Top Ten Easiest Second Languages for English Speakers to Learn

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1 Spanish

I learned to speak and write level 1 to 6 Spanish because the Filipino language has words like puede and basta. Plus, these Spanish people and one of the friendliest in the world, and very religious too!

Really?! Number 1?! Spanish?! Wow. Spanish may be easy for English speakers but it's definitely not the easiest

I actually know how to speak in Spanish.

Not the easiest though

2 Esperanto

Esperanto is easier to learn than other languages, because it is phonetically consistent: when you read something, the prononciation is always clear even if you have never seen the word before - and vice versa: you can write down every word you hear in correct orthography, even if you have never heard it before.
The grammar is strictly logical and allows you to create expressions which others will understand.

The language is dead easy to learn, with simple, straightforward grammar rules. You can reach reasonable fluency within a few months.

Designed to be regular and simple grammar. Nothing could be easier and remain a fully functional language.

Obviously one of the easiest. Either 1st or 2nd

3 Norwegian

Norwegian is easy to learn if you're fluent in English.

4 German

I am learning German and there is like 5 words for everything in English and it's harder than French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish etc. Still tame compared to Asian languages.

I would say German is medium-easy if you exclude the countless idioms that actually make the language trickier than people realize. I say medium because of the cases, sometimes you can straight up forget which case it is if it has minimal clues of which one it is.

This is about as close to English as you can get, so most of the grammar is similar.A lot of people pronounce it extremely roughly, but if you want to do that, go for Dutch.

I have never taken German lessons, but just by seeing it on the internet I've picked up a few words. It's very similar to English in my opinion. Sometimes I can read a sentence in German and know exactly what they are talking about without actually knowing the words.

5 Dutch

Easy because it's 50% English and 50% German.

6 Italian
7 Portuguese

I've known Portuguese since I was born in Portugal. Very easy to learn.

8 French

I have nearly finished learning French, and it is really easy! Try it.

It's by far the nicest language to learn.

Just difficult in sound and grammar.

I learnt French at school & loved it.

9 Swedish

I didn't take much Swedish, but from what I have taken, I know that the sentence structures are the same as English. That alone makes it easier than most languages. If you've taken any German on top of that, it's even easier than if you didn't. Det ar l├Ątt.

10 Hawaiian

Consists of twelve letters, two symbols, short words that means several things and is a part tonal language. Complete lessons exists on YT

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11 Klingon
12 Danish
13 Gaelic
14 Indonesian

Indonesian is a beautiful language, and definitely one that more people should be learning. For an Asian language, it is fairly simple.

15 Chinese
16 Korean
17 Japanese
18 Polish

Polish? What?
I used to say that it's easy and encourage foreigners to learn it, but now that I think about it, it's really hard and the grammar is just random, not logical.

19 Afrikaans
20 Russian
21 Greek
22 Arabic
23 Hebrew

Modern Hebrew is a very simple language, once you become familiar with the alphabet, it is a far less complex and more organized language than English

24 Turkish
25 West Frisian
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