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1 Wonder Woman Wonder Woman is a fictional superhero created by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter, appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character is a founding member of the Justice League, a goddess, and Ambassador-at-Large of the Amazon people. In her homeland, the island nation of Themyscira, her official title is Princess Diana of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta. When blending... read more

I love Wonder Woman! She is kind, physically strong, cultured, intelligent, multilingual, infinitely brave, just, and always ... wonderful! She makes mistakes and learns from them, despite what some may say about her "never messing up" or being "too powerful". She is powerful because of her unique, rigorous training on Themysceria and experience in battle. I love how her emotional and loving sides are displayed in addition to her physical strength, because emotions are not weaknesses, they should be honored because they show who we are. A lot of the time, "strong" characters are displayed as emotionally cold/emotionless almost to the point of being devoid of a personality, and Wonder Woman really takes a stand against this harmful portrayal of people. She openly shows a full range of emotions, from giddiness to heartbreak to rage to hope to defeat. How could anyone not adore her?

2 Black Widow Natalia Alianovna Romanova, most known as Natasha Romanoff or the Black Widow, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She is one of the most talented spies and assassins in the entire world and is a founding member of the Avengers. The character was created by Stan Lee, Jae Lee, Don Heck, Paul Jenkins, and Don Rico, and was portrayed by Scarlett Johansson... read more

Wonder Woman is said to be a "female icon" but when you think about it, she's not. She never had to endure what Black Widow did, who was trained practically since birth(4 or 5). She never had to make up for her past mistakes, "the red in my ledger". She was never on the path of redemption, regretting everything. She never felt what it was like to be unmade and forced to do things she couldn't undo, no matter what. But that is what makes Black Widow relatable while WW is not. Natasha has had her childhood taken from her, seen the few people she was allowed to love ripped from her and still fights to be better.

Wonder Woman's got NOTHING on her.

She has been through the most than any other of these female characters. Wonder Woman was born a goddess, with all the riches and powers, whilst Natasha was raised with a hard-core Russian agency where it's kill or be killed at the age of seven. Wonder Woman has a whip/lasso thing that she can wave around, but Natasha fights with anything she can get her hands on. Black Widow has experienced all the people around her die, and her sadness and anger is too much that she cannot even cry anymore. But Wonder Woman? No, it's all sunshine and daisies around her friends and family.
Natasha has been through the most and has suffered the most, trained the most and probably will last the longest in a battle, Natalia deserves to be number 1, 100%.

3 Starfire Starfire is the name of several fictional comic book characters appearing in books published by DC Comics.

Best female hero ever. She is perfect. She an alien but still fights and risks her life for this planet. She is so powerful and beautiful. I hate wonder woman I don't know why she is on number 1. I love her,she the best she so kind and sweet and she shows her real self. Where will someone find a girl like her. She is most unique on this list. She is so innocent and cute like a kitty

While the New 52 didn't do anything good for her character. I still love her. Especially her in the Teen Titan comics and her in the Teen Titan cartoon (not Teen Titans Go). Her powers are pretty cool, but I love that she's kind and naive.

Starfire should certainly be on this list. Certainly higher than some on this list. Her new comic book solo series is testimony of her popularity.

4 Raven Raven is a fictional superheroine appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character first appeared in a special insert in DC Comics Presents #26, and was created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George PĂ©rez.

What is Raven doing in number 4? I'm not sexist, but I don't like most girl superheroes. Not because of their gender, because they're just not interesting. Black Widow isn't interesting, Wonder Woman is okay, and I have no opinion on Starfire. Raven is hilarious, interesting, fun to watch, and ' awesome! Raven is one of my favorite superheroes and characters.

Come on! Raven is awesome! Have you not seen Teen Titans (not teen titans go, it doesn't even deserve to be capitalized)? She is half demon! AWESOME!

She is half demon, half human. She can teleport, shoot beams of dark magic, destroy universes. Not to mention she is the daughter of the great Trigon

5 Storm Storm (Ororo Munroe) is a mutant superhero appearing in Marvel Comics. Her first appearance was in Giant-Size X-Men #1 in 1975 and was created by Len Wein and Dave Cockrum. Her main super power is weather manipulation.

Storm is one of the best female heroes. I feel she should be above Star fire and deserves top 3. She has already beaten Wonder Woman who sits at # 1. Storm's lightening were powerful enough to KO the SILVER SURFER. She beat Cyclops even without her powers. She is a brave, strong and extremely hot hero. She is also a goddess and the wife of Black Panther as well as queen of the most advanced civilization on Marvel earth, Wakanda. She is funny, caring, sweet, mature and cool. The reasons why the other heroes are above her is because they have a great representation on T.V. unlike Storm. Storm's portrayal is influenced by colorism and poor acting. If they were to stay true to the black African original in the comics, she would be having double of her fans now.

She was definitely an integral part of why we watched d X-Men cartoons and read the comics. We used to all have crushes on her. The Movies ruined the character. She's more than a sex symbol. She's thoughtful, very kind, and not so rigid. She makes some bad ass comments in most of her fights and is good at mental taunting. Her kindness is not faked like most comic characters on the list. I think the movies missed all these qualities no wonder she's just known as one of the minority Representatives in comic movies. I think she's more than that.

6 Jean Grey Jean Grey, or Jean Grey-Summers, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character has been known under the aliases Marvel Girl, Phoenix, and Dark Phoenix.

Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, the character first appeared in The X-Men #1 (September 1963).

Famke Janssen portrayed the character in five installments of the... read more

Wonder Woman and Black Widow are both very impressive but Jean Grey is at another level. She isn't into physicality, though she can tear people apart with her incredible mind. Watch X-Men 3, the only who one who could get close enough to stop her, was the one she truly loved. Everybody else, watch out!

Jean grey is really powerful. She can use telekinesis, which is really useful when she has to reach faraway stuff. She can make an invisible barrier-shield, and her mindpower is really strong, sensing other people's thoughts. She can even beat Professor Xavier, who is really powerul and has similar powers to Jean, and plus, she's really pretty and rational enough to date Scott summers.

I don't like Jean Grey, but I also don't hate her. She's just overrated and cheated on Scott (Cyclops) with Wolverine. It looks like Jean can use her powers to murder anyone she wants and still gets loved by others, especially by every single males who are deceived by her looks.

7 Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She is portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She is thought to be one of the most powerful people in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and can control things with her mind. Her powers are a result of experiments by Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker,... read more

She should be #1 guys! Her past was truly messed up. In the comics, she once got upset so badly that she altered the universe. Scarlet witch is humble and in the movies so far has shown strength and is actually scared of hurting anyone with her powers. She understands how it is to lose everything, be treated like an incompetent child, and to feel as if she is a danger to society. Everyone looks at her with either fear or interest. So it gets to her head. The powers she possesses is really dangerous, and she knows this so she tries to control it. Be careful though. You tick her off, your dead simple as that.

Scarlet witch is very unique. She is troubled by her powers and was/is scared of herself. It was interesting to read and see how her character developed within the comics. Scarlet witch is a bridge between the avengers and the xmen, and even though she started out as a villain she found her way and became one of the most iconic heroes. Her powers are very intriguing and I am very disappointed that marvel has ruined her character. I think that they definitely should fix her character so that she could be loved by fans all over the world again. (I think she should have been ranked higher)

8 Zatanna Zatanna Zatara is a fictional character, a comic book superheroine in the DC Comics universe. Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Murphy Anderson, Zatanna first appeared in Hawkman #4.

Something a lot of people don't realize is that she could kill superman and batman with 4 backward words. She is super powerful. Unlike black canary, if she can't speak, she can use her blood and is more powerful than either of her parents.

Zatanna is so powerful! She is also very beautiful

Best heroine ever

9 Bat Girl

She is my favourite superhero. She got shot, and still found a way to fight crime. Whilst most of the other superheroes would stop the fight, she powered through, and has earned the respect of everybody in the DC universe

She is pretty, has awesome connections (Batman), and can kick some series butt.

I don't know which batgirl this is talking about but they are all great so...

10 Super Girl Supergirl is the superhero name of Kara Zor-El, cousin to Superman. She was created by writer Otto Binder and designed by artist Al Plastino in 1959, and she first appeared in Action Comics, in whose first issue Superman himself was introduced.

Kara Zor-El's Supergirl has been adapted into various media, including television and film, having being played by Helen Slater, Laura Vandervoort,... read more

Superman is awesome, but Supergirl has always been more relatable than him. Back when she was created, Superman was a veteran, mature hero and a paragon. However Supergirl was younger, ergo more inexperienced and more inmature. Even somewhat naive. She was optimistic and hopeful, but also impatient, short-tempered and aggressive when provoked. She didn't put up with fools or bullies and could be pretty snarky. Every so often she messed up and failed, and had to learn from her mistakes. Back in the day, Superman wasn't allowed to fail.

Kara also grew up among Kryptonians. She remembers a culture and a society which are gone forever, and she remembers what being a powerless, ordinary person is like. She struggles to adapt to her new home, fit in with humans and be a hero even though she often wishes she was normal.

Supergirl is hot-blooded, optimistic, determined, protective from her loved ones and fierce in battle. And she is awesome.

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11 Black Canary Black Canary is a fictional superheroine in comic books published by DC Comics. Created by the writer-artist team of Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino, the character debuted in Flash Comics #86.

She down-right chooses to not use her ability out of fear of hurting someone. It was a curse placed on her mother that carried over. Her scream can literally, not figuratively, knock down skyscrapers with her canary cry.

I think that the black canary should yes be in the top 5 because the black widow is just the knockoff versions of the black canary. I personally think the white canary is better but they where the same person untill Sara Lance died but that's ok

Black Canary has the best story in the whole DC universe for women. She is amazing and can beat everyone...Reminds me of agent Carter. Should be 3rd

12 Catwoman Catwoman is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman.

Catwoman has been featured in many media adaptations related to Batman. Actresses Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, and Eartha Kitt introduced her to a large audience on the 1960s Batman television series and the 1966 Batman film. Michelle Pfeiffer portrayed... read more

I agree, Catwoman is awesome! In my opinion she's one of the closest female superheroes that are like humans. She has a badass look and an attitude that kills. She uses that whip like she was born with it, and she can even crawl on walls. She can jump from high ground and still land on her feet. If she were a real person, we'd be the best of friends. I honestly love Catwoman and I'm a girl. But hey that's just my opinion.

Catwoman is an original character. Though still over sexualized, Catwoman is the only female character that actually uses her physical and mental abilities to their full human potential. She is purposely the female mirror to Batman and, in my mind, the second best female hero to Wonder Woman ( the female mirror to Superman).

Catwoman is basically EVERYTHING in one. She's mysterious, like Batman. But she's sly and "smirky" in a way that draws you in. It's like there's this certain charisma surrounding her that you can't find anywhere else, like a cat.

13 Invisible Woman Invisible Woman is a female superhero who is a part of Marvel's Fantastic Four. Her powers include invisibility, cosmic rays, invisible force field, and more.

Love her. Immune to psychic attacks she is stealthy she can fly she can use her force fields for super strength she can fight she is good looking don't mess with her you might get an invisible kick in the nuts. With enough concentration she could beat Phoenix! Best super hero ever!

Many people don't realize her power strength is directly related to her confidence. She could also have enough control over her force fields as to she can prohibit certain things from entering, or she could expand it to make an object implode.

She is sooo awesome between her awesome super powers and great people skill plus her personality I say she is far better than everybody else!

14 Rogue (X-Men) Rogue is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with the X-Men. Was created by Chris Claremont And Michael Golden. In the X-Men film series, she is portrayed by Anna Paquin.

She's the most believable super heroine in the X-men. She used to be a villain, is haunted by the fact that she can't touch anyone (or she could kill them) and is in love with Gambit. What's not to love.

Please what is that photo?
Rogue is just plain badass. Is badass could be a person, it would be Rogue. She's funny, she's hot, she has a power that'll suck your life force, she's Nightcrawler's sister and Gambit loves her.

She takes people's powers away and then she gains them. She could be blog and Cyclops at the same time.

15 Hawk Girl Hawkgirl is a fictional superheroine appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, and was one of the first female superheroes.

She was one of my favorite superheroes as a kid before I liked Raven. It was so cool this past year to see her portrayed in a totally different way on legends than she was in the justice league.

Among all the girls, she's one of the strongest and bravest. She's not that flirt like the others even though she had a beautiful Aura.

Hawk girl was apart of the justice league, everybody talks about her being the only justice league female but what about hawk girl?

16 She-Hulk She-Hulk is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist John Buscema, she first appeared in Savage She-Hulk #1.

Soon we will know much more about her with her Disney plus series.

I'm intrigued to know this character since I've read how popular she is with the comic book readers.

Cousin of Bruce banner who gave her a transfusion of his blood which has. Gamma radiation to transform her to become the she hulk.

Smart, funny, strong, not afraid of her sexuality... She-Hulk is a role model!

17 Captain Marvel Ms. Marvel is the name of several fictional superheroes appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics.

She deserves much, much, higher. She has extraordinary powers, she's a good role model, she had a good role in the movie, but most of all she is completely unbeatable. She could beat all the top ten on the list easily, though Jean Grey and Scarlet Witch could give her a run for her money.

I could see this climbing up to the top 3 once her movie comes out. I mean, she is at 48! come on!

She's just great!

18 Wonder Girl

To be honest I prefer the Titans to the League. They're better than them but just get pushed down a lot so the League can shine through as always.

19 Harley Quinn Harley Quinn is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as a sidekick of the Joker.

Jokers sidekick and sometimes girlfriend, just as crazy as him but female.

If Harley Quinn is considered a super hero, the so is her boyfriend the Joker.

Fun fact: the character didn't debut in comics, but in an animated series.

20 Kitty Pryde Katherine Anne "Kitty" Pryde is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with the X-Men.

She's down to earth but not boring. She's grown up over the course of her career as an X-Men too and that's just fun to watch.

21 Elektra Elektra Natchios is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Jennifer Garner was the best Elektra the world will ever see. She really gave her heart and soul to the character. It was the plot that didn't work out. But, god damn.. Garner was so fine.

Incredible ninja skills, has toughness on the level of daredevil

22 Ms. Marvel / Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel, also known as Kamala Khan, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Is the best and more powerful than Wonder Woman as she is indestructible as bullets bounce off her and she has taken punches from the hulk and it did not move her. She can also absorb energy making her stronger and there is no cap for this. She can also go into binary in which she is almost all powerful.

She is. But I'm talking about Davners not whoever the heck they replaced her with. She is a former Air Force Pilot and after being exposed to Kree energy became what I like to think of as a perfect rival of Moonstone.

The only reason why she is not higher up is because she doesn't have any movies. Most people know in the comic world, she is as tough as can be.

23 Emma Frost Emma Grace Frost is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, most commonly in association with the X-Men . The character first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #129 (January 1980), and was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist/co-writer John Byrne . Emma Frost, also known as the White Queen, has evolved from a supervillain and foe of the X-Men, to becoming... read more

I prefer her as a Super Villain but anyway, she is the best female Super Hero and even the best Super Hero at all. She is smart, rich, attractive, exeptionally intelligent, can switch her gorgous body into diamond form and masters telepathy as nobodyelse.

She's sexy, smart and powerful. How can you not love her?

I wish I could turn my whole body into diamond! Wow!

24 Squirrel Girl

She's cute in a kawaii way and she brings the aspects of childhood into super heroes! Yay for her!

25 Power Girl Power Girl, also known as Kara and Karen Starr, is a fictional DC Comics superheroine, making her first appearance in All Star Comics #58.

I hope they think about giving this girl a movie.

Power Girl deserves her own movie.

Close that gap 666

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