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1 Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla (KathNiel)

Throughout this year's Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla and their loveteam has officially proven that they should be number in all kinds of survey. The first reason is, We saw them grew up in showbiz and worked hard to achieve their dreams in showbiz. 2nd They always tell KN's to stay humble at all times even though we are sometimes hurt by other fan's bashing. 3rd The reason why many people would chose KathNiel it's because they are not judged by their ways of acting but by their characters. I may not saying everything now but believe me there is no words that can Describe them. That would be all

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla should be first because you could see that they've been trying their best to please all their fans and everyone. They not only show their love on set but also anywhere and everywhere they go. If they read this I would be so happy and I want to let them know that I love them so so much and that all their fans will always be there when they need them. I want to thank them for making us happy.

I do not watch Philippine teleserye or movies due to over-acting, etc. , but I decided to watch with my wife one day "Got To Believe" Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have undeniable effortless and authentic chemistry, which is simple and not trying hard. They both have refreshingly strong appeal, charm and certain magic. They make you feel and remember what it was like to fall in love for the first time and bask in the romanticism.

The Kathniel loveteam is ineffable. Got to love Filipino movies and dramas, all thanks to Kathryn and Daniel because they've got real dish to serve and you've got my lifetime support

2 Jose Marie (ViceGanda) and Ana Karylle

Weird but the best. Unique. One of a kind. They are the best love team because they never fail to make people laugh and smile. Seeing them can just make me smile without even me knowing. Crazy it may seem but it's definitely the loveteam that will always turn a bad day into a day full of good vibes. I would say that it is the creativity which is A gay that is linked to a lady that makes it awesome because it is rare or I would really say ONE OF A KIND. Their charm and appeal are just the bonus points for the people. They do not need to have teleseryes or movies for them to be noticed by much people. They have lots in common as if they are meant to be together or I would say DESTINED for each other. They look perfectly for each other. Their supporters do not call them as LOVETEAM indeed. But they call them as MOM and DAD.

This loveteam is unique, sweet, unpredictable, crazy, shocking, and DIFFERENT. A lot of people find this loveteam weird because they're pairing up a straight girl and a gay person, but that's the point. They're different from other loveteams. Their fans or should I say "Babies" can feel something between the two. They have a spark, a chemistry. Crazy as it sounds but it seems like Karylle clicked something in Vice Ganda that made him Vice Pogi. I mean have you seen the changes in him? If you look back in 2012 and check him now in 2013, you would see some major changes.

I really love this unique loveteam. It might be weird to others but I tell you, if you will watch all the fanvids that the babies made, you will gonna love them just like me. Their simple moves and interactions to each other will surely make you giggle and will give you the super "kilig" factor. The one and only trending loveteam that trends not only at the Philippines but also Worldwide. The loveteam that will give you a one whole unique, fun, kilig, hopia and buko package for all of you.

They are an astonishing, exhilarating, surprising, charming, outstanding, and appealing loveteam. There are no words that can describe their unique and unkabogable chemisty. They've have this remarkable endearment-kurba and pogi. On and off screen, you can see how special they are to each other. The way they talk and even their little special thing that they do to each other like their back hugs will surely melt your heart out. All I can say is that you should read between the lines; their is something about this two that you should discover.

3 John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo

Nothing will ever beat the chemistry of Bea and John Lloyd. Personally not a fan of filipino flicks but when it stars Bea and John Lloyd, I'll surely be watching!

4 Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby
5 Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza

This is my first time stanning a Filipino loveteam. Because I think they are so exceptional and different compared to others (not that I'm being biased). And I love them dearly for that. They are so simple, down to earth, and what I like about them most is they love their fans and put God always on top of their careers. They are very unassuming and humble despite so many praises thrown to them. They handle their bashers well and with good attitude. I don't know but they are just so real. No pretentions. Just them being themselves. They don't took the country in storm for fame but to fulfill their dreams and inspire a lot of people. they don't see themselves competing with other loveteams or personalities but themselves. They just want to make their fans happy. I would always and forever love them.

Perfect match, walang dull moments, their chemistry is unique, split screen romance but it captures the hearts of the 41 millions fans! Even me I cannot explain why I get hooked on both of this two. I guess because I already get sick of the old fashion Love Romance of our country, masyadong scripted I already what will happen next. but to them everything is brand new! No wonder Almost all of the product endorsement went to their side! I believe this Two will be best Love Team at this moment

This is a loveteam that has the most unique storyline and the first one to do a "kalyeserye" in a noontime show. With the use of a very simple and accessible app (dubsmash) they brought their audinces that kilig-factor without even trying too hard. They may not know each other off-cam but they seem to have that chemistry of a loveteam that has been together for years.

They're the best. So genuine. Watch FOMO assessment comparing them with another love team. Americans who don't know anything about Philippine T.V./movie happenings. Love both of them. They capture the hearts of people from all walks of life. (Literally! )

6 Erich Gonzalez and Enchong Dee

They electrify the screen! It's obvious that they care for each other. I hope they end up together in the end. It seems most love teams don't make it in the showbiz industry. Hopefully more projects to come!

They have palpable chemistry, both are very good-looking and undeniably good actors. They are this generation's vilma santos and christopher de leon.

Who wouldn't love this team up..
Both are oozing with chemistry

The king and queen of hearts
Enchong and Erich

We love erich and enchong. They are the best loveteam. Their chemistry is undeniable. Really love them.

7 Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera

They are the perfect couple ever. In movies most especially in real life.

Dongyan of course, aside from being the most beautiful couple they are also very sweet and very in demand in T.V., movies, magazines and eveh in commercials, dongyan no, 1

Dongyan matter what! They are still amazing and real love team...

They are the best loveteam because in real life they are really a loveteam.

8 Kim Chiu and Xian Lim

The two are ADORABLE. I've basically watched nearly all the movies they starred together in and have not been tired of them in any. Instead, my feelings for the two grow even more. They are seriously so cute. The way Xian talks about Kim makes me heart melt.

They're apparently one of the most famous love teams in our generation; proven by a number of box office hits na movies and high rated television shows!

They starred in My Binondo Girl and they are one of the leading artist in the soap Ina Kapatid Anak. They are admired by thousand of fans of different generations.

Kim and Xian are absolutely perfect, because they are caring for themselves inside and outside the screen.

9 Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson

Love them to beyond and infinity. They are so good looking together, I was still am and always a huge fan of this two. Love them trillion times.

The chemistry is oozing.. They look great together!

They have been through so much together, even through this rumor I'm pretty sure they are still going strong. They've been together for 4 years so I'm pretty sure what's happening now is not gonna end them. Kimerald all the way. Kimerald 4-EVER

My heart broke into pieces after hearing the news of their break-up but I promised myself that I would wait for them to get back together even If it would take years to come and now they are back and I survived the waiting game.

10 Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa

They're the best love team ever. Wish they have ended up together

They are so amazing

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11 Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual
12 James Reid and Nadine Lustre (Jadine)

JaDine is a full package. They can sing, dance, act, and do rom-com, they can make us feel the love on their primetime series on ABS- CBN On The Wings Of Love. They have the best chemistry when they kiss... They are also sweet off-cam. They have proven that they belong to not only the acting industry, but to the music industry. When their first movie came out Diary Ng Panget, they received more than 100 million pesos, then came another movie Talk Back And You're Dead in the same year. I hope they level up in the future...

Crackerjack yet amorous, this made me admire them..I hope for them both to be more victorious in their chosen field of interest & may they be guided by our Creator above to the right track as they grow personally & professionally. Hopefully, I can see them in the future..

They have the best chemistry that I've never seen to any other love teams before. Singing, dancing and acting. They have the complete package.

Jadine's essence when it comes on onscreen shows are very natural that surely marks that they are the best loveteam...They're connection to each other is natural...

13 Vhong Navarro and Anne Curtis

There's something about them that I can't explain. Umabot sa nerves ko and kilig pay may moments sila. They make people happy. Yung bang may spark talaga na Hindi mo ma explain. Hoping na sana may projects na dumating for them. They really look good together.

They are really mathing together if I saw them together it make me kilig super overload and having a red face and a big smile and a sweet loud scream. haha.. Love them perfect couple

They are so sweet and real...

I love both of them.

14 Nash Aguas and Sharlene San Pedro

They are super cute together. Very compatible and really promising. Hope the management notice and support them more. Because I seriously believe that Nashlene will reign if given the chance. I will always support you guys. Keep it up.

Nashlene is the love team that was never forgotten by the fans. They may not be paired together now, but the fandom remains loyal and still grew stronger. I know one day. All the love and support will pay off.

Their Chemistry is Undeniable! Effortless LoveTeam... Almost 10 years of friendship they deserve a show together!

A huge amount of celebrities ship this loveteam such as Vhong Navarro and Vice Ganda. Honestly, I think they're like a mini Kathnie!

15 Enrique Gil and Julia Montes

The eyes and smiles of the both of them together never appeared whenever they're separated. I can differentiate Quen with Montage and Quen with BARRETTO or Liza. It's very different. You will know what's PROMO and REAL. The way he smiles and looks at Julia Montes is way different. There's something between them. Really.

Aside from being real... They also gathered millions of fans immediately. Even if their team-up though, shortly-lived.

I do prefer Enrique Gil with Liza Soberano than with Julia Montes.

They have undeniable chemistry. Something you can't really hide when they're together. Just by merely looking unto each other makes a lot of people kilig. They are loved and supported til now even if they're not present together as a loveteam. JQ fans still make noise specially on twitter. They are one of the biggest loveteams and we are just waiting for their comeback. And it will happen, SOON! 😉

16 Ser Chief (Richard) and Maya (Jodi)

Sweetest Love team ever...the chemistry and sparks always there! On and Off cam didn't change.

Full of goodvibes and radiates happiness like what sunflower symbolizes.

Sweeties love team ever

Love their partnership

17 Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin

I love their love team so much. They have lots in common and they share their talents to each other... They didn't fake their scenes, and they love what they are doing... They inspire the Filipino youths.

They are really both good looking and they just have that magical chemistry when they act together

The best love team ever

18 Alden Richards and Yaya Dub

This is a loveteam that has the most unique storyline and the first one to do a "kalyeserye" in a noontime show. With the use of a very simple and accessible app (dubsmash) they brought their audiences that killing-factor without even trying too hard. They may not know each other off-cam but they seem to have that chemistry of a loveteam that has been together for years.

Unique? Bullcrap. It's totally predictable And they end it in cliffhangers which is predictable on what will happen in the end. It's what my classmates call
"Made in China" Fake.

19 Nadine Lustre and James Reid

Jadine is the new best loveteam in ABS CBN today. They keep everybody hooked on their new T.V. series On The Wings of Love. People here in the US love their show. They are fresh, very talented not just in acting but also in singing and performing in front of different audiences. They have unbeatable chemistry on-screen. They are one-of-a-kind!

JaDine? You mean the new and improved version of
"KathNiel"? Honestly, I hated KathNiel. But this one sucks. If you like KathNiel, I'm fine, But this...

They are so cute together and profess their love with each other!

On the wings of love

20 Coco Martin and Julia Montes

Coco and juila will make a good couple together and the chemistry that existed between the two in walan haggan is something else. I love coco-juli so much kudos. Julia don't ever refuse him if ever he decides to court you in future. Coco is matured, caring, loving, handsome and above all he is a perfect gentle man and he is going to make a good husband to U.

Coco and Julia is the sweetest couple ever because they bring it out naturally and comfortably. Not because for their fans, T.V. project or something to be famous... There is something between that cannot be explained. CocoJul forever

Coco and Julia have great chemistry. They are comfortable when together and share a mutual bond. That it make people kilig.. If ever Coco will court Julia in the future they will be a perfect couple

I love cocojul love team always together and they are always so happy being together and they should stop fooling themselves that they don't love each other because since 2012 they have been in a movie or teleseyre every year. Coco keeping your fans on suspense just court her already because we know you definitely will.

21 Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano

LizQuen are the best loveteam in this generation: best goodlooking pair with excellent talents - effective acting in drama & romantic comedy. I miss them so much. They have a lot of fans here in NY. ABS-CBN please give them another teleserye & movies soon!

You are my 2nd favorite loveteam in the world. Good singing with JaDine and KathNiel in Thank You For The Love!

The best of the best love team! Please, please we need more from them!

The Tandem reminds of the young version of Sharon and Gabby. Awesome Chemistry

22 Mark Herras and Jennylyn Mercado

I love their love theme. They are real on and off cam.

No one beats mark and jen tandem!

23 Francis Magundayao and Ella Cruz

Age doesn't matter

24 Tommy & Miho
25 James Reid and Nadine Lustre

"I hope that they are gonna win. They look so sweet, real, and comfortable with each other especially they play the role of Leah and Clark on 'On The Wings Of Love'."

Their beyond best loveteam, they are so sweet, they have great chemistry and they both look comfortable with each other.

I love them seeing together, its like natural their not acting sweet. I love them both. Sana mas tumagal pa and love team nila.. Susuportahan ko talaga.. GOGOGOGOGO.. Fighting! AJA!

For me they are far better!

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