Top Ten Problems In the World Today


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1 War and Terrorism War and Terrorism

This item should be replaced by " War on terrorism" - yatharthb

Politicians are the cause of all the problems. - Ananya

No. Terrorists are. Religious radicals are. Politicians just find a way to make it worse. But they are not the sole instigators of this problem. Get your facts right - ObscuredBeauty

I am scared there is going to be a huge war in our time - B0S5J4M3S

Religions are the cause - Neo7

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2 Drug Abuse Drug Abuse

A VERY terrible problem - Ananya

People are dying from this and it has to stop

Drug abuse is horrible

Drug Abuse, Bullying, Rasicm, Terrorism, Poverty, feminism, and Isis are all major problems. But let's look at the 2 WORST things hurting the world RIGHT NOW:

1. Trump
2. Andi Mack

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3 Poverty Poverty

We can sympathise them, but not empathise. - Ananya

This should me miles higher than drug abuse.

So true

4 Animal Abuse

Animals WEREN'T created for torturing and all of the other abusive things that are inflicted on them. Animals are here to comfort us, to be there for us when no one else is, to help us through our hardships, to help us know what an honor it is to be able to enjoy the life that has been given to us, to appreciate the world around us. Instead of abusing and killing animals including wild animals, we should appreciate them and thank god for creating them because without animals this world would not be worth living in. Animals are understanding, kind, gentle, beautiful, and loving creatures. They do what they need to in order to survive just like people do. That's also why we need to stop cutting down the rain forests, killing endangered animals, killing any kind of animal for that matter. Because if animals start going extinct then there will be no home, no world for us to live in because all of the beauty will be gone. So WE ALL NEED TO STOP ABUSING ANIMALS FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD ...more

I think no one should abuse animals under there anger and issues.

Torture and slaughter of animals is evil, yet no one seems to realize that. It needs to stop. The sooner the better

Animals should never be abused. for the people abusing them you guys should never do that because think of you being the dogs. all those dogs do for people is help them and protect them. these animals are important in life and they are so adorable. my mom owns a dog kennal and we would never abuse animals and we stand up for them and we find them great homes. and once the puppy meets its person it burst out in happieness and just it makes me cry just watching them be so happy after what they have been through. So stand up against animal abuse and choose the right path.

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5 Racism

The word carries less meaning than ever before, and at the same time, the most! - EliHbk

Mostly, the WORD racism! - EliHbk

Really not an issue in America, but as Professor Filthy Frank, PhD in Internet Retardation, said: people think that their opinions matter on the internet.

Racism is horrible!

It is getting better though, Black people used to be wiped for the complexion of there skin! I think enslaving black people, due to there skin complexion, is one of the worst things the human race has done to itself.

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6 Sexism

Sexism is not just being targeted to women, but men too. I have recently watched a social experiment consisting of a woman abusing a man & people just sitting there & laughing, but when the man stood up for himself, the same people previously laughing then got up & started yelling at him for standing up for himself. It sickened me. I do support equal rights for both genders but the feminazis have pushed it to far. They are pretty much a man-hating group at this point. There were videos of a woman accusing a man of sexual harassment because he said "hello". There was also another one of a woman yelling "rape" after a police officer arrested her after she refused to get out of a car. Sexism affects both genders. It must stop.

Sexism isn't just against women. Some feminists are so retarded that it reflects poorly on themselves. It goes both ways just like racism. So when people comment "girls rule" it just sounds retarded. - Merggy

Why are women being up down just because they are female. For a fact I know that females are the same as males they shouldn't be put down for their gender. people always say ohh you wouldn't manage to do that because you're too weak. I know that I am not weak its just loads of people have the audacity to bring one another down.

It is wrong and terrible

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7 Pollution Pollution

If we don't save the enviorment, there will be no drugs to abuse (some drugs are made from plants) we will have to deal with NO population, everyone will be in poverty, and all the other things on this list will get ten times worst. We will all die along with the other living things, and the earth will become uninhabitable. - ToptenPizza

I think the pollution in this world is appalling and it should be acted on fast as it could have an impact on so much stuff. Keep in note when your stuck in traffic turn your engine off! Simple things like that can change this problem! Seriously

I think pollution is a bad thing that people shouldn't do anymore

it is bad

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go isis


9 Population Growth Population Growth

Well, we have enough food. We have more than enough food for all of the people on earth... If we gave the grains we grew to PEOPLE instead of to farm animals. And the water we spent on growing food for farm animals, the water problem would be solved also.

But yes its true, the more people there are, the less of everything else there is! And that's catastrophic! - keycha1n

But the farm animals provide food for us as well. Maybe an even balance? - Satire

This is really the main, and by far the biggest problem in the world today.
Many things like climate change, lack of food, polluted water, and resource depletion would vanish almost overnight.
Even many wars which are about resources would end immediately.
If the earth's population were 2 billion instead of 7 billion, the overwhelming majority of today's issues would not exist.

It's sad but I agree. There are too many people who don't and can't have enough and its detrimental to continue to add to the population so rapidly. Of course, if those who selfishly own so much for themselves or to save so future generations of their family will also be wealthy would just share with those who are here and In need...
He sounds like a socialist or communist or something! - Billyv

The picture says it all to be honest! This world is struggling and no offense to anyone but I don’t see why the main priority in this world is to have loads of children, fine go ahead have loads and loads of children but keep in mind it’s not good for the world.

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10 Unemployment Unemployment

Very difficult problem, how you live without money - belarbi

I need a jon

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11 Climate Change Climate Change

Ok, everything on this list deserves to be here; but in terms of an all encompassing, long term, might destroy the entire human race type of problem, climate change is the worst. Poverty, drug abuse, and war are devastating to individuals, families, and nations, but this could end the world as we know it. Climate change won't kill us all soon, but a few generations from now, our decedents will be cursing the fact that we did nothing.

Should be number 1 no doubt. I'd rather be called a racist/sexist than called someone who doesn't care about the environment. It is so important. People don't realize it. WE NEED TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT AT ALL COSTS FOR OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS AND FOR THE WELL BEING OF THE PLANET! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEADS!

Why don't people realise that this is a huge scam made to tax the life out of people? NONE of the ludicrous predictions have come true, the people behind this have been revealed to be the biggest hypocrites ever and they were also caught tampering data! Also, stuff is being done. That's why funding is being pumped into renewables. - AGK

Soon we will all die - B0S5J4M3S

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12 Feminism

Modern feminism is just a problem now, not a solution

Don't listen to the idiot that said there is a pay gap, the pay gap isn't real and women being "sexualised" is just a stupid thing to say because there is nothing you can do about a man hitting on a women.

Pfft, get over it (jk, don't stab me) - EliHbk

Everyone who is anti-Feminism seems to not understand what it is, and some 3rd wave “feminists” aren’t fighting for the right reasons. There is STILL a gender pay gap, women are STILL sexualised and the problems are only on the rise.

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13 Secret Organizations

Delicious illuminati

I think that is fair

i agree

14 Murder



uncontrollable issue of the world

15 Liberalism

I am part liberal, but some people have just pushed it. All I want is peace across America, which of course is not possible.

Liberalism is the cause of most of the other issues listed on here

16 Globalism

Globalism is all about protecting the world we live in. If we don't protect it, then why bother with all of those other things. This should be #1, before Climate Change, or Pulverize, because the World, the Earth, the Globe, is the place we live in and should be our main priority.

17 Cultural Marxism

The gradual process of destroying all traditions, languages, religions, individuality, government, family, law and order in order to re-assemble society in the future as a communist utopia. - StealthRUSH

18 Refugees

Refugees around the world need help.

19 Severe Income Disparity

Causing homelessness and suffering in the USA while so many shower themselves with unneccessary luxuries. Indulging in a little pleasure is fine and healthy but excess is more the norm even among those who consider themselves righteous. - Billyv

20 Zionism


Me when I read the lord's scripture, nnut

21 Political Correctness


Political correctness is so extreme that it’s taken over society. We can’t say anything without anyone thinking of us as horrible people. In my opinion it’s one of the worst aspects of the world. What’s next, are they going to control the way we think too?

22 Dabbing Dabbing

Really? Dabbing is considered to be on the same tier of problems plaguing our world today as a stupid trend compared to more major issues like war and terrorism and drug abuse? Give me a break, people. Don't get me wrong, I hate dabbing (and how Squidward was ruined by it), but shouldn't we complain about dabbing on a list about trends and not global problems? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Effects teachers effectively with the effect of an effect that effects.

Big world problem

Dabbing sucks

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23 Illegal Immigration
24 Existentialism
25 Government Power
26 Violence
27 Obesity

56% of the people of America are obese

But on a positive note, they will die sooner

28 Pornography

This distracts so many teenagers today as a form of escape from their daily chores and makes them unproductive. I don't know why people don't categorize this as addiction because it is a big addiction they have.

It affects kids of today thinking faculty because what you feed your mind is what exhibit and think about

Porn is amazing!

ya nasty

29 Teen Depression

I mean it will at least help bring population down.

30 Black Lives Matter

These people with these shirts clearly don't understand that the black people dying are STUPID! These people dying are pulling guns on cops, and pulling more guns on cops. And that's why these psycho college kids are shooting up you're churches. I DO NOT agree with the murder punks, but it is obvious why they do it, an NOT ALL black people are murderers, but a lot are (I wouldn't say the majority though)! Many people caught in the crossfires are innocent too! This is a GIANT DEAL! - EliHbk

Yes, They are also Human Beings like us! And Should be Treated like THE REST OF THE PEOPLE AND THE WORLD! - JohnPierre88

Their lives don't matter. If you're gonna bomb nurseries, kill elderly veterans and basically attack people for being white then you deserve to be shot on sight. I'm am so sick and tired of these racist vermin thinking that the entire world owes them and that white people need to give up everything for them. They're nothing but narcissistic SOBs and I'd kill every single one of them if I could - bobbythebrony

Yes they do

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31 Religious Fundamentalists

They are the profound evil of our times

32 Postmodernism
33 Earthquakes
34 Global Warming

It is affect ing the animals

35 Siblings

My sister sucks but she's not a world problem

I agree m8.

thanks m8

36 Totalitarianism
37 Wars

The economy of the United States needs war to become a "powerhouse" again

Soon the whole world will be at war

38 Communism
39 Teenage Pregnancy

i like it

First of all no, they are not sluts

Yes girls stop being sluts

Parents need to teach their daughters to stop being whores

40 Drunk Driving
41 Facism

Trump is Honeyspotting the Dumb Ones

42 Gun Control

Who added this? - MrCoolC

43 Social Justice Warriors
44 Raping

Completely sick at the thought of this horrible crime existing in our society. We need to punish those who do this for them to feel the extent of the pain they put their victims through.

I like it

45 Killing
46 Space Space

Ah yes, space space indeed!

47 Muslim Population Growth

Who the hell put this here? I''m guessing that you think it's because of terrorism? Wow, such dumb people you are. Terrorism doesn't define any muslim at all! Not one single muslim would agree to terrorism! You need to get some facts before you start to say some false things

48 North Korea North Korea The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, is a country in Eastern Asia. Its capital is Pyongyang. It is currently ruled by the dictator Kim Jong-Un, after inheriting the title from his father, Kim Jong-Il, who inherited it from his father, Kim Il-Sung. more.
49 Lack of Discipline
50 Video Game Fanbases
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