Top 10 Musicians Who Killed Someone

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Keith Moon (The Who) killed his bodyguard Keith John Moon was an English drummer for the rock band the Who. He was noted for his unique style and his eccentric, often self-destructive behaviour. His drumming continues to be praised by critics and musicians.

I actually didn't know this - ProPanda

It was an accident - zxm

It was a tragic drunk driving accident - Keith ran over the guy. Keith wasn't a good driver even sober.
Charge: Running over and killing his bodyguard Neil Boland, drunk driving and driving without a license or insurance. Later it was deemed an accident and the murder charge was lifted. - Metal_Treasure

Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols) stabbed his girlfriend Nancy Spungen John Beverly, born John Simon Ritchie, later named Sid Vicious, was an English musician, most famous as the bass guitarist of the influential punk rock band the Sex Pistols, and notorious for his arrest for the alleged murder of his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen.

A few days!?!? I think he should’ve had at least a few weeks! - DaringXx

Jail Sentence: A few days. - Metal_Treasure

Why am I not surprised? - RecklessGreed

Allegedly, mind you. - Mrveteran

Jim Gordon, co-writer of "Layla", stabbed his mother

Jim Gordon, drummer, had violent outbursts probably due to schizophrenia.
He worked with Eric Clapton, with whom he co-wrote "Layla", a Grammy winner. He also worked for The Everly Brothers, The Beach Boys, Glen Campbell, Alice Cooper, Joe Cocker. - Metal_Treasure

Varg Vikernes (Mayhem) stabbed his bandmate Euronymous Louis Cachet, (born Kristian Vikernes) more popularly known as Varg Vikernes, is a Norwegian musician, writer, and a convicted murderer and arsonist. He is known as the frontman of the one-man band Burzum (named after a word in the Black Speech, which is a fictional language in J.R.R. Tolkien's The more.

One of the most psychopathic and sadistic people in the black metal scene, and that says something.

Vikernes was sentenced to 21 years in prison. I just wanna add that his victim, Euronymous, wasn't much better than his murderer.

He killed him in self defense.

Vince Neil (Motley Crüe) killed his friend in a drunk driving accident Vincent Neil Wharton is an American vocalist and musician, best known as the lead vocalist of glam metal/ hair metal band Mötley Crüe.

His friend was Nicolas "Razzle" Dingley, drummer for the band Hanoi. Neil was drunk behind the wheel, lost control and plowed into an oncoming car, killing Razzle and seriously injuring the two occupants of the other vehicle.
Charge: Not charged. Jail Sentence: 15 days - Metal_Treasure

Gucci Mane murdered his best friend Radric Delantic Davis, known professionally as Gucci Mane, is an American rapper who has released 12 studio albums and over 70 mixtapes. In 2007, he founded his own label, 1017 Records. He helped to pioneer the hip hop subgenre of trap music alongside fellow Atlanta-based rappers T.I. and Young Jeezy. more.

Mane turned himself in to police after the shooting and the charges were actually dropped due to insufficient evidence for some reason. He also claimed that the shots were in self-defense. - Mcgillacuddy

He should've gotten 39 years to life in prison.

Charge: Murdering Pookie Lok. Jail Sentence: 39 months
Side note: Three weeks ago I made a list 'Top 10 Famous People that Look Like Criminals' and added him to the list but I didn't know he was an actual criminal, I thought he only looks like a criminal... I learned that he murdered someone this morning. - Metal_Treasure

39 months for murder?! Would that be similar if he killed someone he didn't like? - Billyv

I though he just looks like a criminal. but finally turned that he is a criminal. - zxm

C-Murder shot a fan Corey Miller is an American rapper, songwriter, actor, and author better known by his stage name C-Murder.

That name sounds appropriate for him - 906389

Well, it was probably no surprise! - DaringXx

How ironic.

His stage name is C-Murder? How appropriate...
Charge: Second degree murder after shooting and beating a fan to death in 2002. Jail Sentence: Life.
This is something. - Metal_Treasure

Lead Belly murdered his relative Will Stafford

Also several other attempted murders. - JoLeKosovo

Charge: Murder of Will Stafford in 1918. Jail Sentence: 35 years but released in 1925 - Metal_Treasure

Phil Spector, producer, shot actress Lana Clarkson

He worked with The Beatles, Ike and Tina Turner, Leonard Cohen, Celine Dion.
He’s currently serving a 19 year sentence on charges of second degree murder. He had pulled a gun on multiple people before that (mostly women). And rumours of him pointing weapons at everyone from John Lennon to the Ramones. - Metal_Treasure

Bobby Beausoleil stabbed his roommate in a drug deal gone bad

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Faust (Emperor) stabbed a gay man

He killed a gay man but it wasn’t because the man was gay. Faust killed him because he was an easy target. Faust tricked him into thinking they were gonna y’know in a forest, instead the man got murdered.

Homophobe much? - Kevinsidis

Todd Harrell (3 Doors Down) killed a truck driver in a drunk driving accident

Sentence : 2 years in prison with six year's probation - JoLeKosovo

Bertrand Cantat (Noir Désir) killed his girlfriend Marie Trintignant

He's a French musician and formerly the frontman of rock band Noir Désir. In 2003, he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter of French actress Marie Trintignant.
They got in a fight in a hotel room in Vilnius, Lithuania (where she stayed for the filming of a movie), following a dispute over a text message she received from her ex-husband. Cantat claimed he "slapped" Trintignant four times before putting her to bed, unaware that she was dying. She was repatriated to France, where a last chance surgery was practiced, but she died the next day. The postmortem suggested that Cantat had inflicted 19 blows to Trintignant's head, causing irreversible brain damage, the big rings he was wearing at the time may have amplified the blows, like brass knuckles.

Marie Trintignant was 41 at the time of her death, and she left four young sons.
Cantat was released on parole in 2007, after serving half of his 8 year sentence.

I liked their music a lot (grew up with it, was quite ...more - Lotuscandy

Syco Sam killed his girlfriend and her parents

Again, what an ironical name... - JoLeKosovo

Claudine Longet shot her boyfriend, Olympic skier Vladimir Sabich

The gun probably discharged accidentally while Sabich was showing her how to use it. - Metal_Treasure

Big Lurch killed his female roommate while he was high on PCP

The best part: when the cops arrived, the rapper was naked, covered in blood and eating pieces of her lungs, which he'd torn from her chest. - Metal_Treasure

Joe Meek, producer, shot his landlady

... and then he turned the shotgun on himself. He was into a deep depression and with no money. - Metal_Treasure

Max B murdered David Taylor

Charge: Armed robbery, kidnapping and murder of David Taylor in 2009
Jail Sentence: 75 years - Metal_Treasure

X-Raided murdered Patricia Harris
Randy Blythe pushed a fan offstage, causing his death.
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