Top 10 Reasons "Jessie" Is a Terrible Show

This is a list to tell everyone about why the Disney Channel show Jessie is an absolute abomination! If you downright despise this "show" as much as I do, then please feel free to contribute and please SIGN MY PETITION to get "Jessie" off air! Thank you:

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1 Horrible Message for Children

Overall, "Jessie" sends out a terrible message out to all children. 1. If you find a random lady on the street, bring her home, she seems nice enough right? She won't try to kidnap, murder, and or rob you. 2. Being an absolute brat gets you whatever you want, whenever you want. 3. Just do something cute and say sorry, surely the hundreds maybe thousands worth of damages plus emotional scarring you caused will be forgiven. 4. Be a slob, somebody is bound to pick up after you. and 5. The best way to make friends is to flaunt your endless amounts of money around. Not to mention how absolutely terrible Jessie is. Bring out the "World's Worst Nanny" mug, because Jessie deserves it. - itsjames

It really is. Every character seems to have some influence that will affect children. When I was a kid, it affected me and my brother. I started acting like Zuri, threatening people when ever they said no. I once did that to my teacher when she said I couldn't eat my lollipop I earned in class. I said "Say that again, and this lollipop will be up your nose." Long story short: I got my lollipop taken away, I got suspended and grounded for 3 weeks. And I began using Emma's stupid slang. My brother started hitting on our older cousin, once making a gross remark made by Luke in the second episode that I don't want to talk about. My brother started assuming all Indians were smart, as did I. Until, I realized how dumb we were. Please don't let this racist, stereotypical, and influential show influence you or your children

It teaches kids to be spoiled brats. - Minecraftcrazy530

It's a good thing I can't remember any of the episodes.

2 Racism

This might be the main reason I despise this show. One of my best friends on my swim team is black and she is one of the nicest girls you'll ever meet. Apparently, Disney thinks all black girls are sassy and rude. Karan Brar (Ravi) is just a racist person. He originally has an American accent. I once saw a stupid commercial he did with Peyton List (Emma) on the importance of healthy food, and he spoke pretty normal to me. I also watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid (which he and Peyton List starred in) and he used the accent for his character (can't remember the characters name). So Disney probably hired him because they wanted racism in their show and he was the only actor who was mega racist

Thank you! Zuri is just as offensive to African-Americans as the Pokemon Jynx! And Ravi is just a failed attempt at trying to imitate Baljeet in live-action. Not to mention he represents Indians poorly.

I think there is no racism in the show

Disney is racist because there are no afican American main characters

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3 Terrible Acting

Debby is probably the worst actress on the show, even though she wasn't as bad as Bailey from the Suite Life. But what's with these shows giving her a western origin? She doesn't even sound or act like she's from the west!

I agree. Debby was alright as Bailey, but she sucked as Jessie. The thing that confuses me though, is why Debby Ryan always gets the southern girl. Bailey was southern and Jessie is from Texas

The actors act terrible too when their character tries to act. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I don't blame them for bad acting. What are they 8 years old?

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4 Ever Seen "The Nanny?"

If you ever thought that "Jessie" had a strikingly resemblance to the 90's sitcom "The Nanny" that is because it does. "The Nanny" and "Jessie" were both produced by Pamela Eells O'Connell. It seems that O'Connell tried to completely revamp "The Nanny", but in a more childish manner. Well if this was Pam's big come-back since "The Nanny", she certainly failed. - itsjames

5 Dull Plot

Every other thing that is terrible about this show aside, the plot is just boring! I mean, the plot is practically the same thing in every episode. They kids get into trouble, Jessie makes it worse, then they all band together and solve the problem teaching everyone a lesson! Here is a lesson, fire the random Nanny you found off the street and send your kids to a reformatory! - itsjames

Isn't this every sitcom with kids getting in trouble and then they fix it but they get caught anyway

What kinda plot is about a broke girl getting kicked out of a cab and suddenly becoming a nanny for racist, rude, gross, and dumb kids? And the plot gets worse as the show "develops".

6 Stereotypes

This is a big problem with Disney Channel, but Jessie definitely takes the cake in this category. Emma is a stereotypical spoiled girly-girl, who's main focuses in life are on boys and fashion. Zuri and Ravi and stereotypical representations of their race, and Luke is the stereotypical boy that constantly hits on girls and refuses to bathe.

There actually cases where having stereotypical characters works, like in The Loud House. However, it does NOT work in Jessie. In The Loud House, the characters still manage to come across as likeable, charming, and caring about their family. In Jessie, on the other hand, the characters come across as hate-able and shallow.

Some of the stereotypes that Jessie has are teenage ones. But then again, so does ever Disney Channel Original sitcom, which explains why they're total bull cr**.

Yup. It is so true. All the kids are basically branded with their stereotype

Emma: dumb blonde. This is very insulting to blondes. My friend is blonde, and she has top grades and does not obsess over boys. Emma's life is basically texting, dating, fashion, shoes, clothes, makeup, dating, boys, Boys, BOYS!

Luke: the girl obsessed boy. He hits on the nanny and fails every time. He reminds me of Justin Beiber. The way he dresses, looks, has fangirls (girls in my class are all over him) but he also has haters (the haters dominate more than the fangirls). He's like the boy version of Emma.

Ravi: the smart nerd who always gets bullied. Just because someone is smart, doesn't mean they need to bullied. This show acts like Ravi is the only one on the face of the Earth who cares about school. NOT TRUE! Even the kids who are like Luke, Zuri, and Emma in my class care about their schoolwork

Zuri: the African American girl who Disney thinks should be sassy solely based ...more

7 Terribly Produced

Face it. This show is terrible and there is only one reason it is on air. Disney Channel was desperate. The show didn't even go through the pilot phase of production. You know, the phase that determines whether or not the show was worth it? Not only that, but they tore down the set of "Wizards of Waverly Place" to build the set of "Jessie." "Wizards" wasn't the best show either, but it beat "Jessie" by a mile. - itsjames

8 Debby Ryan Debby Ryan Deborah Ann "Debby" Ryan is an American actress, director, and singer. Ryan is known for starring as Jessie Prescott in the Disney Channel Original Series Jessie and as Bailey Pickett in Disney Channel's The Suite Life on Deck.

I don't think I need to explain much here. First of all, Debby Ryan isn't even an actress. She tried out for a contest in which she would play a minor roll on "Suite Life on Deck." I will admit, she was not bad in "Suite Life" because she actually played the part. She had the accent, the backstory, we even saw her family! Here, Ryan portrays a character with Texan roots, but can't deliver. Overall her abilities in acting are thoroughly disappointing in her big come-back show. - itsjames

The pic on the right is kinda scary... She looks like a ghost. But Debby Ryan was good as Bailey, not Jessie

She got a dui... That's not a very good example for the kids that watch the show.

My cousin only liked this show for Debby Ryan.

9 The Theme Song

Not only does Debby Ryan play an unfortunate and terrible role in the show, she sings the theme song too! As if we hadn't had enough blood pouring from our ears! (See number 9. ) The theme song for this show is just terrible. If it weren't for Disney's contract that all major roles have to sing, we could have been spared Ryan's terrible singing. - itsjames

It's absolutely ridiculous and disgustingly immature to wish death upon someone for disliking a terrible show! /:O

Ugh! The theme song wants to make me jump off a cliff. I also think someone else should have sang it. Debby Ryan can't sing. At all.

10 Fake Accent

Ravi's accent is just the cutest thing ever, right? WRONG! It is the most obnoxious thing I have ever heard. And to top it off, IT IS FAKE! The boy who plays Ravi does not even have a real accent! They should've just had him talk in his regular voice. It would have saved me the money on all the trips to the hospital to get more blood since his accent made all of mine come right out of my ears! - itsjames

I once saw a commercial about coral reefs on Disney, and the actor for Ravi was on it. He doesn't have an accent. Also, I wish he was on the Australian reef so he would step on a stonefish. I wish that happened to Emma too!

In ads, it's clear that he has no accent.

Karan Brar likes using the accent. I've seen stuff he's played in before, and in each one, he had the accent. Ravi is a racist character who proves that not Karan Brar, but Disney as a whole is just plain racist.

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11 The Characters Treat Each Other Badly

Stop hating! That's just how it is in life! People will insult each other. Siblings will fight. Disney is just trying to make the show a bit more relatable. I will say it can go too far at times. But haters gonna hate!

Yes. They do. They are all bullies to each other.

Exactly how do they treat eachother badly? 4 out of the 6 main characters are siblings, so of course you would expect some form of mean behaviour to eachother.

12 Awful Jokes

They try so hard to be funny when they're clearly not that it's cringeworthy. You want someone with an actual sense of HUMOR? Try Alex Hirsch.

13 The Characters Look Like Porn Stars

This makes sense because they make all the girls look pretty and anoying

Haha lol
But yeh this makes sense

14 Peyton List Peyton List Peyton Roi List is an American actress and model. List is best known for playing Emma Ross on the Disney Channel comedy series Jessie and Holly Hills in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film series.

Dumb blondie. - AmtrakHan6993

Ripoff of my sister

She's the best actresss

15 Mr. Kipling is The Only Good Character

And he's a lizard. You know your show is bad when the best character is an animal. - RiverClanRocks

And Bertram. But that's it. - Popsicles

Mr. Kipling is actually a female - Yungstirjoey

16 Emma is a brat
17 Bad Reviews?

Most reviews for this show are downright terrible! As they should be! I will be covering here what most of them say, but this show deserves the terrible reviews it gets. Seriously, look up the reviews for this show... Terrible... - itsjames

18 The Kids Who Watch It Will Turn Into Brats

They will. My sister has already been corrupted to the dark side to this show. She now thinks she can threaten anyone and get what she wants (similar to Zuri). She bullies the kids who are smart and like school (similar to Luke). She thinks boys are the most important thing in the world (similar to Emma). And she thinks Indian librarians get eaten by lions (similar to Ravi)

Similar to Caillou. - Discord1

A girl who watches Disney Channel in all her free time in my class (she never watches nature, never plays video games, and never reads books) is now a spoiled brat who cares about dumb stuff. She thinks shampoo is important for the smell, eats candy and root beer but never vegetables, is scared of wolves, and cares about getting another phone, buying another puppy, and making 999999999999999999 friends from her stupid behavior.

19 A Spinoff called "Bunk'd" was created

Really bunkĀ'd that was show is called, sounde more like a spinoff of MtvĀ's punkĀ'd then Jessie.

"Really bunkļæ½'d that was show is called, sounde more like a spinoff of Mtvļæ½'s punkļæ½'d then Jessie.
OK, First you are really angry like road raging on jessie

20 It Has Dumb People

Creepy Connie is just messed up! I mean its for kids and a creepy 12 year old who is probably watching a boy in his sleep and holding him hostage!?

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