Stranger Things Season 2 Was Awesome!

MegaSoulhero I just got finished watching season 2 of the best Netflix show ever, Stranger Things! I stayed past midnight and I watched the first 5 episodes. Then I fell asleep. But when I woke up, I watched the rest of the episodes and I was amazed! Season 2 is phenomenal!

I’m not going to say any spoilers because this is something that you have to watch! I know how much it sucks to have something spoiled for you. Someone already spoiled Thor: Ragnarok for me. When I watched season 1 last year, I was very surprised by how much I loved it! I did not think they were going to top it! Well they did! I enjoyed season 2 more than I enjoyed season 1! First of all, the acting is incredible! The kids were amazing! Every performance felt real! We actually feel worried for the characters! They do a great job at showing real horrified expressions! Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven still steals the show with her performance! I also like that she has more dialogue. There’s a new character that’s introduced in the show. She’s a hot ginger named Max. She’s an expert at Dig Dug and she likes to skateboard. She becomes friends with the boys but they didn’t want to give away any secrets about what happened with Will and all that stuff. I love this character! She’s basically a tomboy and actually has a personality other than just being the girl of the group. She also has an agressive stepbrother who doesn’t want her to hang out with anyone. He’s such a jerk to her that it makes me feel bad that she has him as a brother.

The visuals are impressive! There are moments when it shows us scenery from the Upside Down due to Will’s post-traumatic stress and it looks visually stunning! There are also these monsters from the Upside Down that are featured this season. Basically, Dustin finds one in a trash can and keeps it as a pet to impress Max. It eventually grows big then more show up and they have to stop these monsters from attacking. Even though the CGI of the creatures isn’t that great, I love the design of them. Whenever we see one up close, I actually get terrified. The season consists of 9 episodes. Two of which were directed by Andrew Stanton. That’s great since I love Finding Nemo. I pretty much liked every episode in this season! Except episode 7 which sucked! This season definitely feels a lot more intense than the first one. There’s more drama and more dark moments. Even the character interactions have gotten a lot better. Especially the scenes in which Will and his mother interact with each other. It actually feels like a real mother and son interaction. It makes me glad that Will is included more this season. The stakes were a lot higher. The characters were at a higher risk of dying. This is how you continue a story! This is how you improve an already great show!

Stranger Things season 2 was fantastic! It really lived up to the hype! The characters were still great as well as the new ones and it manages to make the show better than it already is! Even the humor worked! It didn’t feel forced in! It came at the right times! If you haven’t watched season 2 yet, you should! If you haven’t watched season 1 yet, DO IT!!! If you have Netflix. This was a great season and a reason why Stranger Things is the best show on Netflix!