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1 Don't Look Back in Anger Don't Look Back in Anger Cover Art

I've loved this song since the first time I heard it in high school. I mean, I've been a fan of Oasis since the very beginning. There are so many of their songs that I cherish. But again and again, I gravitate most often to this one. The Beatle-esque feel of the song's arrangement (including those opening chords in from John Lennon's Imagine) - yet it still manages to keep a raw Oasis feel at the same time. Then of course the lyrics and that chorus. I dare you not to sing along when that chorus kicks in. Your entire existence builds up to that chorus in a way that not many bands have been able to master or even mimic.

Hands down my favorite Oasis song. As a child, I really enjoyed it and now I understand why. Noel is a fantastic singer and songwriter. This song might have anger in the title, but it's not angry like grunge or metal. The longing in Noel's voice during the chorus chills me to the bone. It's emotional and hits you right to the heart. The last 20 seconds take my breath away, and sound like a flower blooming even though the lyrics are the complete opposite. A master of trickery and it falls under no category, except Oasis. Truly the best!

My Favorite song of all-time. Whenever I'm in trouble or find myself in an awkward situation I just listen to this song and all the negativity floats away.

The song is about forgetting the past and moving on with life as you can't change what's been and gone. It's got brilliant lyrics and an emotional guitar. The song is powerful and connects with you, a song that will save your soul when it's in a dark place.

At first I don't really like this song. I started to listen to it more & more and I started to like it. Definitely the staple song of Oasis.

2 Live Forever Live Forever Cover Art

Amazing guitar solos & ridiculously amazing song overall. You can simply blast this every time & it always give you an excitement. I'm pretty new to Oasis & I can't believe I overlooked this song.

This is a ridiculously good song, and although there is a lot of competition, it has to be their best. Most people would say Wonderwall just because of its commercial success but this is literally one of the best rock songs ever. The intro drumming, while it was originally covered over some acoustic picking, just sets up the song brilliantly. Also, the guitar, although relatively simple, just fits in perfectly with liams rare but interestingly affectionate singing accompanied by brilliant lyrics. But in my opinion, the guitar solos ultimately make this such a good song; with the first one, it drifts effortlessly around the song but the other solo brings a power to the song that can also be seen through the lyrics. But honestly, although wonderwall and don't look back in anger always grab the headlines, other songs from "definitely maybe" such as "cigarettes and alcohol" and "rock and roll star" should really get into the top ten list easily. Seriously, "Definitely Maybe" is probably ...more

"Live Forever" is a universal anthem. It soars with positive energy and an optimism that was rare in music in the era in which it was released. They lyrics were simple enough to be repeated, and did not muss up the message of the song. The guitar work, especially that solo, is just flawless in setting the tone. "Live Forever" is a true, undeniable classic, and is Oasis's finest song, the Jewel in their crown.

This is a song about being optimistic even when you are in bad times. It sends a message out saying life isn't all about death and blowing your head off, as was the example being set at the time by people like Kurt Cobain and grunge bands such as Nirvana. It sets out to do exactly what it's title suggests, and does it masterfully, Oasis and their music will quite literally "Live Forever. "

3 Wonderwall Wonderwall Cover Art

Beautiful. It's a song about two individuals going through lots of problems in life. "The word is on the street that the fire in you're heart is out. " This singer (Liam) loves the girl, and knows that their love will make everything better, but "there are many things that I would like to say to you but I don't know how. " Maybe, just maybe "you're going to be one that saves me. " It's a song about two people who need love the most. Amazing, and the best song of all time. No exaggeration.

This song will live for generations. It is a Masterpiece that defined Oasis! There's a uniqueness in this song... This song literally speaks out the emotions when a man first falls in love, but the woman isn't aware of it... The song speaks about the man's emotions when he gets his first crush!

The cellos and piano add another element that is rather lovely and sensitive with the acoustic guitar. It is rather low-key in the sense that it doesn't have a killer electric guitar. Liam drawing out the last word to each verse in the chorus adds to the drama of the song. It might be a popular song, but there is a reason: It's another side to Oasis that counters the "rock stars" they are.

Now becoming a classic, Wonderwall surprisely didn't reach number one in the UK but, did in the US a rare thing for a British band, that only happens every few years.

It was the 4th single from their album 'What's The Story Morning Glory' which along with albums by Pink Floyd, Queen, Adele and The Beatles is one of biggest selling albums in the UK of all-time selling 4 and half million copies in the UK.

4 Champagne Supernova Champagne Supernova Cover Art

For me at least, Champagne Supernova represents all Oasis COULD'VE been. Even being the Legend they are, their career was forever relegated to just being considered "Beatles imitators" and thereafter trying to live up to the enormous shadow their first two records set. Through all my years of listening, the fact remains that Oasis has a definite "sound" to it. Being chained down to the "brit pop" genre has kept Oasis from being considered not only one of the greatest and most successful rock bands ever, to being THE greatest.

Champagne Supernova is forever the exception. This song is where they truly shone brightest. Just a tiny glimpse of that transcendent, world igniting talent the world was begging for in the 90's. It completely flew in the face of all they had created up to that point. The amount of variety in the melodies, the sharp changes in tone throughout, the masterful blending of 60's acid pop with contemporary anthemic arena rock. For seven minutes, it became clear ...more

Everyone likes Wonderwall the best! What?! Champagne Supernova is clearly where it's at. Now, I know what you're thinking, but I've never done any drugs of any sort. But just the tone of this song, and the feeling it gives me; a natural high. Something Wonderwall just cannot compare to. Champagne Supernova will always be my favorite, but Wonderwall doesn't even come close to my second. It is probably my 17th favorite Oasis song. Oasis is so calming while doing math. Or showering. Oasis Forever!

A psychedelic twist to Oasis. You feel a part of the song; you imagine walking down a hall faster than a cannon ball, or being caught beneath a landslide. It's rather chill at the beginning, but builds until you are taken over by the champagne supernova at the end. This song triggers something emotionally in you, and that's what good songs do. They make you feel a certain way and you always feel it when you hear the song.

I don't know why, but every time I hear this song I just get a strange a sense of uncontrollable happiness. My father who past away was in love with this song. It just brings a tear to my eye when I listen to this and remember him and how happy we would be listening to this whilst driving and singing at the top of our lungs, not a care.

5 Supersonic Supersonic Cover Art

I have had a long think about why this is my favourite Oasis song, and well, it is because of the wonderful rhyming of unexpected words. Instead of repetition you are hearing different things mentioned throughout the song, like someone on a supersonic train a doctor on a helicopter, selling the big issue. I will not mention all the lyrics in what I have just mentioned, I will leave it for people to listen to. I think the poetry in this song is so brilliantly well put together it is just as amazing as what one would from from the greatest poets that one would study in English Literature courses. I very much enjoy the steady paced melody and the backing electric guitar music blending together very well. There is probably much more I can say about how I love this song, but I will go away and think about how to put my thoughts together.

Everything about this song, from Noel's brilliant optimistic opening to the sudden contrast and beautiful pessimism of Liam's voice in 'I need to be myself', the unorthodox rhymes amd illusions in this make it the best. They don't care how it sounds, if people brand it madness or genius - it is what it is just as they are who they are. Cynism bleeds through the reference to cars, trains, autographs and journalism (through the form of the big issue! ). This song is literally a supersonic force of Oasis at their best, given the competition that is no mean feat.

Oasis rock n roll swagger all over this from that opening line ‘I need to be myself’ it draws you in and you know you’re listening to a proper song.

This song should be number 1. The guitaring after the chorus is amazing. It just makes you want to embarrass yourself by air guitaring in public and has some of the simplest yet most effective lyrics. The song is well written and composed with excellent rifts and effective changes in tempo and dynamics. By far the highlight of definitely maybe and the biggest and brightest Jewel in oasis' huge crown.

6 Slide Away Slide Away Cover Art

A few years ago, I only had a few oasis songs in my music collection, those are wonderwall, don't look back in anger and little by little if I recall correctly. I wasn't really into oasis that time until I heard this song, This song is on the top of my music playlist eve higher than stairway to heaven right now. There is something about this song that is so addictive even until now I won't get bored of listening to it 100 times over and over. Even though I myself Couldn't analyze completely the meaning of this song. It's a love song obviously, but a love song that makes me not think about a girl. But make me realize that I haven't found that one perfect person that I want to be with. But of course for other listeners it holds different meanings. Nonetheless This is a incredible song that is sure going to last for generations to come.

Liam's greatest vocal performance and the most emotional and impassioned song the band every played. Perfection from start to finish.

THE Greatest song from Oasis full stop never fails to give me goosebumps . A blessing in disguise that this didn’t reach the heights of wonderwall or don’t look back in anger.

Noel's songwriting hits you right to the heart coupled with Liam's unique singing style. Despite all odds, he wants to be with this person and just slide away. It is a beautiful song that builds until it becomes unbearable to not be with this person. Not a love song that is slow and simple, but it demands the listeners attention with everything climaxing at the end. And the guitars are fantastic, not overdone, but adding to the flavor of the song.

7 The Masterplan The Masterplan Cover Art

One of the best song sung by Noel. Funny it was a B side. This is a lot better than some of the A side songs. The intro always gets me every time. Simply a masterpiece.

A carefully crafted masterpiece from Noel. The way the chromatically descending intro sucks you in is incomparable to anything else on their catalog. The rest of the song sounds so grand, and with an epic flair that is unmistakably Noel's. Such an underrated hidden gem; you all should listen to it sometime.

The masterplan is a truly uplifting song, and I think one of the best by oasis. The fact that this was originally a b side just proves this band's greatness.

The most complete oasis song. I think it's about taking a chance and going for it. Brilliant lyrics, guitar, singing and chorus. Genius!

8 Morning Glory Morning Glory Cover Art

The loud massive power of Morning Glory makes it the number one oasis song for me. The influences are numerous including REM the one I love guitar riff. And the Beatles Tommorrow Never Knows song title in their lyrics. They also seem to be influenced by themselves. "All your dreams are made with strawberry lemonade" in Talk Tonight.

The song is about battling cocaine addiction. And then coming out into the world. (Today is going to be the day all the world will see) No better sound sonically. The watery wah wah pedal riff. Amazing intro, solo, and outro. Number one!

Whats the story morning glory
You need a little time to wake up wake up!
Great song! My favourite one its glorious!
All your dreams are made
When you're chained to the mirror and the razor blade
Today's the day that all the world will see

Rock n roll personified , gets you proper up for it always liked the video strangely enough as well.

How is this not top ten? Gives me goosebumps every time I hear it, absolutely love this song.

9 Whatever Whatever Cover Art

What? I don't know why it isn't the first. When I came here I imagine that this was going to be the most voted and that Wonderwall was going to be in the second place. This song talks about your freedom, and it makes me feel happy without chains.

I still remember the first time that I've heard it on the radio. Absolutely brilliant. The end with the guitar and the violins is a masterpiece. Not being on any album made it more special. Fantastic.

The best Oasis song. I can listen to this song over and over again. I never get tired of listening.
And it is the first song of Oasis I heard. And it changed my life. Great Song, great band.

It is the most uplifting song I have ever heard. Whenever I listen to it, I can't stop but move with the music. It is that good. No matter how down I am feeling, this song never fails to bring me back!

10 Some Might Say Some Might Say Cover Art

The heaviness of the guitars in the intro get your attention right away. The lyrics aren't Noel at his strongest alone, but Liam's singing make them sound much better. Besides the breakdown around 2:03 sound like spaceships! Harmonizing from Liam and Noel sounds incredible, their singing goes together like peanut butter and jelly.

This is my favorite Oasis song of all time. Personally, I think it is their best. Guitar is great, lyrics are thought provoking, and like many of their songs, good no matter your mood. Brooding, positive, melancholy, optimistic... This song has it all.

Catchy tune, screaming rock guitars, great vocals, and a song that truly renewed my faith in rock and roll. Some might say this is the finest Oasis song ever, and I'd definitely have to agree.

This is the greatest song and hardly anyone knows it beecause they're going too crazy about "wonderwall" and "Don't Look Back In Anger"; the two most overrated songs in the history of music!

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11 Stop Crying Your Heart Out Stop Crying Your Heart Out Cover Art

This song should be really in top 3 of this band.
I felt that it has a soul unlike supernova n supersonic. Off all the songs in top ten it's tune itself sells this song and is too catchy. It can be chosen as an evergreen song in one's music collection. All other songs require multiple hears whereas this song will take your heart out for the first listen.

There are way too many good songs which should be in this top 10, but this song gets my vote as I just can't stop listening to it! Even 10 years later its still one of my favourite songs of all time! Liam & Noel Rocked Together!

First time I heard this I wanted to cry but hearing the lyrics made me realise there's no use crying your heart out, so I stopped crying, I mean it was just really good and can show our real feelings. Love this song!

Wonderwall is still my favourite song by Oasis, every time I hear it on the radio I can't help but sing along, but I had to vote for Stop Crying Your Heart Out - it should be so much higher than 6th!

12 Acquiesce Acquiesce Cover Art

The perfect Noel and Liam song, saw Liam perform this solo recently and got the crowd to do the Noel parts wasn’t really the same. Hopefully the Oasis flag will sail again.

Top 3 of their best songs. The raw sound and combination of Liam and Noels vocals is incredible and incomparable. Probably the most underrated piece of work and should be recognised for its quality.

Song that make us believe they will come back together. Heck a rock song, best live performance ever -Live at Manchester-

Musical masterpiece that is an absolute banger of a rock song, it even has both brothers singing

13 Stand by Me Stand by Me Cover Art

It is quite franckly a package deal : the most brilliant video I've ever seen with a great moral about the appearences. The guitar riff is just amazing, it transcends you to another universe! And the lyrics are amazing because they are not mainstream at all but spontaneous "Made a meal and threw it up on sunday" Brilliant!

Just goes to show that less is not always more! I've always loved the guitar work, the massive sound and especially the heartwarming "brotherly love" moment when Noel joins in with the "Hey hey" just before the chorus. A true gem.

We know, yeah I said we know not I think, that Wonderwall is the best out of every single sound of Oasis. But, this song, I just wanna see it upper to the list. Vote for this, please

That's obvious the best oasis song, deep lyrics ans music, that's song remind me all my good time of life, but also the worst... That piece give the strong to look forward and have hope, thanks oasis!

14 Don't Go Away Don't Go Away Cover Art

Whilst this might not be Oasis' most commercially successful production, it is arguably the most emotionally powerful. In particular, the clear vulnerability in Liam's vocal line is astounding. The addition of the horns and the strings into the layering only adds to this. Although it would have been nice to hear more of a sense of the mustique demo in the sound (perhaps to remove any remnants of slide away, and give it a more unique feel), this song demonstrates a side to the band that is rarely seen in Oasis, and it is truly moving!

I love this song!
So don't go away
Say what you say
Say that you stay
Forever and a day
In the time of my life

I think this song speaks about the love you have for someone and you don't want that person to leave from your life.

Awesome song. The lyrics, the rhythm, the vocals are very great. Deserves to be at least in Top 5. This should be somewhere after Champagne super nova and wonderwall.

I heard this song from my crush and every time we apart I listen to this song and it reminds me of him. Love the part when the music goes "me and you what's going on"

15 Rock 'N' Roll Star Rock 'N' Roll Star Cover Art

This song just screams Oasis. Absolute genius from Noel here, perfectly representing the vibe Oasis had in the early 90s when their best music was produced. 10x better than 'Don't Go Away' should be easily top 10. Second best song of this album after Live Forever.

I can't say I'm surprised this is so low on the list. This is such an underrated song! If you just listen to it ONE TIME, and that's all I'm asking, you'll see why. Plus, the lyrics 'In my mind those dreams are real/Now you're concerned about the way I feel? ' are so clever and contagious.

One of the most underrated songs. And I can't understand why. It's such an absolute gem of a song and it should definitely be up there along with Wonderwall. It's addictive. Psychedelic!

This song's opening riffs alone should put it into top 10

16 Cigarettes & Alcohol Cigarettes & Alcohol Cover Art

Should be much higher. No song ever summed up being young and on the scene in Manchester in the late 80s/early 90s better than this. I listen to this and to makes me feel like I can still make it happen - and we all can you know. Inspiring and utterly mancunian

It's your youth encapsulated into a 5 minute song. It says everything you're feeling in 7 sentences of lyrics. It defines your adolescence and teenager years.

My number one is live forever but this song is an absolute masterpiece...and just sums up my youth

Shows how ordinary oasis were in the lyrics despite being played like no other can

17 Let There Be Love Let There Be Love Cover Art

I can't believe this song is so low on the list, one of the best tracks of Oasis, It's so beautiful and the voices of Noel and Liam blend in so well... And well I don't need to tell you about the lyrics... BEAUTIFUL...

A seriously underrated song which should be in the top 5!

Not my personal favourite, but should be higher than 18

Easily in my top 3. Such an impactful and beautiful track

18 Cast No Shadow Cast No Shadow Cover Art

One of the most beautiful song from Oasis, which is very underrated. Noel's background vocal in this song is the most beautiful thing ever.

Always loved this song read somewhere about it being about Richard Ashcroft split up from the Verve a while back but don’t know how much truth is in that regardless one of there best.

It's so strange.. I consider myself a huge Oasis fan and know all 140+ songs inside out and love every single one but Layla would be in the bottom 10 for me. It just a bit winding and I mis the flow in it.. I never understood why that song became so popular. I just don't hear it :-(

Rather predictably, Wonderwall sits at the top of the charts. Sadly, this unappreciated gem will never achieve those heights. A shame really, considering it is well written, meaningful and the highlight of Morning Glory

19 She's Electric She's Electric Cover Art

Great vocals by Liam and great guitars. The lyrics are just great, and difficult to understand, and that what a great song is, right? Every second of it is a masterpiece of music history, love it. One of my favourites Oasis songs.

Love this song, should be much much higher on this list

Show this to any lyricist and say that's how it's done

Should be top ten easily

20 Listen Up Listen Up Cover Art

This is The Best Song Oasis ever made. It's not the most commercial or Immediately Catchy but Give it a good listen and You'll be hooked for Life! I Think it's BRILLIANT! It sounds like a tribute to David Bowie's "Heroes" Which is also a Fantastic Song!

Up there with Acquiesce and the Masterplan as one of the greatest b-sides. Great lyrics and an incredible vocal from Liam. This song is rarely mentioned even by fans of the band.

Ridiculously good vocals from Liam, great lyrics to back them up too

Great song and Liam voice in the chorus make it fantastic

21 Talk Tonight Talk Tonight Cover Art

Probably the best vocals of an oasis track ladies and gentlemen Noel Gallagher.

The story behind this song makes it all the more special

I love this song especially when I'm down

Such a beautiful acoustic song

22 Half the World Away Half the World Away Cover Art

It concerns me that one of the best Oasis songs of all time is sitting at the #37 spot. Obviously there aren't many true Oasis fans visiting this page. Just a bunch of people who heard Wonderwall and Don't Look Back In Anger a few times on the radio.

Possibly the best lyrics that Noel has ever written. Good Vocals. The rhythm guitar, while simple, is very relaxing and the lead is simply beautiful. The atmosphere that this song creates is unlike any other song by Oasis.

Absurd, that 61 oasis songs were mentioned before this one. This is a great song, about not wanting to stay small. It's about the importance of leaving home, and doing something with your life.

My favourite song. really when you have the blues the song takes the frown right off especially when you know the lyrics its almost impossible not to sing along

23 D'You Know What I Mean? D'You Know What I Mean? Cover Art

It is long but actually a really good song, couldve just done with being 2-3 minutes of crap taken out. Same cords as wonderwall funny enough. But a highly underrated song, just be here now was seen as crap

How this is so low down is beyond me. From the opening guitar to the chorus it's simply amazing, and Liam's voice makes the song what it is.

It was good enough that I wanted to learn it on guitar, and I'm not much of an Oasis fanboy.

Impressive tunes, awesome video clip and deep lyrics. Their best song. Period.

24 The Importance of Being Idle The Importance of Being Idle Cover Art

Should be much higher probably the best from there later albums.

Not even in top twenty, definitely should be top ten, top five, master plan should be third after wonder wall and don't look back in anger

Their first slight diversion from Britpop. A musical and lyrical masterpiece. Oasis at their best! "but I don't mind, as long as there's a bed beneath the stars that shine"

Best on in my opinion

25 All Around the World All Around the World Cover Art

The most magical oasis song in their greatest album ever (Be Here Now). So overblown this song is; so overpowering, yet so light and easy;---this is more than an epic, so much greater than the greatest song ever made. From its intro, to the choruses done in step-higher notes, this song is so woefully perfect, just like its fellow "greats", D'you Know what I mean and Let There Be Love.

I do not care if this song would not make it in lists of "greatest" whatsoevers because it already is the best, and that is all that matters. This song is even nearly indescribable because of its immense power; so immense, that is, it sort of collapsed into its own sublimity.

I just don't know why some people don't like Be Here Now much. I mean it's perhaps my favorite oasis record ever, and is perhaps one of my all time favorites. I say that every track is just pure epic and is full of magic, and there's not one bad track in it, so you can play it continuously without any worries that your friends might hear a bad song.

Speaking of All Around The World, I think that it should be on the number 1 spot----don't you see? -----it's oasis's Hey Jude! Please listen to this song and I'm sure you will pretty much like it. Even here in the Philippines, it is the people's favorite...

Reaching just a little over 9 minutes long, this is truly an epic masterpiece of a track. In the beginning it might sound like any other oasis song but as it gradually builds up the song just explodes. Do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven't already. In fact if you have the time, you might as well listen to the whole Be Here Now album. I believe it contains the best material oasis has ever wrote to date.

Slide away, Live Forever, Champagne Supernova, The Masterplan, Whatever are all great songs, don't get me wrong. Champagne Supernova is an anthem, but All Around The World is truly the Oasis "epic".

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