Top 10 Best Albums of 2023

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1 Pastel Painted People in Candy Coloured Crowds - The Arcana
2 Diamonds & Dancefloors - Ava Max
3 Desire, I Want to Turn Into You - Caroline Polachek

How was this album not here yet? This is hands down the best album of the year so far. Every song on this album feels like an odyssey and has a wide variety of genres. Caroline's vocal performance is also outstanding throughout the album. This is far from being a sophomore slump and a fantastic art pop album overall. Thank you Caroline!

4 Scaring the Hoes - Jpegmafia & Danny Brown

This album is insane! 2 of the most beloved underground rappers creating an album together based on the internet's desire. The production is crazy fire, the lyrics are densely crafted, the vibes are like no other.

5 Rush! - Maneskin
6 Reader of the Runes - Rapture - Elvenking
7 Never Going Under - Circa Waves
8 Let's Start Here - Lil Yachty
9 Did You Know that There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd - Lana Del Rey
10 The Wonders Still Awaiting - Xandria 

The Newcomers

? Everything Harmony - Lemon Twigs
? Gag Order - Kesha
The Contenders
11 Make the Most of It - New Found Glory
12 10,000 Gecs - 100 Gecs
13 Foregone - In Flames 
14 Gloria - Sam Smith

A good return for Sam Smith. It's nice to see him try new things and be more self-confident and assume his identity more than ever. Despite being more varied than his predecessors, it lacks a bit of cohesion, but it's enjoyable nonetheless.

Note: 7/10

Best tracks: "I'm Not Here to Make Friends", "No God" and "Lose You"
Worst track: "Gimme"

I'd say it's a decent 6/10. While there are a couple bad songs, it doesn't ruin the good songs for me.

Best track; No God

Worst track; Gimme

15 4 (The Pink Album) - Lukas Graham
16 This is Why - Paramore

An excellent return to form for Paramore. Looks like their extended hiatus was highly beneficial to them and instead of jumping into the pop-punk/emo-pop revival bandwagon like Avril Lavigne or Simple Plan did, they come back with a raw but more adult sound influenced by post-punk and bands such as Talking Heads and Bloc Party, and it works extremely well. It looks like they've reached maturity in their sound where bands of their generation failed. I really love this new direction by Hayley Williams and her bandmates and I can't wait to hear more.

Note: 9/10
Best songs: "This Is Why", "C'est Comme Ça", "Running Out of Time", "Big Man Little Dignity", "Figure 8", "Liar", "Crave" and "Thick Skull"
Worst songs: NONE! It's an excellent album!

Awesome new Paramore album, love this new post punk route!

17 Cracker Island - Gorillaz

This new Gorillaz album is really really good! They are never afraid of trying new things and even when there are a lot of guests, the album is never overran by its star power. After two decades of releasing music, the most famous virtual band in the world is still making great music.

18 Quest for Fire - Skrillex

This new Skrillex album is fire. It was definitely worth the 9-year wait.

19 Not Without My Ghosts - The Amity Affliction
20 Endless Summer Vacation - Miley Cyrus

A great new album by Miley Cyrus. I really like the sunshine and psychedelic vibes on most of the tracks. Looks like Miley is finally finding her way. I hope she'll keep being this good.
Note: 8/10
Best songs: "Flowers", "Jaded", "River", "Island", "Handstand", "Violet Chemistry", "You", "Thousand Miles" (feat. Brandi Carlile)
Worst song: "Muddy Feet" (feat. Sia)

What a great album. The songs are nice

21 Memento Mori - Depeche Mode

Amazing comeback album by Depeche Mode following the death of Andrew Fletcher. This is probably their best album in 25 years, which is amazing considering that Dave Gahan and Martin L. Gore are now in their 60s. I hope their tour will be just as good.

22 Praise a Lord Who Chews but Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds) - Yves Tumor

This is the best Yves Tumor album I've heard so far. It's just a perfect balance between catchy melodies and experimentation. The 2nd best album of the year so far in my opinion.

23 Skeletons - Pop Evil
24 Every Loser - Iggy Pop
25 Death Below - August Burns Red
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