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The new "Cell" processor, Blu-Ray disc compatibility, a co-developed Nvidia graphics processor, 128-bit pixel precision, and 1080p resolution - The Playstation 3 is arguably the greatest gaming machine on the planet. But what is a console without the games. Here is a list of the best games available for the Playstation 3.
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1 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

This was the first game I bought for my PS3 along with COD4 and man did it blow my mind. Every part of the game is so special, fun, and wonderfully crafted. The story is complete gold, the characters are wonderfully voice acted and unpredictable and the graphics are just beautiful. This game alone defeats Xbox's whole library of exclusives (Halo is overrated and trash now). Yes I did play Uncharted 3 and I liked it but nearly as close as I liked Among Thieves.

Best of the series I have played. Great game and I thought it should have been number one. If I could have changed one thing in the game I would have made it longer and fixed minor glitches that I found. I have played it over 10 times and beat it each time. Played it until I got all trophies. I keep playing multiplier and will not stop ether. I thought it was AWESOME. That is all.

This should be ranked #1

Uncharted 2 Among Theives is not only a game, it's a whole new experience. I've played every Uncharted game so far, and LOVED every one of them. Among Theives is the best PlayStation 3 game tied with Uncharted 3. Both games are more than just AMAZING. 10/10 for every Uncharted game, well done Naughty Dog!

Uncharted should beat Call of Duty for number one because the story is so much better and the gameplay mechanics are great, and the multiplayer is just as good if not better because there are fewer underage kids, and more mature people!

2 Metal Gear Solid 4

I had a really hard time with this list as there are games on this list I think are better E.G. cOD4, Arkham asylum, Bioshock, Orange Box etc but I feel these are not PS3 games and rather console ports but MGS4 is a PS3 game through and through.

There really is no other game like it and you would be hard pressed to find another game this big budget with as much care and soul behind it as this. Sure there are flaws, massive flaws, the hours of redundant, non sensical dialogue and cutscenes relied on to tell the story, the awkward control scheme, the sometimes out of place and ineffective comedy and action set pieces but all that pales in comparison to just how original, complex and heartfelt this game is.

Almost no game is flawless, especially this one but all you have to do is remember the shadow moses mission, the microwave hallway, the final battle, the entire epilogue and all those flaws seem obsolete. This game is just on another level to most games.

It has one of the best story lines I've ever seen, the gameplay is great, the entire metal gear soundtrack in your in game iPod, challenges you to unlock new titles and it's vast array of weapons you can choose from. I learned all my info of weapons from this game. the fact that the characters know they are in a console game makes it funny and I like how the codec can change according to your situation. Metal Gear Solid 4 definitely deserves it's place in the top 3. my only wish left is for it to be no. 1.

This is the franchise that got me into gaming properly, way back on ps1 with the original. And this is the last of that characters life. Anyone who has followed the story of solid snake will no doubt rate this as one of the best games ever developed. A truly cinematic experience that you will never forget, amazing gameplay, challenging if you want but with about 8 difficulty levels, there really is something for everyone. A truly fitting tribute to the legend that is solid snake.

This is a game, that's good in about anything
Though the graphics where kinda outdated when released, this was to make the game to what it is now
You can't compare this with any other game and it is original, it has a great story,...
Is there anything bad about it?
You must love the long story and the genre and its advised to do a bit of a background check on it to understand everything, but are those really downsides?
I would say not

3 Grand Theft Auto IV

This game is a disaster when you use weapons.
It should be in number 1, and assassin's creed...
I think shouldn't even be on the list at all.
This game is so fun when you pass so many missions
In this game. It gets so much more intense when you pass a lot of mission. This isn't specified in the booklet of
Grand theft auto 4

This game is one of the best games I have ever seen. There is so many things to do. The great thing is that you can go in any building. And if you play with a story line it's still amazing. I really like it because its not all about on character. I would recommend this game to every body!

Story line was ok graphiics were like a cartoon, and the driving ( for a driving game ) was rubbish played once and got rid of it awful, should have had the driving experience from burnout paradise along with a few stunts mixed with GTA4 would have made the game great.

Grand Theft Auto 4? Number 1? You're the one who must be joking, Grand Theft Auto 4 is one of the most boring games ever, at least in Call of Duty there are checkpoints in missions, and you don't have to double tap the "sprint" button just to run.

4 The Last of Us

Okay this is where I draw my line. The last of us on the number 43 are you out of your mind. Its should have been on the number 1 spot not Call of Duty modern warfare. This game is a masterpiece and you dare to drop it all the way down to number 43 you must be stoned. The best gameplay for shooters stealth action/adventure. The best story I've ever seen in a game with some true emotions I would say movie quality. The best characters ever in a game. And the best fitting soundtrack that there has ever been in a game and you put it on spot 43 the guy who made this list really doesn't deserve to criticise games since he clearly is not a gamer. You can agree or disagree with me.

What is happening... How could this be number 21? I'm pretty sure this game was also number 21 on a list that was for best games... of all time. This is probably my favourite game of all time. A lot of people bought ps3's just so that they could get this game. Every single person I've talked to and every review I've read has also said that it was an AMAZING game. The Last of Us literally changed my life.

It's best game on ps3 in 2013! Story is powerful! It costs a worth it amount of money. And... And... (looks it up) There are some weapons, stories in notes, top 10 game in my and 10 thousand people's book.
It's a game where the make the scene beautiful and better than The Walking Dead. I laughed (at pun books in the game. SPOILERS) I cried (for deaths duhh) and I wished there is a sequel. Please can this at least be in the top 10.

Without exaggeration, this is my favorite game of all time. This should be much higher considering it is just as entertaining, if not more, than those above it and it manages to do something none of them have accomplished by going above and beyond just the T.V. screen and addressing the topic of the human condition.

5 God of War III

The best action/adventure game ever even though it is an adult game it is still one of the finest and if you have seen this games graphics your jaws wold drop and the story is equally amazing, this should at least be there in the top 5.

I agree it is not a number 1 type game but still being such a big and successful franchise, I think it deserves it..

It is truly one of the best exclusive games for the PS3

If you own a PS3, God of War 3 is a must play for you. Period. It is one of the actually good exclusives that we PS3 get, and compared to the X-Boxes exclusives like Halo and Gears of War, which are both just about kill the bad guys type of games, this game actually has a story to it, kill Zeus for revenge and kill anybody who gets in the way.

You Must Play God of war3. There is so much fun. Awesome storyline. Awesome and non stop Combat. Better then God of war 1 and 2. Deaths of creatures like centaurs, snake women etc is fantabulas and the death of Poseidon was excellent no words to that

I've always loved this game. It's a real treat for people who love Greek mythology and blood and other things. But not everyone likes that so I think it should at least be in the top 3.

6 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Best PS3 game and one of the best games ever. The storyline is amazing and realistic, unlike certain games. The gameplay, while not as good as MW2 or MW3, is great. The graphics are very good. The characters are the best about the game. You really get attached to them. When Gaz died, I never got over it. When I thought Price was dead, I cried. The soundtrack is outstanding. This is probably the best Call of Duty game in my opinion, and possibly the best PS3 game.

1 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
3 The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
4 Assassin's Creed 3
5 Assassin's Creed 2
6 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
7 Call of Duty: World At War
8 Batman: Arkham Origins
9 Call of Duty: 3
10 The Last of Us (reason for it being so low is that I just got it and haven't taken it all in yet)

Great game, awesome storyline. The graphics are great and the story is impeccable. The ending says it all, but the campaign was a little short, still it deserves to be the best... But assassins creed 2 deserves to be in top 5, and it is at 13 or 14, which is rather absurd...

I always look at a game, and rate it on the replayability. How much fun one has, to start at the beginning and replay it. This game has it, I love to starting from the very first and playing it over and over. Plus the multi player games are awesome!

Wow. What a fantastic game. The gameplay and graphics are excellent as are the weapons. I've never had more fun and actually felt like I was inside the game. My only gripe was I finshed it too quickly. Oh well, I guess I will start playing online now!

7 Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Why watch a movie when you can play one? That is what I asked myself as I played this game. The epic set-pieces one would usually only find in Hollywood, and the ability to take the reigns during the epic adventure. Not only that, but with the incredible setting, with a soundtrack that matches it perfectly, the levels of immersion are off the charts. The characters are as awesome as ever, with increasingly better writing, as well as new characters that fit in with the story. All in all, Uncharted 3 is not only my favorite of the PS3 Uncharted games, but my favorite game on PS3 period.

Uncharted is the best game of video games. He is a combination of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft together with treasure hunting, fighting and combat skills, language learner, and always trying to stop evil guys from greed and power! BEST GAME EVER MADE. He is the better version of Nathan Drake. I rated it as a 10/10. I wish I was him in real life. BEST CHARACTER MADE!

BEST GAME EVER SHOULD BE #1. The graphics are fantastic and the story is the best, better than some movies. A 10/10. It was the sequel to uncharted 2 which was one of the best but it turned out to be better, but shorter, anyone who believes that uncharted 2 was better because it was longer is a dumbass, uncharted 2 was 12 hours uncharted 3 was 9 or 10 big difference.

Uncharted 1 was alright. Uncharted 2 was better, but honestly didn't live up to my expectations. Uncharted 3, it was everything I expected Uncharted to be, I'll never forget the start, my god that was legendary.

8 Red Dead Redemption

Absolutely stunning video game which stays with me to this day; a year after I played this game. The world is so amazing, the story is so well-crafted and sad, the gameplay is so fun, and the characters so memorable that this game is just the best game I've ever played. No game has ever had such an impact on me, and I've never fallen in love with a game as I did with Red Dead Redemption. This is the greatest game I've ever played.

I concur with what has been written in the description bit of the vote.

It's without a doubt, one of the best games to have ever made it into the world of consoles. It's level of immersion is unbelievable!

An amazing open world game. No other western movie, T.V. show, game can stack up to this. Believe me, the tale of John Marston is ground breaking in every way possible.

This game made me emotional. The story was great, and it was overall an amazing game. It's one of my favorites, and I like it just a little bit more than The Last of Us.

9 Grand Theft Auto V

A featuring game of rockstargames.
LOS SANTOS : a sprawling metropolis full of self-help gurus, starlets and fading celebrities struggling to stay afloat in an era of economic uncertainty and cheap cable T.V..
Amidst the turmoli, three very different criminals risk everything in a series of daring and dangerous heists that could set them up for life.

This game is combined with 3 characters called Trevor, Michael and Franklin this game includes heist, prostitution and many other things Grand Theft Auto 5 has had a huge success and will forever be until the next generation arrives.

By far, one of the finest game I have played till now. Totally blows your mind... You might not know how your hours of time passed away and still you're hooked up with it... And also stunning gameplay and graphics.
Really an Outstanding Game.

Yes this game just came out and yes it is worth the hype. The game is huge, beautiful, and just wonderful. The three main characters are great and the heists are one of a kind. For 60 bucks, you can't do much better.

10 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

First ever call of duty game I fell in love with. Also the first game I played on the Play Station ever since it came out. Still loving in 2013! I am shocked that this isn't number one. The characters are amazing, the guns, the maps, the gameplay. What is there not to love about this game?

Most of the call of duty have highlighted this list- the map packs here are amazing. The story mode is so clever and intense, you fall straight through. Played this 10 times, and online never ceases to bored you - but please, get rid of HACKERS!

Best game because nobody expected roach to die. I don't think Ghost is dead because Shepherd only shot him in the shoulder and never directly got gasoline poured on him. Last but not least Shepherd didn't pay Ghost no mind when he shot him.

My personal favorite Call of Duty game. The story is simply amazing, the graphics and frame rate are wonderful, and the multiplayer is addicting. Although Modern Warfare 1 is a fantastic game, it still isn't even close to Modern Warfare 2.

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11 Assassin's Creed II

How is this lower than Assassins Creed 1? Sure AC1 was a overall better stealth game, but Assassins Creed 2 was a million times better. The gameplay was improved, there were way more interesting characters, the story was long and enjoyable. Altair in the original felt stale and bland, you can actaully relate to Ezio and how he develops as a character. I honestly do not care if this game is 1st, I just want it to be higher then AC1. Yeah but now focusing on the main topic this game is my favourite game because I had a lot of memories playing this amazing game. I am also a huge fan of history, conspiracy theories, sci-fi which AC2 seems to blend the three well.

Assassins Creed 2. The first game I platinumed, and for a good reason. I spent almost $300 importing this game when I first saw its reveal and boy was I excited. The game is unexplainable in it's mystery and its grip on you is unbearably strong which will leave you cursing when you finish the game, because its that good.
I have never felt about any game the way I feel about AC2. I have my own gaming blog and had 12 other games yet to play, but leave it to AC2 to distract me. I am a hardcore gamer with 50 platinum trophies but AC2 is personally my favourite trophy of all time. I literally love this game. Animations were realistic from cimbing to running everything was as smooth as real life. Why on earth isn't this higher? I almost believed it was real and that's saying something. For the sake of it, don't just vote for AC2 because it's the greatest game of all time or has the greatest character of all time, vote for it because anything that has Leonardo Davinci in it is a ...more

Addicted after first time playing. Many twists to existing historical facts, almost limitless possiblities, and great storyline. What really is the truth, what actually happened, or what we've been told happened? Have all in series so far, with Assassin's Creed I on pre-order. Can't wait.

Using stealth to kill sneaking up on our foes and stabbing them with a blade, game just can't get better than that!

12 LittleBigPlanet

I love playing this at my friend's house, it's the only game that would make me buy a ps3! Steven Fry (I think that's his name) is in it! The things I like doing most is slamming my friend in the face with a frying pan and trying to destroy him with a gigantic banana!

This game lets you be as creative as you want and the levels are really fun to play too. The second LBP has worse levels, but better objects and whatever to build and customize with. And yes, I love the English accented narrator.

Ugh, I wanted to infamous then I saw this. I have so many memories playing this game, FUN! Just awesome please vote for this of course. If you don't want this then play it and you'll see why I made I voted for this.

This is the best game EVER! It's the first game in history that you can actually create your own level... YOU are the creator of the game. So, how can no one posted a comment yet?!

13 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

The best in 2007 the story
A 400-year-old clue in sir Francis drake's coffin sets modern-day fortune Hunter Nathan drake on an exploration for the
Fabled treasure of EI dorado.
But stranded on a forgotten island in the pacific ocean, nathan nathan 's search turns deadly. Huanted by mercenaries, outnumbered and outgunned, Nathan and his companions must fight to survive as they begin to unravel the terrible secret of the mysterious island.

Jaw-dropping graphics (with an HDMI cable obviously), amazing game play, hilarious yet lovable characters, very challenging at certain points, and wrapped all together with a story that is more shamelessly copied off for Indiana Jones than anything I can think of.

In what world... Having played this I can only say that it is extremely disappointing and is one of the most overrated games ever. Uncharted 2 I can respect but not this. The game consists entirely of shooting.

The whole uncharted franchise are the best action/adventure games out there. They are all just like movies as they have brilliant plots and characters!

14 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

For me, Skyrim is the best game ever. Oblivion was incredible but Skyrim is outstanding, I've played it almost 2 years, and it's quite funny and random in some parts, every time I restart I change to a different character, it varies the game play so much you can become better at archery if you are a wood elf, or better at 2-handed weapons if a nord. There is always something different to do and something new to explore. I love it. Can't wait the The Elder Scrolls Online

Personally I think that the open world can get really boring and that the side quests are really uncreative but overall it's a good time. The game does have long loading times though (better than 360). I do think though that the game is overrated and can get really uninteresting (characters, gameplay, etc.).

This game is never ending. There are so many side quest. There are quests that match to your level and places where you have been. This game is harder then oblivion. This game has a lot of glitches, but still fun.

Only true fans of the PlayStation realize the beauty and effort put into this game. On the eighth day, God created Skyrim, so that the people of Earth could have exciting adventure in the security of their home

15 Call of Duty: Black Ops

When I first started playing black ops, all I ever liked was zombies! But when I started to play online, I was on it every single day! One of the best fps games ever! Great graphics, great campain, great multiplayer, and extreamly addicting zombies! Like it says on the back of the game "black ops is the ultimate entertainment package" Should be number 1!

Absolutely love this game, I never get bored of this game, also, great story line. And I'm not to good at multiplayer so I just play zombies mostly, I mainly do co ops on zombies and team up with buddy's.

Best game in the world! Can't wait for black ops 2 or Iron Wolf. Black ops is so much fun, the best and most addictive first person shooter and from any other genre game I have ever played!

Fantastic game!
The story mode with "Mason" is amazing!
The online play is incredibly addicting, can't stop playing it.
And Nazi Zombies! Endless hours of fun, gotta love it. BO all the way

16 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The most amazing game ever! It never ever gets boring because the game is so huge and there's always something new to do, especially with the expansion packs, beautiful scenery and intense action, this game was the start of my obsession with rpgs, everyone should buy it

COD4? Really? Shooting a gun for 20 hours is the best game? What the hell? Oblivion has different kinds of weapons, and a thing called a "story", it's for people with at least the IQ of a 5-year-old.

If you look up pure awesomeness you see this game. Great weapons, leveling, storyline, everything you expect from the elder scrolls series.

I liked the story of the game also the monsters were very detailed. The amount of contents was unbelievable. The charcters were really cool.

17 Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is just awesome. I got it a couple weeks ago from Gamestop for only $5.The open world is extremely interesting and while the graphics can be ugly, they can be simply breath taking. The V.A.T.S system is awesome and the gameplay is hard and rewarding.

The game of the year edition allows an expansion of the game play to maximize a game that shoild always be part of a true gamers shelf. Why is this game treated so poorly in the polls.

Needs to be in the top 10 at least. With over hundreds of hours of gameplay, fallout 3 is one of the greatest games ever made

So many hours are clocked in this game and I'm still yet to finish it.

18 Mortal Kombat (2011)

Absolutely brilliant game. I spent ages on it, trying to complete the trophies, story mode on the hardest difficulty, the challenge tower and the online is brilliant.

One of the best games of the 2010's. Superb fighting Action!

Best game ever! Why so low? Should be in the Top 5!

By far the best PS3 game ever! Fantastic graphics, awesome fatalities and story line. MK rules!

19 Resistance: Fall Of Man

Resistance is just a perfect game if you have just bought a ps3 it shows of every feature of the console. Graphics, AI and brilliant gameplay. It is a cross beetween Doom and call of duty. It contains the best arsenal of weapons yet to hit ps3, and some of the best looking enimies (if you can call them that)

I own a copy


Can you name another game with flamethrowers, mutant humanoids, angels, giant spiders, rocket launchers, tanks, magic grenades and twenty foot long miniguns in it, no, you can't.

THIS IS BEST. I have finished it two times. Its even better to play the second time with new guns. This is it you don't have to buy anything else. I once killed five people with a sniper in a row this is EEPIIC

I beat iit in 2 days. This game is so good. It's an exciting shooting, good story, and very VERY good details. basically this game OWNS!

20 Killzone 2

Over rated game with crappy Halo-like online play. I love shooting someone 300 times just to get them to drop.

Is a great game it has good graphics it feels like I'm killing a real man

Love this game, great online, great story, great killing people, this answers Halo xbox 360

21 Infamous 2

InFamous 2 took everything good about the first InFamous and dialed it up to 11. The parkour is more fun, the power-ups are more satisfying, and the gameplay and story are both much more refined. Plus, the characters of Nix and Kuo make for a really interesting dynamic.
It took an already-fantastic game and made it better.

A great exclusive and is INSANELY fun. Invite some friends and have a great time. Just play this game, the powers and the gameplay are just awesome.

Great gameplay, improved on the previous game in every way and the story and plot twists were surprisingly amazing only 2 others games have left me with such a shocked feeling (end of HL2 episode 2 and twist in bioshock) plus it's really 2 games in one due to the karma system. Top game!

One of the best

22 The Walking Dead

Absolutely loved this game! Just finished Season two and can't seem to find Season 3 yet! I'm addicted and loving the storyline and choices as I go. Some times the game startles me and even tugs at my heart strings when forced to make decisions! Must play!

Telltale is an amazing developer for storylines and the Walking Dead is one of the best in this area of story telling.

I was looking for this game I love the T.V. show too (the kid in grade 5) I also play this game I love this telltale serious I play Minecraft story mode too completely different from this lol so much more gory (the walking dead one) I love just about done it I have the second one too can't wait to play that one

I love this game. Get it now

23 Portal 2

I don't think this is just the best PS3 game. I think it is the best game of this console generation.

24 Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time

Arre you kidding me? This is the most fun cartoon style game of all time. I was actually disappointed that I finished the game but I was still content with the epic gameplay, weapons, gadgets and everything. Should be in top 10

I have beaten this game 10 times and still never got bored. That's how amazing this game is.

This series needs more attention.

This game has major replay value!

25 Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix
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