Olaf's Frozen Adventure: What A Bad Way To Start A Good Movie

So I went to go see Coco with my husband, and two good friends of ours named Zane and August. I didn't know that we would see a Frozen Short in front of the movie. I knew there would be a short but not a Frozen short. Here was my takeaway from it.
I sat down through too many previews already and they felt long too. I swear, the movie theater just always plays too many previews. They show two ads for turning off your cellphone, one ad to join their app, Incredibles 2, Duck Duck Goose, Peter Rabbit, Ferdinand, Sherlock Gnomes, Early Man, A Wrinkle In Time, Smallfoot, Hotel Transylvania 3 and one for some play. So I sat through thirteen previews before I got to the actual movie. Which is ridiculous but I wasn't prepared for what was next.
A Frozen short played and I just initially rolled my eyes. I was hoping to get Frozen out of my mind but I decided it was just a short and it would be over soon.
I was inconceivably wrong.
The 'short' was more of a Frozen spin off that should have played on ABC or something. Which I heard it was originally going to be that but some greedy person from Disney decided to sneak it into Coco. Maybe it was to make more money since the holiday season was coming around. Which seems like a corporate sellout move. And sure enough there's already ornaments made of the new looks that Elsa and Anna have. Plus there's a CD for all the songs they sang in the short. Shine on Disney, shine the hell on.
But the short is about Elsa and Anna celebrating Christmas and getting ready to ring the bell for surprise. However, after the bell everyone leaves because they rightfully want to spend it with their family. Which confused me, why did they think people would celebrate the holidays with them? They weren't just going to drop their plans off at the last second. So Anna and Elsa are sad that they have no Christmas tradition because of Elsa's powers. So Olaf and Sven try to find a Christmas tradition for them.
I want to describe how everyone in theater felt for this movie. It was late so there weren't many people. There were three families and a couple. All of them were silent when watching this. The couple below really thought they were in the wrong movie and the kids below were complaining of how it wasn't Coco. I turned to August and she asked me: Are they ever gonna get on with the movie?
That slowly became my concern when watching this short. But what really became my concern was one of the families. Their ten year old child began crying when the movie wasn't Coco. She really wanted to see Coco and was mad that Coco wasn't playing. The parents were embarrassed and after fifteen minutes of the short playing with no Coco, the family of three left the theater and didn't come back. That little girl really wanted to see Coco. When the lights were dimming down she squealed that the movie she wanted to see all year would begin. But since there was a really long short and she was impatient, the family left the theater.
Way to go Frozen short, you made a little girl cry.
The short itself wasn't very good. It was 21 minutes long and it had too many forced songs for my taste. Some parts I would have preferred if they just talked about their problems. Like how Elsa says they don't have a tradition, they didn't need to attach a song to it. When Kristoff started singing about his tradition, it felt padded in. The songs themselves weren't really memorable. I remember the songs from Coco but I honestly can't name a single song from the Frozen Short.
That and I think the magic logic of this world doesn't add up. How did Elsa make a little doll of Olaf float into the air? I thought she had ice powers. Or how did Olaf turn into a melted bucket of water and then just magically come back together? Frosty the Snowman was more consistent than this.
The short just made everyone check their watches and made everyone impatient. Then when Coco finally played we were blown away by what we saw. A good original movie with a strong lead, very nice plot and mind blowing animation. The creativity with Coco was outstanding.
However, when the movie was over, we were waiting for Zane to get out of the bathroom before we left. I was talking to the manager since she was closing up for the night. She asked me about the movie Coco and I complimented the movie. But when I mentioned the really long Frozen short, she frowned. She told me how everyone had kept complaining about the short and thought she told the employee to skip the Frozen short and go straight to the movie after the credits. She was fuming and stormed off angry.
I may or may not have gotten the person fired. Sorry.
So my final thoughts are go see Coco at a theater that will skip the Frozen short. The short doesn't add anything to the characters, the songs were forgettable and it's nowhere near as good as Coco.
This isn't me jumping on a Frozen Hate bandwagon. The movie itself is alright to me. While I am sick of how Frozen is being shoved in our faces, I don't have an immense amount of hatred for it. But this short shouldn't be in front of Coco. It's unnecessary.


Poor little girl :(. All she wanted was to watch her movie...

F*** YOU, FROZEN - TwilightKitsune

I haven't seen Coco yet, but just because of this, I'm glad I'm waiting for it to hit the Redbox. Disney needs to just get off of Pixar's nuts and let them do their own sh*t. - Mcgillacuddy