul, Jacob Sartorius, and JackG combined.

Don't like rhythm

Get this song to #1.

21 What a Horrible World - E.M.B.E.E

Worst song ever

22 On the Prowl - Submarine Man

Don't like sound

23 Dark Brotherhood - Trippie Redd & Lil Baby
24 Good Loyal Thots - Odetari

So annoying, so sexist. I knew it was gonna be bad right from the cover.

Why are people giving these random music artists attention?

Is that Sora from Kingdom Hearts in the middle?

25 Biggest Bird - Trippie Redd & Summrs
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