Top 10 Types of People Who Deserve to Be Hated the Most

There are many good people in the world, and there are also many awful people. Here's a list of people and things that deserve to be hated.

Note: Please don’t submit items of other people’s race, sexuality, or anything that would be discriminatory to submit.
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1 Dictators

A dictator is someone who's single-handedly in charge of a country. That doesn't mean all dictators are bad people, some do more good than bad, such as Qaboos Bin Said of Oman, or Muamar Gadaffi of Libya. There are still terrible dictators like Hitler, Stalin and Pot, and most are bad, but a "dictator" in the general sense does not equal #1 on this list and being worse than pedos, nazis, terrorists, etc.

I would personally say that Stalin was worst than Hitler, except we didn't hate him as much since at least he was our allie.

2 Serial Killers

I've heard that there's a saying that you will walk by at least 3 serial killers in your life. However, I'm grateful for the fact that advanced technology and cameras make it difficult for serial killings to occur today.

Serial Killers are interesting. Some are just pure evil. Others have something wrong with them or they had something happen to them at a young age. Regardless both are wrong.

Serial Killers are people who kill lots of people over along period of time. They're some of the most terrible people!

3 Rapists
4 Terrorists

Terrorists kill innocent people for no reason. They are responsible for millions of deaths. Examples of terrorists are KKK, Al-Queda, Irish Republican Army, ISIS, etc.

Osama almost killed almost 3,000 people in one attack. He deserves to be hated.

Terrorist are incredibly evil. They kill innocent people for what?

5 Pedophiles

Here is a hot take: I don't think pedophiles are necessarily bad people. There are quite a few people in the world which are pedophiles but never sexually harass kids since they know it is bad thing. It's when they do sexually harass children that they are horrible people.

Regardless of them being mentally ill, they have no reason to sexually assault people. They are every kids' nightmare and they are one of the most disgusting people to exist

Anyone see the Cuties film trailer for Netflix? Yeah I think we all know what I'm thinking right now.

6 Nazis

Nazis are one of the most heartless murderers in history. They deserve their hate because they are responsible for the deaths of millions of people. Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, etc are examples of Nazis. They're the worst form of fascists

Responsible for one of the most deadly wars and one of the most evil genocides in history.

The least amount said about these terrorists the better.

7 Murderers

Murderers are people that kill innocent people for no reason. These types of people are absolutely dangerous!

Um some murder for good reasons, but the majority of murderers are bad.

8 Racists

We should all be treated as equals, I don't get why you would hate someone for having a different background to you. What did they ever do to you?

Actual racist are evil. The term racist has been used too much recently. People use it to mean something it doesn't now.

And the worst part is that a racist person is the president right now.

Edit: Not for long though!

9 Sloth Haters
10 Abusive Parents

Why did they ever got pregnant when they all they do is abusing their children? I get some kids are annoying but some parents even kill their children which is totally messed up. Just don't get kids if you can't raise them

Why would you have kids if you're going to hurt them physically and mentally?

Can parents be abusive even if they give you everything? Please answer me!

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11 Fascists

Fascists are people that are far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized people. Engelbert Dollfuss, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, etc. They're absolutely sick people.

Fascists can also be far-left, authoritarian, intolerant of any dissenting view, prone to violence. Describes today's ANTIFA group.

Fascists are evil dictators. Ultra far right.

12 Cannibals

How tf is this behind a religion, and a civil rights organization.

13 Communists
14 Black Lives Matter

Look, I am going to start off and just say, I AM A WHITE BOY! Ok. So, I know a LOT of people are gonna be like, "YOU SAID WHAT! THAT MAKES YOU A RACIST B!TCH!' Well, I'm not. I believe that back people deserve as much rights as white people. But the way they are going about with the BLM is very absurd! I think that someone has to have the bigger d!ck and say, "Give us some freedom!" or something because the ONLY thing they all are doing, is starting another civil war. They will divide America to the point of breaking. Now, I will also say that I am not delusional. I know a lot of what's happening in the world. COVID is truely a "cover story" for everything that is happening.
Now, this part may bore you a bit but I feel you all should now. The last time someone raided our Capital, was when the British BURNED IT DOWN! THAT, is the level of immaturity that we are at and frankly, it's sad.
I wanted to live a life in which I thought I wouldn't have to maybe be shipped to fight against a county I wanted to never see divided! Me typing this saddens me because, I am only 13. I know that sounds all dandy and everything, but my future is looking like fighting in a possible war. I don't want life to come to that. I want to be married and have children and have a normal life. But if we don't start thinking, my generation, among other elder generations, will have to fight for freedom.
I truly just wanted a normal life where I don't get shot and die in the name of war. Please, whom ever reads this, share this message. Tell everyone that bad things will happen if we do not stop, we may lose MORE than we have already lost. That count if 500,000 Americans ALONE have passed due to COVID, and many more due to violence.
So, please, help to stop hate in the world, do not spread it. Just remember if you do spread this message, or even if you don't, remember, "With man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible." ~Jesus Christ.
If you have read to the end,... more

15 Antifa

Geez, their latest attack was on innocent people eating dinner in a restaurant. They forced everyone in the restaurant to bow their heads, and raise their fist in solidarity, or face a vicious beating from a mob. They are a completely Fascist organization.

Antifa is a terrible organization who attacks people who disagree with them.

16 Kidnappers

Kidnappers are people who take someone away against their will. No explanation needed

Do I have to explain this? They are very horrible.

17 Social Justice Warriors
18 Rioters
19 Neo-Nazis
20 Exploitative Capitalists
21 Serial Rapists
22 Antisemites
23 Anarchists
24 Zoophiles

Zoophiles are people who want to have sex with animals. They're absolutely disgraceful people!

They're people who want to have sex with animals, like what?

25 Incests

I'm not defending incest but in many remote communities incest is common because people don't know better and there are so few people to meet anyway.

These types of people are horrible people in general. They have sexual relationships with their own family members. Obviously disgusting.

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