Reasons to Hate Uncle Grandpa


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21 It's Racist
22 Renewed for a second season

Yeah! That's Pretty Bad But Do You Wanna Know What's Worse Is That This Show Is Going To Be Renewed For A Third Season!

23 It promotes incest

It's the only way that he can be everyone's uncle and grandpa.

24 It ruins children's lives

It is making them DUMB! I wish this mind-controlling stupid unrealistic show cancelled. Whatever you do, DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW!

25 The "Say Uncle" Episode From Steven Universe

It's a crossover! Also it was Rebecca Sugar's idea because she wanted to collab with her friend (you guessed it, she's friends with the creator)! I only liked the part where Amethyst ate Pizza Steve.

Plus it's not canon, it's an April Fool's joke!

While It May Of Been A Good Idea To The Creators...
It Was Just A Useless Filler Episode For The Show "Steven Universe"

Everyone calm down!
The ep is not cannon it was an april fools joke

26 Annoying plot lines

I'd rather watch Peppermint Rose instead of this disgusting cartoon. - playstationfan66

27 Hipster references
28 He Makes You Stupid
29 They talk too much about farts and butts
30 It's The Same Creator of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome
31 A lot of people hate it
32 It ticks people off
33 It has ugly characters
34 It makes you wanna puke
35 It's an insult to viewer's intelligence
36 Renewed for a third season

It already has two seasons and that's too much.

37 They have a lot of blind haters

It's not new! It's been on for 3 years now!

Seriously, why the hate to a new show?

38 The characters are retarded
39 Casey Alexander works on it

He's the guy responsible for giving us several of the bad episodes of SpongeBob, most notably A Pal for Gary and One Coarse Meal.

40 Mr. Gus Mr. Gus

He is the only smart perso...thing on the show. But looking at him makes me want to barf

Unlease he got a brain

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