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1 Dragon A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures.

Us dragons are most accurately depicted by Tui T. Sutherlands 'wings of fire'. we have a society without anarchy and we must be on our best behavior at all times(unlike you primative humans whom can't even get along with your own species). AND WE ARE NOT PETS! We are people, and no-mater how many times you humans will deny it we can't be pet for ridding.

When I think of dragons the first thing coming to my mind is Ancalagon the black from the silmarillion.
This creature in Tolkien's legendarium is 6.5 miles high and 10 miles long

I have a Dragon! A bearded one. He's not as cool looking as other Dragons, and he does tend to poop on the carpet more, but he is a Dragon none the less. And better yet, his name is Thorin Oakenshield! if you do not know who that is, then you have some serious problems.

Dragons are single handedly the most awesome best, and coolest in the world. I love drawing them, and writing about them, the myths are the most epic!
They breath fire and are perceived in different ways! They are featured in many mythology and cultures! They are the best, if they exist that would be awesome (unless they want to kill us) dragons are also fierce! Sometimes they can transform into humans and in some myths people could reach a certain level and become one!

2 Phoenix

Phoenix is a super cool mythical creature they are beautiful and amazing myths I love them so much my wallpaper for all my devices have them. I love birds hearing about a bird made out of fire and can be reborn has made me so excited. I actually think they are real.

I Love The Phoenix, Remember Fawkes In Harry Potter? Dumbledore's Phoenix
Remember? Oh, Think, If You Own Such A Nice And Smart Phoenix! It Will Never Die! Think About A Fire Bird Flying Around Your House Everyday. How Cool!

I would so like to have a phoenix as my pet! They are immortally smart and beautiful. If I could choose one mythical animal to be real, I'd choose a phoenix. They should totally be number 1! Vote for phoenix!

To be honest I do not really like fire, I am more into ice but this mythical creature is the most interesting and the most beautiful and the strongest of all by so far. I would like to meet one of them one day...

3 Hydra

In Bakugan, there's a Bakugan called Hydranoid, which at first has a single head, over time; however, it evolves into Dual Hydranoid which has 2 heads. Its final evolved form, Alpha Hydranoid, has three heads. The Hydra itself is really cool in Greek and Roman mythology. Next to the dragon, the Hydra is my favorite mythical beast of all time.

Hydra is BOSS! (Why is Nemean Lion #5... ) It's possibly the most recognizable Greek mythology monster, and one of the most powerful. (B.T.W. , you guys need to work on your grammar. Half of the comments on this list, I don't even understand...

Splendid fight with Hydra by in mythical serial Hercules: legendary journey. In old season Hercules and friend Jolaus fight offer biggist yellow Hydra. Beasts Hydra is crawl and growth head. Hercules must started in trick, s and idea, S. Hydra is beautifull biggist monster.

My name is Jindra, I have vote to mythology biggest monster name Hydra. Hydra is have match head gigant body and werry great power. Hydra is good speed. Cross eyed Jindra his down glasses and weapon pole to opponent Hydra. Jindra and Hydra is be friends.

4 Griffin

Griffins are the best by far! But I'm not surprised that Dragon is higher than Griffin. I mean, who doesn't like a giant, flying, fire breathing lizard? Apparently no one tends to think about the fact that Dragons EAT humans. I mean, I know for one thing I don't think about that, an I still love them! But Griffins, are just awesome in general! I think their the best, and you should to!

The king of beasts and the sky. They are very handsome beasts and are equally proud. A griffin is definitely the best of all mythical beasts!

Griphons are considered the king of all animals (lion), and intelligent and wise (eagle).

I actually have a tattoo of a griphon, very symbolic and often overlooked creature.

5 Kraken The Kraken is a legendary sea monster of giant size that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland.

The Giant Squid cannot destroy ships of the size Kraken can, in fact, they don't even come to the surface enough to do that. Krakens have to be almost 5 times the size of Giant Squid.

The Kraken should be #1. It's so kickass, tears ships into two, and it's been proven to be REAL! Yup, the Giant Squid is the Kraken!

Kracken is the size of an island and could have been the downfall of atlantis

Where is part splendid Kracken, be in film (Clash of the Titans). Cracken, gigantice mega beasts in have many hand, S. Lok is in sea, push up where is big God of sea and nature water name Poseidon. Perseus must google Gorgona and thank Gorgona power, killig to biggist Kracken.

6 Werewolf A werewolf or lycanthrope is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or a therianthropic hybrid wolf-like creature, either purposely or after being placed under a curse or affliction.

Did you know that, according to Eastern European legend, the werewolves come out to party (I.e., kill sheep) from December 25 to January 6?

The best it can turn into a man after and it only tenses into a wolf at the fool moon

Werewolf are best When there are true Alphas like Scott McCal

Werewolves are the best monsters

7 Unicorn

I really love Unicorns , because they are so beautiful , and they are number one in my opinion . If I could turn into anything it would be a Unicorn .

Some myths say that if you capture it, it will grant you a wish. Others say that its horn can be a wand if broken off. Even some say that seeing one will give you good luck. But the one I want to talk about, is in Roman Mythology. In roman myths, the powder from a horn of a unicorn can heal poisons, acids, and lethal wounds.

By far the best out, dragons are scared of these pimps, so they definitely get my vote and I hope the rest of you think the same as me and share my opinion.

I adore unicorns I put a fake horn on one of my horses and she looked like a unicorn

8 Basilisk

Sometimes I kinda wanna be a basilisk. Just one look and your worst enemy is now your favorite statue

They can kill easier than a dragon and kraken combined

It can look at you and you die when it looks back

Lol I want one

9 Centaur A centaur, or occasionally hippocentaur, is a mythological creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse.

Centaur is mythology creature, half people and half horse. Good occurrence centaur to serial Xena, Princess warrior. Centaur is slowly speed and he is great power.

Center is a man with a horse body

10 Pegasus

My compare Pegasus to great art flying horse of film (Clash of the Titans). I film be white Pegasus of under power evil lord name Calibus. Pegasus wait on saving. Pegasus save his man name Perseus, and Pegasus me come back lost power. My popular Pegasus of film (Clash of the Titans).

My compare Pegasus of discover on film (Clash of the Titans). White flying horse (Pegasus), of power and clever Pegasus of this film comparison to Pegasus power.

Who doesn't love flying horse, I mean come on. I always think of this cool story where fire Pegasus and ice Pegasus fighting for their nation

A Pegasus is one of the main Mythical creatures in the book I'm writing. The other's are Dragons, Griffins and Phoenixes.

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11 Minotaur

The Minotaur is GREAT


12 Leviathan

He appears to be a whale looking shark, why isn't he number 1?

Leviathan is an amazing storm creatures.

they live in water

Fuit Gummy UwU

13 Kitsune

Have you ever played dash tag? if you have, check out the kitsune. Its super cool and so elegant, even in real form. Get on dash tag now!

These are so cute! It looks kinda like a Ninetales and a blue fire fox put together! *Ninetales is from pokemon*

I'm a kitsune and I'm PROUD! ( I'm in my human form )

Ninetails was probably biased of it

14 Banshee

A terrifying but incredibly fascinating chance at stories to tell around the campfire.

Well I guess we'd all know if we were going to die

Scream and tell me if it's my time

What the heck is a banshee

It's a mythical creature that screams loudly and terrifyingly.

15 Anubis

Why is he here? This is a list of mythical beasts, not Egyptian gods.

He's not really a mythical creature, but he is cool

Ancient protectors of the underworld

16 Loch Ness Monster The Loch Ness Monster (also known as Nessie) is an aquatic creature which reputedly inhabits Loch Ness (a lake in Scotland). Nessie is one of the most famous cryptids in history. The earliest report of the monster was in A.D. 565 where Irish monk Saint Columbia was the first person to record having more.

Wo spookay nobody knows if real (I belive) (seriously nobody? )

Nessie me sweetheart

this creature might be a dinosaur why isn't it in the top 10

My favourite

17 Yeti

Snow man Yeti be oldest legendary biggist monkey. And I comparison Yeti for big man style monkey of serial Xena: Warrior princess, Season 4, episode The Way. Monkey Yeti man offer Xena me name: HANIMAN. HANIMAN of this episode me biggist speed, jump and power. My compare Yeti (HANIMAN).

they live in snow

18 Golem

I like golems because there are different types like Regular, ice, molton, root, and more! They arer one of my favorite mythical creatures. In Super Scribble Nauts I would always make mythical creatures like him

The Golem is a beast from Prague.

what we need more of in minecraft

super sick soo good in cvlash royal recomends putting it in your deck

19 Medusa

Everything happened because of Athena and Posiedon.

I love her. It is all Posidan's fault.

20 Chupacabra

True Mexicans would vote for this

Yeah yeah chupa chupa I nicknamed it poopacabra

Three headed cat

21 Nemean Lion

Cool and all but he was killed by Hirkeles

It should be last

22 Cerebus

My comparison to three head Cerebus in Cerebus of film (Clash of the Titans). The my sorry of me last Post Comment, in film (Clash of the titans), his be film Cerebus two head and nothing three head. In film Cerebus dispose of ranger to gate of place Medusa. Medusa in the same way the Gorgon.

Great creation Cerebus be of film (Clash of the Titans). In his film be Cerebus black three head big dog with knife teeth. Cerebus in film be guard Gorgon woman. Perseus in film winning fight vs Cerebus. Cerebus is hystory mythus principal guard Hades round.

Cerberus is the 3 headed huge dog from Greek mythology! Lives in the underworld and is epic!

Come on, it's a three-headed-dog!

23 Vampire

If you haven't watched vampire diaries you haven't lived

Vampires are among my second favorite behind dragons

Come on their vampires just vote for them NOW!

protectors of family and friends

24 Brownie

Before I was a girl scout , I was Brownie Scout for a while then later on I was turned into a girl scout . Even Brownies are a wonderful treat for desert .

What.. ok this is a delicious food we eat not a mythical creature and I think whoever made this list just put it on here because he/she because there were nothing else he/she could think of. However it is funny how brownies are on this list I will give he/she that 😄😂

How is this a mythical creature. Brownies are popular desert food we eat.

25 Gashadokuro

Don't look up this creature in google images unless you want nightmares...

sirenhead exept as a human skeleton

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