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1 Poverty Poverty

Those homeless people and homeless animals deserve a better home!

Come on get a job your just lazy

Climate Change is more of an issue. If they want money so bad, why don't they just get a job. - Smash64

Climate change is a bigger problem. - Smash64

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2 War and Terrorism War and Terrorism

Countries start wars and people die and more people are in poverty

This Sucks man

Not as big of a deal now Isis is nearly wiped out - Randomator

Nearly? I have the feeling that they are only getting stronger. - Userguy44

Ya we need to change that

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3 Drug Abuse Drug Abuse

Nothing wrong with taking. It's your own choice. Taking alcohol is just as worse and yet its sold everywhere. Taking sugar is also just as harmful and addictive yet it's marketed towards children which could very well be responsible to the high obesity rate in the US. Do your research about drugs, they aren't that harmful. Cheese is responsible for causing heart problems and diabetes, yet you don't see any ads telling you you should avoid eating it.

Who cares! If people wanna kill themselves with drugs, let them. It doesn't affect me. - Smash64

It is bad if you do it you are stooped and sick

Horrible mistake - BorisRule

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4 Animal Abuse

Animals WEREN'T created for torturing and all of the other abusive things that are inflicted on them. Animals are here to comfort us, to be there for us when no one else is, to help us through our hardships, to help us know what an honor it is to be able to enjoy the life that has been given to us, to appreciate the world around us. Instead of abusing and killing animals including wild animals, we should appreciate them and thank god for creating them because without animals this world would not be worth living in. Animals are understanding, kind, gentle, beautiful, and loving creatures. They do what they need to in order to survive just like people do. That's also why we need to stop cutting down the rain forests, killing endangered animals, killing any kind of animal for that matter. Because if animals start going extinct then there will be no home, no world for us to live in because all of the beauty will be gone. So WE ALL NEED TO STOP ABUSING ANIMALS FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD ...more

PETA abuses animals. - Vancedapurpleguy

Why torture an animal that never did anything to?


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5 Climate Change Climate Change

Unfortunately, people think this fake. - Userguy44

Should definitely be on the top. While things like individual countries being unwilling to work for the greater good are important, there isn't any evidence that says our planet isn't dying. In the long run, this is a massive problem.

Let's see, we're dying because of this, and humans aren't doing anything about it. Talk about "top DOOMED species"

We need to fix this catastrophe as soon as possible! - BorisRule

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6 Disease

This is worse than racism, sexism and dabbing. - Userguy44

Especially cancer - Randomator

Diseases are a disaster! - TriggerTrashKid


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7 Racism

This is one of the bad things happening around us, if we do not stop racism, we would have a big problem to our world, I certainly hope that everyone could just please accept people for who they are and what their beliefs are.

This is the saddest reality of world - sissy

Everyone is the same if they aren't hurting, killing, stealing, bullying then there's nothing wrong we all are human.

Really not an issue in America, but as Professor Filthy Frank, PhD in Internet Retardation, said: people think that their opinions matter on the internet.

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8 Population Growth Population Growth

Well in the age of vaccines and better medicine, people are having fewer babies so this should eventually even out, hopefully. - Stalin

Legalise gays across the world - sissy

Thanos wiped out fifty percent of all living creatures

china - Luckys

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9 Pollution

Worst. - TriggerTrashKid

Clean up behind you.

We’re literally killing the earth by doing this - Randomator

If we don't save the enviorment, there will be no drugs to abuse (some drugs are made from plants) we will have to deal with NO population, everyone will be in poverty, and all the other things on this list will get ten times worst. We will all die along with the other living things, and the earth will become uninhabitable. - ToptenPizza

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10 Dabbing Dabbing

As a student in high school, I do not see a problem with Dabbing, since it can prevent bullying. This can prevent bullying because of the phrase, "dab on them haters" (Billy 12). To 'dab on them haters' you must dab when you are being bullied, for the bullies to disperse.

Worst thing is that people still do it

Its not a problem :0

Sometimes when I come home from a hard day of work, my mood already gloomy and bad, all I seek is comfort and peace. But lo and behold, when I cross the street and I turn my head I catch sight of little twelvies dabbing like all they have is this trash dance move that got old real quick. grow up.

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11 Sexism

Very very rude

Unpopular opinion: Extreme feminists are way more sexist than men ever were - Randomator

Sexism is not just being targeted to women, but men too. I have recently watched a social experiment consisting of a woman abusing a man & people just sitting there & laughing, but when the man stood up for himself, the same people previously laughing then got up & started yelling at him for standing up for himself. It sickened me. I do support equal rights for both genders but the feminazis have pushed it to far. They are pretty much a man-hating group at this point. There were videos of a woman accusing a man of sexual harassment because he said "hello". There was also another one of a woman yelling "rape" after a police officer arrested her after she refused to get out of a car. Sexism affects both genders. It must stop.

Extreme feminists in a nutshell. - Userguy44

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12 Murder

Why is dabbing higher than this? - DrayTopTens



uncontrollable issue of the world

13 Unemployment Unemployment

Id know all about that youtube was not nice to me and it took many moons of hard work to reach those high note lets just says I was that guy in the barrel a couple of times too many. go check out my youtube videos please @burtothebestoutube- russel

Very difficult problem, how you live without money - belarbi

I need a jon

14 Liberalism

No not a problem, to what Randomator said - Luckys

At least liberals aren't climate denying moneyholics. - Smash64

Looks like you guys watch too much Fox News... - ----------

"libtards" -Ben shapiro

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15 Feminism

Not all working women will become pregnant.
There is a pay gap you just want women to be lower class.

The Wage Gap is as fake as Kim Kardashian's butt - Maddox121

Extreme feminists are worse than men ever were. Change my mind - Randomator

Depends. Only extreme feminists are bad. - Userguy44

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16 Raping

It's one of the hardest things to have to live with after it happens to you, and knowing that the person who ruined your life is living like nothing happened while you try to figure out how to feel normal again.

Absolutely disgusting

One of the most sickening problems with this world today. It’s sad many people had to experience this sort of thing happen to them. - JoeBoi

Completely sick at the thought of this horrible crime existing in our society. We need to punish those who do this for them to feel the extent of the pain they put their victims through.

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17 Religious Fundamentalists

They are the profound evil of our times

18 Zionism

Zionism? you mean the only country in the whole area with actual democracy? , you mean the one constantly attacked by all neighboring country's and has to constantly defend its citizens and then answer back to all the garbage they get from the media? I'm muslim and I think israel is the only civil country in the middle east.

China Bangla Business Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Yiwu

USrael is the biggest problem on earth

Stealing others homes and killing them? never mind.

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19 Technology

I believe that technology is very helpful in many ways~ it entertains us, makes things more convenient (buying things online), and you are able to get calculations quicker as well as getting some important information from the internet on search engines such as Google.

It changes the way that people think. our kids are addicted to their screens playing murderous video games for hours on end.

It's benefited the World and it scrambled the World! As well - JohnPierre88

20 Severe Income Disparity

Causing homelessness and suffering in the USA while so many shower themselves with unneccessary luxuries. Indulging in a little pleasure is fine and healthy but excess is more the norm even among those who consider themselves righteous. - Billyv

21 Refugees

Refugess should be aloud in the United States, especially if there is a disease or war going on in their country.

Refugees around the world need help.

22 Totalitarianism
23 Violence


Why is dabbing above this?

Can't imagine that people like violence. - Userguy44

24 Global Warming

People don't believe in it, there was this poll on this website asking if you believe in global warming and 24 percent said no and comments were saying how global warming is bs - Luckys

This is affecting the whole world. - Userguy44

It is affect ing the animals

25 Secret Organizations


About what?

Delicious illuminati

I think that is fair

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26 Youth Oppression
27 Political Correctness

Let us not forget 'manspreading' the heinous act of men sitting with their legs slightly open. - Stalin

It needs to die - Randomator


Political correctness is so extreme that it’s taken over society. We can’t say anything without anyone thinking of us as horrible people. In my opinion it’s one of the worst aspects of the world. What’s next, are they going to control the way we think too?

28 Existentialism
29 Cultural Marxism

The gradual process of destroying all traditions, languages, religions, individuality, government, family, law and order in order to re-assemble society in the future as a communist utopia. - StealthRUSH

30 Government Power
31 Globalism

Without the ecosystems we wouldn’t survive period point blank, this should be #1

Globalism is all about protecting the world we live in. If we don't protect it, then why bother with all of those other things. This should be #1, before Climate Change, or Pulverize, because the World, the Earth, the Globe, is the place we live in and should be our main priority.

32 Teen Depression

I mean it will at least help bring population down.


Pretty much wiped out now - Randomator

Wish they would dissapear forever. - Userguy44

ISIS that horrible terrorist group has been terrorising places like Syria. Let's hope ISIS can be defeated

go isis

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34 Obesity

I'm a skinny legend - Luckys

Want an easy solution? Eat healthy and exercise - Randomator

56% of the people of America are obese

But on a positive note, they will die sooner

35 Postmodernism
36 Black Lives Matter

All lives matter - sissy

These people are so racist - Randomator

Nah - Luckys

These people with these shirts clearly don't understand that the black people dying are STUPID! These people dying are pulling guns on cops, and pulling more guns on cops. And that's why these psycho college kids are shooting up you're churches. I DO NOT agree with the murder punks, but it is obvious why they do it, an NOT ALL black people are murderers, but a lot are (I wouldn't say the majority though)! Many people caught in the crossfires are innocent too! This is a GIANT DEAL! - EliHbk

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37 Bad Music

It's not a problem, my gosh. People should be able to listen to what they want. - Luckys

Not a big problem. Why do people act like music is the most important thing ever? Okay I really like music too, but is todays rap and pop music that big of a problem. A good advice that you ignore it and listen to the music you like. Much bigger problems are war, diseases, drunk driving, drugs, extreme feminists, SJWS, terrorism etc. - Userguy44


Video Games Had Better Music

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38 Siblings

It's sad that I don't have siblings - DrayTopTens

Their your best friends

There only useful for shagging

Boo hoo my sister is a world problem! - Userguy44

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39 Teenage Pregnancy

I'm a girl and I'm not pregnant so shut it we aren't that bad

I always have wondered how this can happen. Anyway, this isn't a world problem! - Userguy44

Yeah it’s bad because it leads to abortion which is one of the worst crimes humans can do - Randomator

It's also the fault of the guys that don't wear protection

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40 Wars

No doubt, this should be in the top 5. War kills a lot of people and it destroys some parts of the world. - Userguy44

Soon the whole world will be at war

The economy of the United States needs war to become a "powerhouse" again

41 Pornography

It's great and an amazing stress reliever and contrary to others beliefs it doesn't raise expectations of sex however it can help to educate and make sexual encounters more enjoyable for both parties

No it's a hobby and a great thing and it helps against prostate cancer

Porn makes so many expectations for women..

This distracts so many teenagers today as a form of escape from their daily chores and makes them unproductive. I don't know why people don't categorize this as addiction because it is a big addiction they have.

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42 Stupidity

We need to obliterate stupid people.

43 Gun Control

This is a US problem - Randomator

Who added this? - MrCoolC

44 Facism

your silly

Trump is Honeyspotting the Dumb Ones

45 Mass Shootings

Epic Gamer Moments

46 Drunk Driving

These people have caused thousands of deaths - Randomator

47 Social Justice Warriors

Terrible people - Randomator

48 Earthquakes

Yes, but we can't ask mother nature to stop. - Userguy44

49 North Korea North Korea The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, is a country in Eastern Asia. Its capital is Pyongyang. It is currently ruled by the dictator Kim Jong-Un, after inheriting the title from his father, Kim Jong-Il, who in turn inherited it from his father, Kim Il-Sung. more.

Kim jong un is such a cutie people are just being mean - sissy

North Korea is hella gay...

The government only. - Userguy44

50 Space Space

Space space. Seriously?

What is space space? - Userguy44

End Space Space. Killing billions. Infected ninja with ligma. Dogma nutzzz

Biggest problem in the world. Forget everything in the news. We need to fix this problem.

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