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1 It makes no sense

Its random no plot bring back Flap jack

Exactly it's just a bunch of random crap joint together

Not funny, not even once

It's literally too stupid too have a plot

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2 The characters are very weird and annoying

Definitely uncle grandpa drives you nuts he is so dumb. Plus his voice is annoying too!

I really hate the characters in this show.

Pizza Steve is the Number 1 worst character of all time in this show. There was this one episode where Mr. Gus fakes his death. However, when they are giving out speeches about him, Pizza Steve does NOT say anything about Mr. Gus AT ALL! All he explains is that he NEVER got his ice cream! Really?! That has NOTHING to do with Mr. Gus! Pizza Steve was being a heartless douchebag! - Stazemar000

Pizza Steve's Arrogance Is Worse Than Rainbow Dash

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3 The humor is terrible

Making no sense is okay, as long as it's funny... In this case, it's not funny. - MoldySock

Insulting. Kids are too smart for this nonsense.

I watched 3 episodes and It was horrible no humour at all its like they are trying to be funny but they are just stupid.

Wait, there's humor involved? - Pony

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4 It's very unreal

How does realism make anything better?

5 The stories in the episode are not creative

I mean, LOOK AT LEG WRESTLER! What Uncle Grandpa and Mr. Gus do in that episode is use their feet as hands.

6 They're still making new episodes of it

Cartoon Network's proud of it and they renewed it and they are still having episodes, kill it all ready.

(also cartoon network australia can u please play more steven universe)


7 They play their commercials so many times

No more good morning commercials! Die uncle grandpa!

Keep Patrick from SpongeBob alive because he is better than that guy!

8 Gay symbols

Really people? REALLY? It's A RAINBOW!

Where? Please tell me where!

The Tiger Poots Gay Rainbow Flags


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9 The episodes are unusual and weird

They are unusual, but some episodes are funny

10 Its art is ugly

I hate it uncle grandpa is ugly and gross!

How am I gonna put this into words... oh I got it

Wow, you guys are overreacting... Its not that bad. Problem Solverz Is that bad!

Hh...uncle grandpa's face is look like poop...yeah
i hate him... ugly face...

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11 Uncle Grandpa is a pedophile

He got a kid in his RV once using a trail of Candy! He breaks into kids rooms and acts creepy! He played with a kids Belly

12 The voice acting is bad

Terrible uncle grandpas voice is annoying

Hey Uncle Grandpa, why is your voice is like Patrick Star from SpongeBob?

13 Pizza Steve Pizza Steve

In the episode where Mr. Gus fakes his death, Pizza Steve does NOT bring-up anything about Mr. Gus at all during his "funeral". He just explains to Uncle Grandpa and the unnamed kid that he NEVER got his ICE-CREAM! Seriously?! Is he really that stupid or something?! That has absolutely NOTHING to do with Mr. Gus! And plus, ice-cream is NOT that big of a deal! Someone dying is pretty serious, but ice-cream... come on! - Stazemar000

That Pizza is annoying, I'd rather eat him and let rot in my stomach acids. He only cares about himself.

That guy is annoying! I smiled when he was eaten by Amethyst! - StevenU

I Hate This Little Bastard

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14 It's a ripoff of Clarence and Fanboy and Chum Chum

It was made BEFORE Clarence... - Garoto_Oceano

15 Dora is better than this

She is not better then uncle grandpa the best show that I know is cat dog why this show is way better than dora and uncle grandpa.

Um... Okay, I cannot find that Dora is better than this. Well, Dora is a baby show and has a bad voice and Uncle Grandpa has Patrick's Voice. Uncle Grandpa has no reality in it, but Dora has some in it. Ok but still, Am I the only one that thinks Dora is better than this, I didn't make this thing apart from the list

Umm.. Dora is for little kids. Of course you guys wont like it, heck, I wonder why you watch it in the first place.

Okay! Sure It Might Be The Worst Cartoon In CN But There's No Way It's The Worst Cartoon In Television! This Show Will Always Be Better Than Dora Or Even Fanboy & Chum Chum But Still A Very Awful Show. This Show Deserves A 2/10 At The Very Most.

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16 It is ruining the future generation of kids

So IS many other shows like Breadwinners, Modern SpongeBob, Adventure Time (no offense D:) Etc.

So you think the next genof world leaders...will watch this

17 Giant Realistic Flying Tiger

She is a bitch!

18 It is not educational

Its not meant to be educational, but if it was it wouldn't teach anyone anything. - aarond9010

If it was for 4 year olds it would be educational but its not meant to

True It's Not Meant To Be Educational, But My Guess Is If Was Meant To Be Stupid, Boring And Maybe Even A Little Bit Gay. But Not Even This Piece Of Crud Can Top Dora The Most Annoying Explorer In The World! And It Was Also Meant To Be A Little Bit Better Than SMFA And It Is Which Is Pretty Much The Only Good Thing They Did To The Show But It Still REALLY REALLY Terrible And Annoying Your Not Really Going To Expect Or Recommend Other People To Watch It.

19 Steven Universe cameo

Steven universe is better then uncle grandpa

Come on, putting Steven on a motorcycle won't get us to watch your show.

Come on
i've beena steven universe fan for a year
Its my fave show
But makinga cameo in an ep will not make me watch it

20 He Makes You Stupid
21 It's The Same Creator of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome
22 Parents hate it

I hate this show

23 It's Racist
24 It's sexist
25 Renewed for a second season

Yeah! That's Pretty Bad But Do You Wanna Know What's Worse Is That This Show Is Going To Be Renewed For A Third Season!

26 It promotes incest

It's the only way that he can be everyone's uncle and grandpa.

27 It ruins children's lives

It is making them DUMB! I wish this mind-controlling stupid unrealistic show cancelled. Whatever you do, DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW!

28 The "Say Uncle" Episode From Steven Universe

It's a crossover! Also it was Rebecca Sugar's idea because she wanted to collab with her friend (you guessed it, she's friends with the creator)! I only liked the part where Amethyst ate Pizza Steve.

Plus it's not canon, it's an April Fool's joke!

While It May Of Been A Good Idea To The Creators...
It Was Just A Useless Filler Episode For The Show "Steven Universe"

Everyone calm down!
The ep is not cannon it was an april fools joke

29 Annoying plot lines

I'd rather watch Peppermint Rose instead of this disgusting cartoon. - playstationfan66

30 Hipster references
31 They talk too much about farts and butts
32 A lot of people hate it
33 It ticks people off
34 It has ugly characters
35 It makes you wanna puke
36 It's an insult to viewer's intelligence
37 Renewed for a third season

It already has two seasons and that's too much.

38 They have a lot of blind haters

It's not new! It's been on for 3 years now!

Seriously, why the hate to a new show?

39 The characters are retarded
40 Casey Alexander works on it

He's the guy responsible for giving us several of the bad episodes of SpongeBob, most notably A Pal for Gary and One Coarse Meal.

41 Mr. Gus Mr. Gus

He is the only smart perso...thing on the show. But looking at him makes me want to barf

Unlease he got a brain

42 The kids who watch it will become stupid

Yes...i see brothers they
gonna be stupids...and this make me sad too...
laid from Algeria

43 It's a Spinoff of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome
44 The Characters Are Unrelatable
45 It's a Ripoff of Special Agent Oso Which Was Bad Enough
46 It's sappy
47 The Melvins guest star
48 Stereotypes
49 Uncle Grandpa is a Gary Stu
50 It's Too Weird
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1. It makes no sense
2. The humor is terrible
3. The characters are very weird and annoying
1. It makes no sense
2. The characters are very weird and annoying
3. The humor is terrible


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