Top Ten Musicians Who Should Start a Metal Band

......or a XY-Core Band .This would be really interresting.
There are not just only musicians

The Top Ten

1 Seth Rogan - Progressive Metal

Seth Rogans voice fits so perfect
for Prog.Metal

2 Will Smith - Pagan Metal

So if Will would really start a band,he could actually succeed.
I like him but I'm sure if he can do guttural vocals...BUT he could pay for metal singing lessons, learn the "metal" vocals and make
it possible.

3 Gordon Ramsey - Death Metal

Songs about killing chiefs. Works for me.

4 Heino - Industrial Metal

His Schlager songs are terrible but his show
with Rammstein was great

5 Billie Joe Armstrong - Metal Core

Great, the two worst genres, metalcore and whatever the heck Green Day is. (NOT PUNK) - Brobusky

Green Day=Pop Punk

Metalcore may be not the best genre
but who knows?
Maybe it'll be without AUTOTUNE&MUCH BETTER SONGS.

6 Guitar Guy - Heavy Metal


Imagine him raging over bad old metal albums.
And one song is with the AVGN.

7 DMX - Death Thrash/Nu Metal DMX - Death Thrash/Nu Metal

Lel. Like Sepultura

8 Katy Perry - Symphonic Metal
9 Chad Kroeger - Thrash Metal

I do agree his voice is perfect for thrash metal of Metallica type but maybe metal community wouldn't like the idea. I don't know.

Yet, not long ago I watched a live video that made me believe Chad can sing thrash pretty good: "Nickelback live singing Metallica's Sad But True". - Metal_Treasure

His voice is "dirty" enough for a good Thrash Band.
Chad,if you read this do please change Nickleback into a thrash metal band.

10 Eminem - Rap Metal

I'd love to see this happen

The Contenders

11 Eminem - Nu Metal
12 Jackie Evancho - Symphonic Metal

She would be way better than Katy Perry. - Metal_Treasure

Who needs Mr. Perry. I go for Mr. Evancho.

I just watched the "Night Philly 2015 video & she's great

Her voice is amazing!

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