Top 10 Original Killswitch Engage Songs

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21 Strength of the Mind Strength of the Mind V 1 Comment
22 Reckoning Reckoning

You are no god to me this the reckoning man what an aweson song should be in the top 10 it's so epic

23 Hate by Design V 3 Comments
24 The Turning Point The Turning Point

This is an awesome song, one of the best on disarm the descent. it needs more recognition.

25 Self Revolution Self Revolution

Song with the probably best chorus ever. I love the whole buildup, great scream parts by Jesse and like said before unbelievably well done clean singing chorus. Also I really love the meaning, Self Revolution is an underrated masterpiece and maybe the best original Killswitch Engage song.

"Building a revolution to heal nations"

26 When the Balance Is Broken When the Balance Is Broken

Spectacular song! Beautiful instrumental and well-executed vocal!

27 Unbroken Unbroken

Guys never heard this one? Just give it an ear and you'll see.. Listen to melodic chorus. thisSong is amazing

28 The Element of One The Element of One

How come this song isn't on the list? Its one of the most beautiful songs with jesse.

My favorite KsE song. An amazing blend of melody and aggression.

29 Always Always

Such a beautiful meaningful song

These guys rock no matter what they put out! Awesome.

This song is so amazing! Always & My Curse are my favorites <3 This song mean so much to me. / I am always with you, From the darkness of night until the morning, I am with you always, From life until death takes me / So great and deep lyrics! Should be in the top 5 at least

30 Cut Me Loose
31 A Bid Farewell A Bid Farewell

I am extremely surprised to see that no one has shared anything about this song.. Guys you should go and check out this song.. The album is kinda gold certified you punks. !

32 Break the Silence Break the Silence

If we can't break the silence how can we survive. Amazing song and has a great song meaning to it. It's about making society better for the future.

High voice pitch. Why not in the top 10?

33 Time Will Not Remain Time Will Not Remain
34 Take This Oath Take This Oath
35 All That We Have All That We Have
36 Loyalty

This song is included on the second album of the volume of GOT series. I can say that is authored by Killswitch Engage. The song was released earlier this year and should be added to the list. The fans can confirm that this is an authentic music of the band.

37 World Ablaze World Ablaze
38 Breathe Life Breathe Life V 1 Comment
39 A Light in a Darkened World A Light in a Darkened World

How is this song not at the top? It's fast, got a great riff, and it's one of howard's best performances ever. Even got a kicking outro to go along.

Amasing intro and lyrics one of my favourite killswitch song ever, way better than some of the songs above it

40 The Return The Return

Without a doubt, this is the most underrated killswich engage song. This song is fantastic. Amazing vocals. Beautiful lyrics. This song should moat definitely be in the top 10

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