Hardest Games to Finish on the Playstation 2

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1 Jak II

I have never, in my life, been able to beat this game without using cheats or exploits. For 10 grueling years I have been stuck in a cycle of playing this game, getting stuck, and then throwing it to the wayside for a couple of years only to pick it back up and get only ever so slightly further before I get stuck again. The day that I finally conquer this game will be the day that I find inner piece, align my chakras, open my third eye, and become one with the cosmos of tranquility. Oh, and there's also Hero Mode :/.

I played the first episode which was pretty easy and right to the second, harder controls, hard missions right from the start, even when you are not at the mission you must not bump to the police because they are gonna to kill you and you have to wait until they stop, also it has lack of checkpoints and those metal heads are so powerful and hard to kill

With very hard missions from beginning to end this game is too difficult for words. Not just the most difficult Jak game but easily one of the hardest ps2 games ever made.

This game broke many PS2 controllers around the world for its ball-busting difficulty. And people said Ratchet and Clank 2 was hard. This game will break those people

2 Devil May Cry 3

ARE YOU KIDDING! The game that should be number 1 on this damn list should be Jak II. That game will kick your ass from start to finish.

Hardest Ps2 game I've played. It requires you getting a lot of orbs, & using them to power up, enhance, & purchase holy waters, vital stars, Devil stars, etc.

This should be at number one, I usually am not one to tell other people their opinions are invalid or that sort of thing, but realistically if you say anything other than this game you are wrong, the people on this site are ridiculous not to vote DMC3

This needs to be higher this is the only game that had to be realeased twice! The second versoin was way easier just come on this needs to be number one!

3 Resident Evil 4

Tell me about it. Pro difficulty sucks to try to beat.

4 God of War

Have to disagree with most of the comments here...Any scrub can beat this game on easy. However on God difficulty, you are a walking glass cannon...Basically what I'm saying is without a solid health upgrade, almost any enemy one shot kills you. A true test of patience and a respectable game for gamers looking for a challenge. Also, as the top comment says, the moment after you beat Ares, prepare for the hardest section in the history of gaming (God difficulty). Very underrated, God mode easily takes it place among with the likes of Soulsborne games

God mode will eat you alive. Especially the last level where there are clones of kratos. IMPOSSIBLE

It is not so hard, play like you are just in a game. I completed this game (god of war1&god of war2) by ungal nanban illaya thalapathi vicky.

Lol... Only losers find this game tough... It maximum takes 12 hours to complete it. It's super easy though. THE TWO THRONES got the better of me I must say. But this is child's play though

5 Black

The last mission (in black ops dificulty) it's just impossible... quite long, the enemies with shields are immortals and they keep come from somewhere I didn't find yet...

Easy = meh
Normal = Reasonably easy
Hard = Barely Manageable
Black Ops = No med packs!?

6 Gran Turismo 4
7 Shinobi

Pretty difficult game overall, requires that you restart the entire level upon death, has an interesting tate system that deals with the amount of enemies you have slain in a row in a given amount of time, thus increasing your swords damage. One shotting bosses, getting triple SSS, all fun but pretty hard to master. Was never able to beat the last boss, recently started a play through a few years ago, one day I might finish him who knows.

Getting S Rank on the final level on hardest difficulty is a struggle for the ages.

8 God of War 2

Really hard game

9 Final Fantasy 12

Boy this game was a challenge but the Story is like Star Wars directed by Stanley Kubrick.

10 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

This is pretty good.

Not hard at all

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11 Time Splitters
12 Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
13 Kingdom Hearts 2

I've finished this at least 10 times.

Kingdom hearts 2 it's my favorite game of all time, but if I have to say one thing that I don't like is that its too easy :/, even in proud mode

14 Need for Speed Carbon

You are joking, right?

I beat in a week

15 God Hand

God Hand is such a nice adventures and a very difficult game and should have topped this list, this is even more harder than god of war and god of war 2 and many others also and even this is the Hardest game I have ever seen, even my friends used to tell me that about how many times they had fought the boss but were still unable to defeat them. You people should also play it first and then rank it, after playing this game even you people will also think that this is the most difficult game of ps2.

Even on easy a very hard game but not for the right reasons. You got the infamous Capcom fixed camera which does not do well in this sort of game. Combine that with not quite polished controls and what should be an amazingly fun game to play (yes I realize there is a lot of strategy in upgrading and knowing which move set to use. That isn't the problem) and it just turns into frustration and a slog to try to get through

This game is brutal. Even on normal mode it is much more difficult than god of war 1 and 2 on god and titan mode.

God hand is very adventures game and also hard game I have had ever seen

16 Fatal Frame 2
17 Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
18 Prince of Persia 2 Warrior Within
19 Devil May Cry

Relentless bosses and a small health gauge make for a difficult experience.

20 Guitar Hero 2
21 Maximo: Ghosts to Glory

A tough game right from the very start. much like the other games in the Ghosts an Goblins series you only get hit twice in the whole game and to make matters worse enemies can flood the screen at any moment.

It's hard and unforgiving like it's grandad ghosts and goblins, but there's a lot of fun to be had

22 Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando
23 Alone in the Dark
24 Twisted Metal: Black

Not the hardest game in the world but frustrating due to the fact AI seemingly never attack eachother. Making the deathmatch tournament name a little stupid considering I have had 2 enemies sit and wait for me and the most damage one did was maybe a missiles worth. Overall the bosses are ridiculously simple and easy.

25 Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Not hard at all

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