Best Playstation 3 Downloadable Games

The Top Ten
1 Super Stardust HD
2 PixelJunk Monsters

A very excellent tower defense game, especially fun when played with two players.

3 Journey
4 Flower
5 PixelJunk Shooter
6 PixelJunk Eden
7 Super Rub 'a' Dub
8 Pain
9 PixelJunk Racers
10 Wipeout HD
The Contenders
11 flOw
12 Dead Nation
13 Shovel Knight
14 Limbo
15 Everyday Shooter
16 Battlefield 1943

If you like FPS games but don't care for the complexity of today's premium titles, or even if you'd just like to have an engaging, addictive network gaming experience without having to spend much money, Battlefield 1943 is an awesome choice.

The game has no campaign mode, so every experience is different from the last. Players are placed on the Japanese or American side in one of three arenas: Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, or Wake Island. There are three classes of soldier to choose from, each with its own set of weapons, advantages, and disadvantages. There are plenty of details I don't have time to get into, including the air superiority game, the different vehicles one can control, the multitude of tactics one can employ, private matches, and other stuff.

It's a great game with an excellent replayability factor, and it costs $15. Definitely worth checking out!

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