Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Shouldn't Use the Internet

This is just my opinion. But I think that this needs to be heard.

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1 Inappropriate Sites

And that's why: PARENT SUPERVISION. SUPERVISE YOUR KIDS FOR ONCE. Maybe, just maybe, they'll stop looking up porn.

Block the inappropriate sites. Problem solved! - Jessicarabbit

Block the inappropriate sites. - BeatlesFan1964

Inappropriate sights are find

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2 Too Much Porn

I saw a kid on my street watching porn and he got in BIG trouble! - Jessicarabbit

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3 They Could Accidentally Cause Viruses

Then supervise your children

How? - Jessicarabbit

4 Scary Pictures

Once again, supervise your children

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5 Could Scare Them for Life

Then don't let your children go on the dark web, AND SUPERVISE THEM.

That's only possible if a 4 year old plays five nights at freddys

6 Too Much Information V 1 Comment
7 Rude People

Woah, like the rude people that your child will encounter every day in real life? Wow, how horrific! Sure glad that the Internet is the only place where your child will be exposed to rude people.

8 Youtube Poop

Supervise your children. Problem solved.


9 Children Can Annoy Others

Many kids on the Internet are too young to know what opinions are and they do not respect other people's opinions.

Kids on the Internet can also do annoying such as spamming gibberish troll people and just be annoying in general.

10 Shock Sites

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11 Pedophiles

This is one of the many reasons why the internet is not safe for little kids. - 13thEnigma

12 Rule 34

The worst meme in existence. Your child would never see his or her favorite fictional characters the same way again if he or she stumbled across this site.

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13 Cyberbullying

The thing we all know that can hurt a kids feelings for life! Like a bully online!

14 Copyrighted Content
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1. Could Scare Them for Life
2. Scary Pictures
3. Too Much Porn
1. Inappropriate Sites
2. Too Much Porn
3. They Could Accidentally Cause Viruses
1. They Could Accidentally Cause Viruses
2. Inappropriate Sites
3. Too Much Porn



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