Top Ten Reasons Hamilton is a Horrible Musical

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1 It's overrated

Why the hell did I click on this?!?! These people who hate Hilton are lame.(in my opinion) I’m sorry

Overrated does not instantly mean bad or horrible. I don't know anything about this musical, but before you write a bashing of it, keep that in mind. - Swellow

2 Bad plot

*cough* Man history Sure does have a bad plot *cough* 2/10 *is being sarcastic I love Hamilton*

3 It's boring

No offense but this is a stupid reason. I've listened to certain tracks and have gotten extremely excited and pumped up about the historical events being sung about so uh yeah, "boring" isn't necessarily a valid criticism without an explanation.

Very. - Camaro6

4 It's mediocre

There are tons of much better musicals out there than this garbage. - Camaro6

5 This is a musical about a failure

What are you talking about? How is Alexander Hamilton a failure? Sure, he succumbed to an untimely death, however he still managed to establish the nation's first national bank as well as a system that managed to pull the country out of war debt. I mean, the dude is literally on the 10 dollar bill. He's no failure lmao

6 Alexander Hamilton is annoying

Oh my gosh yes - Camaro6

7 The 3 sisters are whiny
8 The actors suck

No they don't. They're probably better than you at least.

9 Rap songs in the 1800s

No, actually, whoever said the last commen you are mistaken. You must have looked up “Baby” by Justin Bieber because that is the cheesiest song ever, and just listening to one song does not mean you even have a clue what Hamilton is about.

10 The songs are cheesy

Ugh I used to have to warm up in theater camp to this garbage.

Yes - Camaro6

So true.How people like this I don't know.-DarkBoi-X

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11 It’s full of cuss words

Seriously, OP? Grow up. It's hip hop, what did you expect?

12 It's a history lesson gone wrong

Actually, Lin Manuel Miranda who wrote this knows what Hamilton is, who he is, and it’s for the most part, historically accurate. I bet if you didn’t hear/know about the musical, you wouldn’t know 10 things about Hamilton

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