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1 Don't Look Back in Anger

Slip inside the eye of your mind, don't you know you might find, a better place to play. --Best intro lyrics, ever. - dahe24

Lovely lyrics with emotional guitar riff, noel is genius! And lyrically insane! It was good to have him in oasis..

it sounds like the beatles. pure magic

Absoulutely amazing

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2 Live Forever

This is a ridiculously good song, and although there is a lot of competition, it has to be their best. Most people would say Wonderwall just because of its commercial success but this is literally one of the best rock songs ever. The intro drumming, while it was originally covered over some acoustic picking, just sets up the song brilliantly. Also, the guitar, although relatively simple, just fits in perfectly with liams rare but interestingly affectionate singing accompanied by brilliant lyrics. But in my opinion, the guitar solos ultimately make this such a good song; with the first one, it drifts effortlessly around the song but the other solo brings a power to the song that can also be seen through the lyrics. But honestly, although wonderwall and don't look back in anger always grab the headlines, other songs from "definitely maybe" such as "cigarettes and alcohol" and "rock and roll star" should really get into the top ten list easily. Seriously, "Definitely Maybe" is probably ...more

Maybe you're the same as me, we see things they'll never see - you and I are gonna live forever

Maybe I just want to fly
I want to live I don't want to die
Maybe I just want to breath
Maybe I just don't believe
Maybe you're the same as me
We see things they'll never see
You and I are gonna live forever

Surprised wonder wall isn't 1

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3 Wonderwall

This song will live for generations. It is a Masterpiece that defined Oasis! There's a uniqueness in this song... This song literally speaks out the emotions when a man first falls in love, but the woman isn't aware of it... The song speaks about the man's emotions when he gets his first crush!

This is one song you can listen forever without stopping. I can't imagine myself without this. Being a girl, I would love it if my boyfriend ever sang this song to me while playing the guitar. Wanna impress a girl? Play guitar on this song and there - shes already in love with you.

My Personal Favourite. This Song Is Perfect From Start Till End

Though Oasis has many other amazing songs that deserve to be high on the list, I think Wonderwall is a masterpiece. It's commercial success doesn't change anything but show how great of a song it is- it was successful for a reason. The lyrics combined with the instruments in the back make a timeless classic... wonderwall.

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4 Champagne Supernova

champagne supernova is the best song for me, this song has the best lyrics and the song is very very good

I think the guitar solo just sets this one apart

My personal favorite by them

Wonderwall is a great song and all, but it doesn't even begin to compare with this. This song makes me want to cry as I remember the friends I'll never talk to again and the forgotten teenage memories. Thank you for this beautiful song. And thanks Oasis, the best band of all time. It was fun while it lasted.

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5 Supersonic

Why is the only #7? This is probably the coolest sounding song ever. Especially the solo.
"My friend said he'd take you home, sits in his corner all alone. He lives under a waterfall, nobody can see him nobody can ever hear him call. "

I have had a long think about why this is my favourite Oasis song, and well, it is because of the wonderful rhyming of unexpected words. Instead of repetition you are hearing different things mentioned throughout the song, like someone on a supersonic train a doctor on a helicopter, selling the big issue. I will not mention all the lyrics in what I have just mentioned, I will leave it for people to listen to. I think the poetry in this song is so brilliantly well put together it is just as amazing as what one would from from the greatest poets that one would study in English Literature courses. I very much enjoy the steady paced melody and the backing electric guitar music blending together very well. There is probably much more I can say about how I love this song, but I will go away and think about how to put my thoughts together.

I Need To Be Myself - Glauberson

I love this song when I heard this song after several times. The beauty of this song comes at the end of this finishing music. The end music just grab the brain and I try to sing the music if I could do it..

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6 Slide Away

A few years ago, I only had a few oasis songs in my music collection, those are wonderwall, don't look back in anger and little by little if I recall correctly. I wasn't really into oasis that time until I heard this song, This song is on the top of my music playlist eve higher than stairway to heaven right now. There is something about this song that is so addictive even until now I won't get bored of listening to it 100 times over and over. Even though I myself Couldn't analyze completely the meaning of this song. It's a love song obviously, but a love song that makes me not think about a girl. But make me realize that I haven't found that one perfect person that I want to be with. But of course for other listeners it holds different meanings. Nonetheless This is a incredible song that is sure going to last for generations to come.

Just EPIC! can't get enough of it! Its in my Oasis TOP 3 ranking

Pure Euphoria

Anything by Oasis is fabulous... I cannot compare this song with any of their other songs but I love this one so much

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7 The Masterplan

The Best Oasis song, full stop. I have every song ever written by Oasis, as they are my second favourite band (behind the Beatles of course), and this is the one song that always does it for me. MUST MUST MUST be higher, if everyone on here had heard it it would be at the top!

Best oasis song in the past few decades

Can't believe one of the best tunes was originally a B side

This is their best song without question

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8 Stop Crying Your Heart Out

Every single word in this lyric is magic
Whenever I want to cry this song is my best friend and my reason to stop crying my heart out.

I love the chorus

Should be in top 3. Fantastic song. - donickcary

That's so deep and magical and mysterious and hopeful.

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9 Some Might Say

Great vocals, great guitars; A GREAT SONG! - rock2metal

The heaviness of the guitars in the intro get your attention right away. The lyrics aren't Noel at his strongest alone, but Liam's singing make them sound much better. Besides the breakdown around 2:03 sound like spaceships! Harmonizing from Liam and Noel sounds incredible, their singing goes together like peanut butter and jelly.

This is my favorite Oasis song of all time. Personally, I think it is their best. Guitar is great, lyrics are thought provoking, and like many of their songs, good no matter your mood. Brooding, positive, melancholy, optimistic... This song has it all.

"Some might say, they don't believe in heaven, go and tell it to the man who lives in hell". Pure magic, one of the best lyrics.

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10 Whatever

I still remember the first time that I've heard it on the radio. Absolutely brilliant. The end with the guitar and the violins is a masterpiece. Not being on any album made it more special. Fantastic.

So great

One of the best song in Oasis era. This song heard very simply but perfect. One of masterpiece of Oasis

The best Oasis song. I can listen to this song over and over again. I never get tired of listening.
And it is the first song of Oasis I heard. And it changed my life. Great Song, great band.

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11 Morning Glory

How is this not higher? underrated track.

Should be top seven easy, way too low on the list

Should be top 5 easy

How is this not top ten? Gives me goosebumps every time I hear it, absolutely love this song.

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12 Stand by Me

We know, yeah I said we know not I think, that Wonderwall is the best out of every single sound of Oasis. But, this song, I just wanna see it upper to the list. Vote for this, please

Just goes to show that less is not always more! I've always loved the guitar work, the massive sound and especially the heartwarming "brotherly love" moment when Noel joins in with the "Hey hey" just before the chorus. A true gem.

It just makes you look deep inside yourself. The rhythm gives you very special feeling

It should be in the big 3 at least, one of their greatest ever, I think be here now is better than (WTS) Morning Glory anyway

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13 Acquiesce

Top 3 of their best songs. The raw sound and combination of Liam and Noels vocals is incredible and incomparable. Probably the most underrated piece of work and should be recognised for its quality.

Musical masterpiece that is an absolute banger of a rock song, it even has both brothers singing

Both Noel and Liam sing enough said

Nah too repetitive - NairnC1704

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14 Let There Be Love

I can't believe this song is so low on the list, one of the best tracks of Oasis, It's so beautiful and the voices of Noel and Liam blend in so well... And well I don't need to tell you about the lyrics... BEAUTIFUL...

incredible song. very powerful when noel starts singing. 10/10

Not my personal favourite, but should be higher than 18 - NairnC1704

A seriously underrated song which should be in the top 5!

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15 Don't Go Away

What! This is their best song there's no doubt about it

Agreed. This is probably the best song off Be Here Now. - Gg2000

I love this song!
So don't go away
Say what you say
Say that you stay
Forever and a day
In the time of my life

I think this song speaks about the love you have for someone and you don't want that person to leave from your life.

Whilst this might not be Oasis' most commercially successful production, it is arguably the most emotionally powerful. In particular, the clear vulnerability in Liam's vocal line is astounding. The addition of the horns and the strings into the layering only adds to this. Although it would have been nice to hear more of a sense of the mustique demo in the sound (perhaps to remove any remnants of slide away, and give it a more unique feel), this song demonstrates a side to the band that is rarely seen in Oasis, and it is truly moving!

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16 Rock 'N' Roll Star

I can't say I'm surprised this is so low on the list. This is such an underrated song! If you just listen to it ONE TIME, and that's all I'm asking, you'll see why. Plus, the lyrics 'In my mind those dreams are real/Now you're concerned about the way I feel? ' are so clever and contagious.

"A live my life for stars that shine, people say it's just waste of time, when they said I should feed my head, that's to me was just day in bed"

This part of the lyrics is amazing, I love this song, it describes myself

This song's opening riffs alone should put it into top 10

One of the most underrated songs. And I can't understand why. It's such an absolute gem of a song and it should definitely be up there along with Wonderwall. It's addictive. Psychedelic!

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17 Cigarettes & Alcohol

Great lyrics, great riff, amazing vocals. What a tune!

#20 what is going on

My number one is live forever but this song is an absolute masterpiece...and just sums up my youth

Seriously, how is this not top ten at te very least?!

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18 Cast No Shadow

It's so strange.. I consider myself a huge Oasis fan and know all 140+ songs inside out and love every single one but Layla would be in the bottom 10 for me. It just a bit winding and I mis the flow in it.. I never understood why that song became so popular. I just don't hear it :-(

Rather predictably, Wonderwall sits at the top of the charts. Sadly, this unappreciated gem will never achieve those heights. A shame really, considering it is well written, meaningful and the highlight of Morning Glory

This Should be in TOP 5, This song is VERY GREAT, My favourite and the best oasis songs ever, this is not Right

This song is wonderful! Its really speaks trough my heart..
Bound with all the weight of all the words he tried to say

Chained to all the places that he never wished to stay

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19 She's Electric

So Beatles-y, I love it.

Foaming love this x

Show this to any lyricist and say that's how it's done

Should be top ten easily

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20 Listen Up

Great song and Liam voice in the chorus make it fantastic

This is The Best Song Oasis ever made. It's not the most commercial or Immediately Catchy but Give it a good listen and You'll be hooked for Life! I Think it's BRILLIANT! It sounds like a tribute to David Bowie's "Heroes" Which is also a Fantastic Song!

One of the best Oasis songs ever. Extremely underrated. - thetoddster49

Shut up and listen up this song

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21 Talk Tonight

One of the bests

Boring. that's why noel sings it - NairnC1704

Probably the best vocals of an oasis track ladies and gentlemen Noel Gallagher.

I wanna talk tonight!

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22 Half the World Away

Beautiful lyrics and deserves to be much higher on the list

My favourite song. really when you have the blues the song takes the frown right off especially when you know the lyrics its almost impossible not to sing along

Absurd, that 61 oasis songs were mentioned before this one. This is a great song, about not wanting to stay small. It's about the importance of leaving home, and doing something with your life.

What is this doing down here? Give a vote people, amazing song!

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23 All Around the World

The most magical oasis song in their greatest album ever (Be Here Now). So overblown this song is; so overpowering, yet so light and easy;---this is more than an epic, so much greater than the greatest song ever made. From its intro, to the choruses done in step-higher notes, this song is so woefully perfect, just like its fellow "greats", D'you Know what I mean and Let There Be Love.

I do not care if this song would not make it in lists of "greatest" whatsoevers because it already is the best, and that is all that matters. This song is even nearly indescribable because of its immense power; so immense, that is, it sort of collapsed into its own sublimity.

I just don't know why some people don't like Be Here Now much. I mean it's perhaps my favorite oasis record ever, and is perhaps one of my all time favorites. I say that every track is just pure epic and is full of magic, and there's not one bad track in it, so you can play it continuously without any worries that your friends might hear a bad song.

Speaking of All Around The World, I think that it should be on the number 1 spot----don't you see? -----it's oasis's Hey Jude! Please listen to this song and I'm sure you will pretty much like it. Even here in the Philippines, it is the people's favorite...

Reaching just a little over 9 minutes long, this is truly an epic masterpiece of a track. In the beginning it might sound like any other oasis song but as it gradually builds up the song just explodes. Do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven't already. In fact if you have the time, you might as well listen to the whole Be Here Now album. I believe it contains the best material oasis has ever wrote to date.

Superb - Latestarter2

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24 D'You Know What I Mean?

Their coolest tune. crank it up and let the riot out!

Oh yeah! I love this song. Yes I love Wonderwall. DLBIA and Champagne Supernova (my favorite) but this one is really underrated and any Oasis fan could perhaps agree. - galaxyfox

An epic powerhouse! - Z_Morrison

Best lyrics of any of their songs.

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25 The Hindu Times

How can this be at 17?
There's a light - that shines on
Shines on me - and it keeps me warm
It gimme peace - I must say
I can't sleep - 'cause the world won't wait
It should definitely be in top 10

What? This song is so like uplifting spirit type song.. should definitely be top 10.

My first oasis song and is one their best

The best song ever! About Hindu times

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26 The Importance of Being Idle

Fab song. Even better video.

Listen just once

Not even in top twenty, definitely should be top ten, top five, master plan should be third after wonder wall and don't look back in anger

Their first slight diversion from Britpop. A musical and lyrical masterpiece. Oasis at their best! "but I don't mind, as long as there's a bed beneath the stars that shine"

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27 Roll with It

Pretty dam good song I love noel's backing vocals!

Difficult to believe, why THE MOST POPULAR ROCK N ROLL SONG in mid 90's placed in number 42. It's probably should be placed in top 10 at least. Maybe those poeple never know how wonderful this song when singed by Liam

You gotta roll with it, you gotta take your time, you gotta say what you say don't let anybody get in your way!

75? Least in the top 20

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28 Lyla

Easily one of their best songs, so underrated yet so damn good, this song deserves to be in the top 5... It also brings back good memories from playing FIFA 06.

Are you kidding with me. This song should be in the top 5. Just listen it once if you don't believe in me

One of the best songs. Listened to it when I was small. Now I feel good listening to it!

This song deserves much more credit than it gets! The first song by Oasis I heard!

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29 Up In the Sky

Wow have you heard the acoustic version it's awesome

Such a great song

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30 The Shock of the Lightning

Relentless, fast and their best song since 2000

top tune

Great song, epic, really underrated, psychodelic and energizing, is like mixing red bull with weed in one song

22? taking the piss, obviously all the voters never heard this one

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31 I'm Outta Time

Absolute banger

Such a lovely song! Can't stop listening to it! Stuck in my head from months...

Come on people..
It's a great song, really touching and it deservers to be on higher place.

This is the song of my soul it should have been number 2!

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32 Married With Children

This song is just pure Oasis magic.

Plain old English life summed up in one song

Simple yet so addicting

This song us amazing!

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33 Where Did It All Go Wrong?

WAY TO Much, this song is too good

I don't know why this song is so down the pecking order. It's too good

Great song!
Should be in top 10.

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35 Bring It on Down

"You're the outcast, you're the underclass, but you don't care, because you're living fast"

Defiance, follow your own path. What a rocking song this is!

Great instrumental, such a good tune

Awesome guitar on this tune

Pure Oasis juice..the "gist of it", if you know what I mean.

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36 Hey Now

Gives you a strange feeling of melancholy, which Oasis doesn't usually let you feel.

Don't know why this song doesn't get the credit it deserves, to me this is on par with Wonderwall, Don't Look Back In Anger and Live Forever

a hidden gem from whats the story morning glory. fabulous!

Extremely underrated song, definitely one of the best oasis songs should be in top 10 at least

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37 Fade In-Out

Johnny Depp

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38 Underneath the Sky

I’ve been obsessed since I heard it!

Wow, this one is great! Come on people!

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39 F*****' In the Bushes

This is MEGA - Nebulous

The guitar riff and the samples make for a perfect combination of Oasis magic.

It's makes you feel like crazy. the best preparation for something big, for a challenge, for a big takes your adrenaline to the sky

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40 Gas Panic!

Pyschedelic and rocking, one of the most underrated songs of history

One of my favourite oasis songs, top 20 is where it belongs

Classic way better that tat like Lyla

Should be ranked higher...great song off one of their better albums.

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42 Songbird

Awesome song... Can't stop humming it... Can't get out of head and life.. For the ones you love definitely the best song

Talking to the Songbird Yesterday... Short and Simple yet AMAZING

Simple and beatiful! "never felt this love from anyone" gives me two minutes of peace of mind

An ultimate folk love felling!..
A true secret love!...

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43 Sunday Morning Call

81?! Top 25 song at least

This song is amazing! It should be at lest top 15

To me one of the best songs of oasis. Sad to see its not even close to the top 10 :(

What?!?! I think people just haven't listened to this...

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44 Digsy's Dinner

Digsys dinner, what can I say, extremely under rated, always a fan favourite. Just an all round amazing tune. Makes no sense, has no point and that's why it's so good. GIVE THIS A LISTEN!

I absolutely love this song for Liam shouting out LASAAAGNEE.

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45 Let's All Make Believe

So good...if only it was on SOTSOG would make the album better even though I already love it - Nebulous

Any other band would have had this as a lead single. Oasis release it as a Bside. It's perfect on so many levels. Yes, Liam's voice is now shot, but listen to this and you will know what the fuss was all about. I blast this to myself in the car every morning. It makes be behave better in crap traffic.

Absolutely brilliant - yet another classic Oasis song hidden away as a be side. Time for a boxed set of non album tracks.

How can you not love this song? It got almost a haunting quality to the background music. Liams voice is top notch and the lyrics represent what they Gallaghers really thought of each other back in 2000

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46 Rockin' Chair

48?! Seriously this is one of their best! Should definitely be in the top 10 at least. My personal favourite and probably my favourite song of all time. The fact that Liam even points to where Noel should be stood on stage with him on his solo tour holds so much emotion. Everything about this song is perfect and I never get tired of it.

This a very very good song! It has been in my mind for a long time!

It has to be in the Top Ten. Best B-side ever.

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47 She is Love

Really!? The guitar at the intro is stunning..

Just a simple relaxing song. Not number one, but should be up higher than the number 29 spot!

Different to their ususal stuff, but still nice. top 30 - NairnC1704


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48 D'yer Wanna Be a Spaceman?

Very underrated

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49 Shakermaker

Shakermaker should be top 20 not 51! wonderwall guys? seriously? - NairnC1704

What the hell is shake maker doing so low down?

I agree. Shakermaker is the best

Shakermaker is not good song but it best song for me

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50 Who Feels Love

A song that sounds a lot psychedelic and Beatle like. I think I hear some parts of rain and lucy in the sky with diamonds. The lyrics are also good and the instruments are also nice. I don't know why this song shouldn't be in the top 10

A shame that this song is so low in the list. If it was released on an earlier album, I'm sure it would have gotten a lot more attention.

How is this not in the top 5. You guys don't know what good music is.

In my listo, is in the top 10, great song

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