Top Ten Reasons Hamilton is a Horrible Musical

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1 It's overrated

Overrated does not instantly mean bad or horrible. I don't know anything about this musical, but before you write a bashing of it, keep that in mind. - Swellow

It's just a stupid musical! Why do people like it so much? - CharismaticKat

You guys are just stupid haters. Back off!

2 It's boring

No offense but this is a stupid reason. I've listened to certain tracks and have gotten extremely excited and pumped up about the historical events being sung about so uh yeah, "boring" isn't necessarily a valid criticism without an explanation.

Very. - Camaro6

3 Bad plot
4 It's mediocre

There are tons of much better musicals out there than this garbage. - Camaro6

5 This is a musical about a failure

What are you talking about? How is Alexander Hamilton a failure? Sure, he succumbed to an untimely death, however he still managed to establish the nation's first national bank as well as a system that managed to pull the country out of war debt. I mean, the dude is literally on the 10 dollar bill. He's no failure lmao

6 Alexander Hamilton is annoying

Oh my gosh yes - Camaro6

7 The 3 sisters are whiny

Their voices are so irritating. - CharismaticKat

8 The actors suck

No they don't. They're probably better than you at least.

I agree. Also they can't sing to save their own lives. - CharismaticKat

9 Rap songs in the 1800s

When I first heard of Hamilton, I searched it, found a song, and gave it a listen. It was just awful rapping about revolutions. Not to mention it was extremely cheesy. - CharismaticKat

10 The songs are cheesy

Ugh I used to have to warm up in theater camp to this garbage.

Yes - Camaro6

So true.How people like this I don't know.-DarkBoi-X

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11 It's a history lesson gone wrong

Exactly. I bet the director doesn't even know who the real Hamilton was. - CharismaticKat

12 It’s full of cuss words
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