Best Features of the PlayStation 3

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1 FREE online gaming

I have to say ps3 has better graphics and is a better system than x-box360 and has better online because you don't have to pay who ever thinks x-box is a better system sucks

I like online gaming, it sounds weird that I have to pay for online gaming while I bought the system myself!

yeah I feel sorry for all those 360 fanboys who have to pay for online and it only lasts like 1 year

FREE gaming.. Online... Epic! The blue ray!, its OBVIOUS that the ps3 is the best console of all time

2 Exclusive Titles

uncharted 2 is actualy better than mgs4 it has over 100 game of year awards and has a gameranking score of 96.49 while mgs4 has about 94 anyway i wanted to say that ps3 has the most best exclusive titles after n64

I think the Exclusives are the best things about buying a PS3.. If there the xbox had the Uncharted then I would have gone for that console.

Metal Gear Solid 4, Resistance 1&2, Ratchet and Clank Future: ToD, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword...

don't forget killzone 2 and god of war 3... its taking console of the year again

3 Blu-Ray

The only reason a bought a PS3 was for the Blu-Ray Player. The PS3 is still awesome, but I still love the Blu-Ray feature the most.

4 You Can Play The Best Game Ever MGS 4

The Only Reason Why I Bought A PS3, Without MGS 4 PS3 Would Suck So Much, But They Lucky That They Have This Greatness Of Gaming Perfection

It is really very bad and I don t like this game

5 Bluetooth Compatibility
6 Internet Browser
7 Graphic Potential

The PlayStation could be so much better if more games get made on PlayStation, instead of being port over from Xbox.

the ps3 has only tapped into about 25 of its total graphic potential.

8 PSP Connectivity
9 Playstation Home
10 Help with Cancer Research (Folding@home)
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11 The Best Exclusives

xbox has halo ps3 has so many you can't even count

12 XMB (XrossMediaBar)
13 Trophies
14 The Controller Vibration

It really brings the feel into the game.

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