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1 Gaylord

Gaylord is one of the stupidest names ever. Also, no one should have this name after John Gaylord. This name can ruin your life if couples or a single person named you this.

Well, this is more a nickname, and yes, it is just ridiculous. Ever heard of "The Amazing World of Gumball"? So, you know who the neighbour of Gumball is. Yes, Mr. Gaylord Robinson. Of course, my friends watch it. When it tells the name Gaylord Robinson, they say, "It is a gay lord."

Sounds like a pretentious, nouveau riche douchebag that talks with a hybrid, half-American, half-British accent. I bet he has a butler named Bartholomew and wears a red silk robe, smoking a fancy cigarette out of one of those holders.

2 Abcde

Every teacher in the nation says, "Amy Barton? Here? Okay... Chris Grey? Here? Alright... What!? Face... A-B-C-D-E? Winter? Are you here? Is this a joke?" Seriously, what is the nickname, A!?

We all know this from the girl who got name-shamed at the airport, which was the mother's fault for giving her kid a stupid name. I feel bad if you'd have to go through high school with this name though. It's also pronounced Ab-city.

It's pronounced Ab-Si-Dee. Don't be upset that someone has a unique name that you didn't think of.

3 Shabootiquiqui

A serious, stupid name, not being offensive, but if you got that name, I will really have a real tongue twister to work on, just to be their friend!

Like really? Who even does that? Unless you hate your child, you'd do that. How do you think your child will be treated later on? Unless you really don't care.

If my parents named me this, I would sue them. It should be illegal for parents to give their children names like this.

4 Dick

Who would want their kid to experience the horrors of 8th grade with an utterly stupid name like this? I've read Famous Five, which had a character named Dick, but that was a time when people in England probably didn't know that this was a swear word. If they did, well, it's very stupid.

I remember there was a kid in my old school whose last name was Head. No kidding. The parents gave him the name Dick Cohen, but they divorced and his father's name was Jacob Heads, so you get the story from there. He probably changed his name already.

5 North West

North West is on a compass, not a name! It is very stupid having the name North West. I feel sorry for the people called North West.

North by itself is a cute name for a girl or a boy. But not when your dad is Kanye West!

Really, Kanye? You named your child North West? Who does that! I mean, North is a great name when you don't have the last name of West. Someone needs to give Kanye a lesson in naming!

6 Porky

Is this implying the parents believe their child is worth no more than a dead pig?!

Umm, sounds like that character Porky Pig.

I mean, it's just rather insulting.

7 Bieber

Aside from everyone knowing the singer, I just don't really like this name in general, without thinking about the connections. I see it as a last name.

Who despises their child enough to name them after one of the worst people in existence?

Horrible name for a horrible person and singer too. If anyone uses this name, they are screwed.

8 BoomQuisha

Is this meant to sound like a rockstar? It sounds more like something one would name a chipmunk.

I can't say that name without laughing.

9 A'legend

"Hey dude, are you a legend?" "Yes. Do you need something?" "So you are a legend! I knew it! He is the legend!" "Nah man. I am A'legend. I am not the legend. I think you got mixed up." "No, like you're a legend." "You mean my name?" "No bro, A-le-gen-d! A LEGEND!" "No, sorry, that is my name. Anyway, you need something, bro?"

Who the hell would name their kid this, thugs?

10 Kyle

This kid in my class is named Kyle, and he's always sticky. Anything he touches becomes sticky. He also makes weird noises constantly and interrupts my learning.

Kyle is the dumbest name. Every Kyle I know is just stupid. He also draws penises on the teachers' cars in the dirt and scratches the paint.

This is the worst name I have ever seen in the history of the world. It's ten times worse than anything Kim Kardashian has named her children. Disgusting.

The Kyle I know is the dumbest kid I've ever met in my life. "Kyle" is a name for stupid people, therefore, it should be number one on this list.

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11 La-quisha

I think it is a nice name for a Spanish singer, but for a child, man, that's just cruel.

12 Rockman

That seems more like a last name than a first name. Like Dave Rockman or Joe Rockman.

13 Shaniqua

My nickname. RIP my nonexistent reputation.

I know somebody who is called this.

14 Abikus
15 Adolf

How tall was Hitler? *salutes* This tall!

Oh, gee, mother, am I related to Hitler?

16 Oink

That basically says that if you name your child Oink, you think your child is a pig, and pigs are fat. Rude parents!

Might as well call your other children Moo, Baa, and Cluck.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Unless your child is a pig.

17 Gaye

Can you imagine meeting people every day and telling them, "I'm Gaye"? Then, after an awkward pause, needing to quickly explain that it is your name and no, you were not being rude and blurting out your sexual preference to a complete stranger. So awkward!

I would think this was a joke, but I actually know a lady with this name.

Gay with an 'e'? Geez, if I had a child and named it Gaye, oh, I can't even imagine.

If you have this name and you're in the eighth grade, it's basically doomsday.

18 Pimplypoop

This name made me fall out of my chair because it was so funny! I feel like the parents who named their kid this should be arrested for child abuse. Also, they should be fined for encouraging bullying of the kid.

I mean, who could take someone named Pimplypoop seriously? If you met someone with that name, you would probably never forget them.

Whoever names their kid this should be arrested for child abuse and reckless endangerment. And maybe for stupidity.

What the fudge? Who the hell names their child Pimplypoop! It obviously says Pimply Poop. These people are getting on my nerves.

19 Airwrecka

It sort of sounds like Erica, but the person wanted to be unique. Honestly, it also sounds like a plane crash to me.

Were people too stupid and misspelled Erica or what?

20 Aimee

Gods, this is a dumb name. Maybe it is good for other people, but for me, it will be the stupidest name I have ever heard.

It's just like 'Amy' but spelled differently. But it looks quite stupid.

What is with all the butchered spellings?

21 Ball

At least take the time to Google some names instead of naming your kid Ball.

Either their parents are mean, or they are just plain stupid.

22 Stupid

By virtue of this name literally being "Stupid," it should be number 1 by default.

This one is kind of self-explanatory.

You really don't know why it's stupid?

23 Wang

Hey! Is this where Rooster Teeth got Yang's name from in RWBY? Or is this her lame sister?

24 Asian

Sorry, this is just racist. Imagine being from Asia, and your name is Asian. That would just be weird.

Calling 'Come here, Asian' will make everyone around you think that you're racist.

Ugh. Might as well call your kid African, Australian, British, or American.

25 Weedledee

"Child's name?"
"School isn't a joke, what's her name?"
"Weedledee! Are you deaf?"
"Her name is Weedledee?"
"It's a girl."
"Oh, Weedledee isn't human, right?"
"She's my daughter."

I fell down and broke something when I saw this name. I'm not kidding. I can guarantee you that I will never meet anyone with this name.

Sounds like if the Pokémon Weedle and Tweedle-Dee from Alice in Wonderland had an encounter.

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