Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Shouldn't Use the Internet

In my opinion, only teenagers and adults should be allowed to use the Internet because kids really shouldn't be using it at all. And I have 10 reasons as to why you parents out there should stop letting your kid use the Internet immediately.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Kids Shouldn't Use the Internet

1 The internet is filled with disturbing content

Why would kids want to see porn, gore, and other disgusting stuff? - JoeBoi

Obbey the Walrus and I Feel Fantastic are an example of disturbing videos - ElSherlock

Patreon, Certain parts of youtube and deviantart, 4chan, Tumblr etc. All these places are terrible. Best to let your kids outside than on the internet.

And the issue is that even with the child safety filter on, it will still do very little in terms of blocking out all of the possible disturbing content, it only takes a couple of clicks from something fairly kid friendly to highly unpleasant content. - kempokid

2 The internet is filled with pornographic content

Kids who use the internet are going to accidentally stumble across porn if they clicked on a misleading ad so that they could get scarred for their life. - JoeBoi

The worst thing ever and the kids will think that the characters are actually like that.

Well It isn't easy to find that stuff. The one time I accidentally ran into porn on the internet was on my feminist sister's Instagram account, and it didn't even show the real parts. - 445956

I disagree with the first sentence. It is easy to find it. Porn can be anywhere. - 3DG20

So? who cares? kids will just go to sites they like, and not look at that crap - myusernameisthis

3 They could be tricked into downloaded a virus

There really aren't as many viruses on the internet as you might think, just install an anti-virus and you should be good - myusernameisthis

It isn't difficult in the slightest to do this, due to ads withing websites that could also possibly lead to viruses, on top of the fact that so many websites just contain them anyway. - kempokid

Ask them not to download stuff from the internet or not to click on any links. - Chris12

That happened to me once. Thank god that was cleared up. - PhoenixAura81

4 Kids could get cyberbullied online

If someone had a underage kid who uses internet, it's best to make their account and change the privacy settings

The thing we all know that can hurt a kids feelings for life! Like a bully online!

Just close your device and walk away bamm cyber bullying gone

Cyberbullying isn't real.

5 They could be lured by pedophiles

Why the heck are pedophiles even allowed to use the internet? - JoeBoi

Dude if they went on some site and a "predator" asks them to come by them they may be in for trouble, or the predator might be if they bring company with them.

This is one of the many reasons why the internet is not safe for little kids.

This is the only legit reason I've seen here so far - BananaBrain

6 The internet contains too much information and misinformation

How is this a bad thing?

7 They could become a nuisance to others

I hate child too

Many kids on the Internet are too young to know what opinions are and they do not respect other people's opinions.

Kids on the Internet can also do annoying such as spamming gibberish troll people and just be annoying in general.

Yup that’s it. I hate child

Agree. Have you seen what children do to our internets?
They are so annoying.

8 They could be exposed to profane language

Most kids probably swear every 3 seconds (and use the n word while at it)

Excuse me, MILLIONS of children under 13 know about those words.

I think underage kids are used to swearing considering how often they might hear cuss words in their everyday life.

Lots of cuss words online, but I didn't first see cusses on the internet. They were always written in tube slides at the playground. It didn't end well for me... - PackFan2005

9 They could run across rude people

Woah, like the rude people that your child will encounter every day in real life? Wow, how horrific! Sure glad that the Internet is the only place where your child will be exposed to rude people.

I get your point, but people are ruder online than they are in real life, and they will be extremely nasty on the internet, because they think they're anonymous, and invincible online.

10 They could become desensitized

Then don't let your children go on the dark web, AND SUPERVISE THEM.

That's only possible if a 4 year old plays five nights at freddys

The Contenders

11 Their accounts could get hacked

That's true for everyone's account though - myusernameisthis

So? This could happen to us on TheTopTens! - Muffet13

13 year old is a teenager dumbass

12 The internet can lead to detachment from real life

This applies to all ages

Yes is is correct a lot of time is wasted while seeing videos in the internet and it is not use ful for the children also

13 They're prone to acting abrasively on social media

As someone who was on sites like YouTube way before I should've, I acted selfishly and cussed out anyone who didn't like my content. Through my own actions and seeing many spiteful comments coming from kids around my age range at the time, it's clear that this kind of behavior online can easily turn common among kids who, let's be completely honest, don't fully understand anything they say. It's important for them to know that they could get cyberbullied, obviously, but the other side of the spectrum is equally as bad and arguably more common. - nerffan8000

I think this should b number 1. It's easy 4 a kid 2 get involved in an argument and then when people r against them they tend 2 not defend their point of view well. - Nonpointed

14 They could get involved in internet drama

That isn't a big deal - myusernameisthis

15 They could be influenced by nefarious actors

Well, kids may listen to bad influences such as Logan Paul, who may not be relevant anymore, but even in 2019, he is still losing subscribers from both his suicide forest and animal abuse videos. - JoeBoi

Unfortunately, this what happened to a little brother. First, my mother thought it was a good idea to give him youtube, next thing you know, he turned into the cringiest kid on the entire platform. He loved everything. Five Nights at Freddy's, Bendy, and even Hello Neighbor and..ugh...fortnite. I tried taking YouTube away from him and he screamed literally all night cause he wanted to watch cringe ass fortnite videos. If I could go back in time, I would make sure he would never watch YouTube for one second, and wait until he's at least old enough to not be cringe. - Comical

And YouTube. Youtube, especially in 2017, has some people that aren't good role models that kids love such as the Paul brothers. - PhoenixAura81

So what? - BananaBrain

16 The internet takes time away from family

Actually I spend time with family and this website at the same time haha Schrodinger Joke but I still live with my parents with no brothers and I would be glad and I mind thankfully if one of my brothers are staying on my house for weeks or days but with my baby niece or other younger siblings I would go very insane that I shall stay in my room all day just little contact outside my room Why? Because I'm much mentally ill and I'm hypersensitive to loud noises and much unexpected loud noises and don't you guys are players all along Shame- Kevinsidis

So what? I have time for both - 445956

My family can eat ass to be honest. They all suck except my dad and my 2 aunts.

Family = overrated.

17 The internet is addicting
18 They could get in trouble for engaging in online piracy
19 They could be tricked into revealing personal information
20 The internet is full of people trying to exploit kids for money
21 Kids turn into mean and cruel people on the Internet
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