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1 The Feather

Consistently one of the best daily online high school papers in the country.

I really love this site... It gives multimedia coverage of whats going on at their school and the articles are great... it truly is an amazing site.

I am impressed with the number of videos at the start of the school year. These support the articles well.


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2 The Harbinger

Great website, have never seen anything like it. Truly the best online newspaper on the planet.

Impressive live broadcasts. Large amount of content.

Not only is it one of the best in the country it is awesome

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3 Wayland Student Press

Not only is the Wayland Student Press's design easy to navigate and visually appealing but the quality and creativity of their content - from their videos to their breaking news pieces - is of the highest caliber.

'' not only is this a good newspaper is one of the best in the country

This is a site to watch. Polished storied, exemplary site.

This was extremely great, good work!

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4 Silver Chips

It is just a great well run paper, with quality content.

I think Silver Ships is the best HS newspaper that I've ever read

5 Saxon Scope

This website is extremely organized, informative, and interactive. It is updated several times a day with quality writing and high-resolution images. It also makes good use of interactive stories, which is not something many other high school news websites do. The Saxon Scope qualified as an NSPA Online Pacemaker finalist in 2011. - balletisfun

6 Penn Points Online

Firt year going online and first year winning a national scholastic award can't get any better.

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7 Monthly Unique Times
8 Rhstalon
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10 El Estoque Online

It amazing and the kids worked really hard on it :) Proud of them.

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12 The Rider Online

One of the very few online newspapers using Flah, sound slides, and other multi-media tools such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Cover-It-live. The Rider Online has won two Gold Crowns, Pacemakers, and voted best High School Publication by the Dallas Morning News.

Voted best online newspaper by Legacy High School. They are also the most up to date online high school newspaper in Legacy High School.

They have a broad coverage of all things Mansfield Legacy High School and even national and international news stories.

These guys have an amazing newspaper I really believe it's the best in the nation! Only it needs more outside sports!

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13 The Epic
14 Monthly Journeys

You are not really good for bloggers


15 Staples High School Inklings

Hands down then best!

16 The Online Gargoyle
17 HiLite Online
18 The Paly Voice

They always have insightful and newsworthy stories updated frequently. A great newspaper!

19 The Raider Reader

The Raider Reader offers the New Milford community news about its school, and gives the students of Blue Ridge School District a voice. Excellent news source.

Excellent example of online news site built and maintained consistently by Blue Ridge High School students from New Milford, PA.

Award winning student news source for Blue Ridge High School, New Milford, PA. Winner 2014 best student online news at Tom Bigler Conference; recognized by PSBA, 2013-14, as outstanding school news outlet.

20 The Hawkeye Online

It is the best

Great info... excellent pictures.. just take the leap, and tell the HS truth..

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