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1 Gaylord

I'm Gaylord and this is a stupid name, it 31 years old. Back in the old day my parents were drug addicts. They were stupid and abusive (I'm not gaylord)

Gaylord is one of Stupidest Names ever also no one should have this name after John Gaylord also this name can ruin your life if Couples or Single person named you this.

Sounds like a pretentious nouveau riche douchebag that talks with a hybrid half American-half British accent. I bet he has a butler named Bartholomew and wears a red silk robe, smoking a fancy cigarette out of one of those holders.

Well this is more a nickname and yeeh it is just ridicolous. Ever heard of " The amazing world of gumball"? So you know who is the neighbour of Gumball
Yes Mr.Gaylord Robinson and of course my friends watch it and when its tell the name gaylord robinson they say " It is a gay lord"

2 Abcde

We all know this from the girl who got name-shamed at the airport. Which, was the mother's fault for giving her kid a stupid name. I feel bad if you'd have to go through high school with this name tho. It's also pernounced ab-city

Every teacher in the nation,"Amy Barton? Here? Ok...Chris Grey? Here? Alright...*what!? Face...A-B-C-D-E? Winter? Are you here? Is this a joke? " seriously what is the nickname, A!?

It's pronounced Ab-Si-Dee don't be upset that someone has an unique name that you didn't think of.

Someone lent on their keyboard when they filled out the birth certificate.

3 Shabootiquiqui

A serious stupid name, not being offensive, but if you got that name, I will really have a real tongue twister to work on, just to be their friend!

Like really? Who even does that? Unless you hate your kid you'd do that! How do you think your child will be treated later on? Unless you really don't care

If my parents named me this, I would sue them. It should be illegal for parents to give their children names like this.

This is my name and I love it! I think I'm gonna name all my children Shabootiqueque as it is so hip and upbeat!

4 Dick

Once again, this site proves you guys know nothing about names. Dick is an old English name, before the damn penis was called a dick. The only people who called it dick back then were... well, nobody! It's a fairly common name that's not meaning dick like the body part, but dick like the name. I just want to say, you guys really should look your stuff up before you make a post!

Who would want their kid to experience the horrors of 8th grade with an utterly stupid name like this? I've read Famous Five, which had a character named Dick, but that was a time when people in England probably didn't know that this was a cuss word. If they did, well, it's very stupid.

I remember there was a kid I'm my old school who's last name was head... no kidding... the parents gave him the name Dick Cohen, but they divorced and his father's name was Jacob Heads, so you get the story form there... he probably changed his name already...

My not biological grandparent's last name, carried it for 30 yrs and through the Army, no problem, joke I don't care, I will laugh with you, my real biological last name is Smith or something I am going to do the Ancestry thing where I send a DNA sample in.

5 North West

It's actually pretty genius.
I saw a map of a country, and on it had a place labelled "Kimberley" which is Kim Kardashian's name. Above "Kimberley" is a place called "North West", which is their kid's name. Above "North West" is "Kanye".

I don't know about you, but that's cool.

North west is on a compass, not a name! It is very stupid having the name North west. I feel sorry for the people called north west.

North by itself is a cute name for a girl or a boy. But NOT when your dad is KANYE WEST!

Really Kanye? You named your child North West? Who does that! I mean North is a great name… when you don't have the last name of West, someone needs to give Kanye a lesson in naming!

6 Bieber

Aside from everyone knowing the singer, I just don't really like this name in general, without thinking about the connections. I just see it as a last name.

Who despises of their child enough to name them after one of the worst people in existence?

Horrible name for a horrible person and singer too. If anyone uses this name, they are screwed.

Bieber is a last name not a first name.

7 Porky

Is this implying the parents believe their child is worth no more than a dead pig?!

Umm, sounds like that character Porky Pig.

I mean its just rather insulting.

I like bacon but no, just no.

8 BoomQuisha

This one is kinda cool. It sounds like a rockstar band name, and this is the reason you'll porbably get bullied for it. But so what, if you like the name.

Is this meant to sound like a rockstar?! It sounds more like something one would name a chipmunk.

Not gonna lie, this sounds f---ing awesome. I would never name a human that, but OH MAH GAWD, it sounds amazing.

I can't say that name without laughing.

9 A'legend

"hey dude, are you a legend?" "yes. do you need something?" "so you are a legend! I knew it! he is the legend!" "nah man. I am a'legend. I am not the legend. I think you got mixed up." "no like you're a legend. " "you mean my name?" "no bro, a-le-gen-d! A LEGEND!" " no sorry that is my name, anyways you need somethin' bro?"

"Who the hell would name there kid this thugs? "

"This name is named by thugs."

Damn that's cool

10 Kyle

As a Kyle, I must say you all really don't know what this site Top Tens is for. It is not for someone you know whom you don't like, or that Kyle is a "gay, cursed" name, because it's not! Even then, who cares if you are gay? Oh, right, all of you guys have a problem with gay people. I don't care if a Kyle you know is a jerk, this is about the name itself! The name is of Gaelic origin for handsome if you did not know already, and does not have to do with gay or cursed in any way. If a Kyle ends up gay, he ends up gay. The name is not cursed. The name rolls off the tounge. Unlikes names with La in the beginning or a ' in the middle, Kyle is simple, and that's the name is.

The name Kyle is a name that encourages awesomeness and the most triumphant of human beings to prosper. From days of your when the name Kyle meant "King of Excellence and all things sexual" to today where its meaning has not changed. The name is synonymous with the wisest of men and the most sexually dominant of the male species.

This kid in my class is named Kyle and he's always sticky and anything he touches becomes sticky. He also makes weird noises constantly and interrupts my learning. Kyle is the dumbest name, every Kyle I know is just stupid. He also draws penis's on the teachers cars in the dirt and scratches the paint.

This is the worst name I have ever seen in the history of the world. Ten times worse than anythings that Kim Kardashian has named her children. Disgusting.

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? Maher-shalal-hash-baz
? Da'3varion
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11 La-quisha

Sounds like la squish

Good name for a rapper

Great poop name

Pepe the frog

12 Rockman

That seems more like a last name than a first name. Like Dave Rockman or Joe Rockman.

He rocks the night away

Megaman's name in Japan

Rocky for short?

13 Shaniqua

My nickname. Rip my nonexistent reputation

I know somebody who is called this.

14 Abikus
15 Adolf

Adolf Hitler is my dad I was a unexpected birth so my inforfmation is not given to the government, I am actually illegal.

How tall was Hitler? *salutes* this tall!

Oh, gee mother am I related to Hitler?

I am related to him

16 Oink

Oink is So Funny! Me and my sister are so much. My sister is 6 and I am 8,but Link for Oink for a name now that sounds stupid and it is stupid, Amagion if your child was called Oink.

That basically says that if you name your child oink you think your child is a pig, and pigs are fat, rude parents!

Might as well call your other children Moo, Baa and Cluck.

Stupid stupid stupid. Unless your child is a pig.

17 Gaye

There was a teacher I had named Gay. Like there is nothing wrong with being gay, but still your just asking to be bullied. You might as name your kid Lesbian or Bisexual

Can you imagine meeting people everyday and telling them "I'm Gaye" and then after an awkward pause needing to quickly explain that it is your name and no, you were not being rude and blurting out your sexual preference to a complete stranger. So awkward!

I would think this was a joke but I actually know a lady with this name.

Gay with a e? geez if I had a child and named it gaye- oh I can't even imagine.

Imagine is this kid who had this name was bisexual .

18 Airwrecka

It sorta sounds like Erica, but the person wanted to be unique. Honestly, it also sounds like a plane crash to me.

Were people too stupid and misspelled Erica or what?

Sounds like a crashed plane.

That is weird spelling

19 Pimplypoop

this name made me fall out of my chair, it was so funny! I feel like the parents who named their kid this should be arrested for child abuse! Also they sighed a ticket for bullyism for the kid. I mean who could take someone named Pimplypoop seriously? If you met someone named that you would probably NEVER forget them.

Hey, that's my name... don't be RUDE. I actually don't get bullied cause I have great friends that look out for me.
Don't judge names...

Whoever names their kid this, should be arrested for child abuse and reckless endangerment. And maybe stupidity.

What the fudge!? Who the hell names there child Pimplypoop! It obviously says Pimply*POOP* These people are getting on my nerves

20 Aimee

Gods this is a dumb name. Maybe it is good for other people, but for me it will be the stupidest name I have ever heard.

It's just like 'Amy' but spelt differently but it looks quite stupid.

What is with all the butchered spellings?!

I know someone with this name.

21 Ball

At least take the time to google some names instead of naming your kid ball?

Either there parents are mean or they are just plain stupid.

22 Stupid

By virtue of this name literally being "Stupid", it should be #1 by default.

This one is kinda self explanatory.

You really don't know why it's stupid?

Just don't you dare.

23 Wang

Hey! is this where rooster teeth got Yangs name from in RWBY? Or is this her lame sister?

Only Asians have this name!

In China it's a real name.

This is an Asian surname...

24 Asian

Sorry this is just racist imagine being from Asia and your name is Asian that would just be weird.

Calling 'Come here, Asian' will make everyone around you think that you're racist.

Ugh. Might as well call your kid African, Australian, British or American.

I was friends with a girl called Asia in first grade.

25 Weedledee

"Child name? "
"School isn't a joke, what's his name"
"Weedledee! Are you deaf? "
"His name is weedledee? "
"It's a girl."
"Oh, Weedledee isn't a human right? "She's my daughter.."

I fell down and broke something when I saw this name. I'm not kidding. I can guaran-damn-tee you that I will never meet anyone with this name.

Sounds like if the pokemon Weedle and Tweedle-Dee from Alice in Wonderland f---ed eachother.

Weedledee,REALLY! Some parents are just stupid. Sorry if I offended anyone but really this name is so stupid that I'm really rolling around on the floor,laughing. Sorry again,I feel so sorry for people with this name.

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