Thoughts on the Last Jedi Trailer

MegaSoulhero Okay. Rant time. Because they keep on doing this with the new Star Wars movies, and they did it again with the Last Jedi! Stop remaking the original films and calling them new! Haven’t you learned anything from the criticism that the Force Awakens received?

I mean seriously! There’s no point in remaking what is already beloved! And from the trailer, it looks like they’re doing exactly that! We see Rey training with Luke and she’s practicing using the force so she could get better at it, which is very similar to Luke being trained by Yoda! We see some space battle happening! They look pretty cool, but the other movies had space battles! Then there’s Finn having an epic battle with Phasma! It’s just another lightsaber battle that the original films had and it’s just... (sigh) Why bother seeing the movie if it’s just the same stuff that they gave us in the other films? When we see it in theaters, there’s not gonna be anything new for us because it will be an exact copy of the originals! Just look at it! Kylo Ren is reaching out to take Rey’s hand? Doesn’t that sound familiar to you?

It’s hard to be excited for the film when it’s pretty much telling us that it’s not gonna try to be original! I mean, obviously I’m still gonna see it and already bought my tickets, but I’ll most likely be able to predict every little thing that will happen in it! What’s the point!? It would be like getting a Christmas present that you love so much and then they just decide to give you that present again the next year instead of giving you a different present! It’s ridiculous! The Indiana Jones sequels did the exact same thing! And look how much hatred those movies got! They used the same elements from Raiders of the Lost Ark! The Star Wars prequels didn’t try to be like the original trilogy! They actually tried to be original! With the midichloreans and the gungans and the fantastic relationship between Anakin and Padmé! Why can’t the new films be as brilliant as that? This is kind of like someone copying off of another person’s homework and calling it their own work!

The Last Jedi looks like it’s gonna be another ripoff! But I must admit that it looks pretty cool. However, the original films were cool too! And this movie is pretty much just copying what has already been done! Bring back George Lucas! Bring back Jar Jar!


Is another sarcastic rant, and if it is, can you actually give your real thoughts on it? - TheReviewer20

Yes, this is sarcastic. I’ll give you the short version of my real thoughts. It looks amazing! I’m excited for the movie! - MegaSoulhero

Please be good last jedi - visitor

Lol I was almost about to question your sanity until I saw TheReviewer20's post. - TristGamer