Top Ten TopTenners That Make the Best Posts

Yay! Another post by these post legends.
No offense by the way!
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1 Turkeyasylum

This was a hard one, with the likes of Pos, Puga, and Gemcloben here. But I'd have to say Turkey's series such as TDA:TTT make him my favorite. Possibly tied with those three...MAN THIS IS HARD!

He is a really good blogger and his series are great. Especially Total Drama Top Tens.

Turkey sure gets my vote! He does awesome series.

Hey hey hey all my followers are here.

2 PositronWildhawk

A downright awful thing that he wasn't on here! His sarcasm posts are hilarious and clever, well thought out and ingenious as a whole. He puts time and effort in them, and while there are some star bloggers, his are definitely one of the best!

In early 2014, PositronWildhawk sent an untitled message. It contained only one sentence.

"Ever thought of doing blogs? "

I could practically hear the gears of that great mind turning.

I'm happy to be on this list anyways. Have you SEEN my blogs, matey?

His Sarcasm Series is really thought out and well written!

3 Puga

They are pretty good!

He has amazing posts

What a mature user.

4 Superhyperdude
5 gemcloben

Finally, I'm on a list that isn't to do with best metalheads. But seriously, my posts are boring.

His posts are great too!

6 JaysTop10List

His posts are usually high-level, so not surprisingly he gets my vote!

7 Therandom

This guy does brilliant posts that are very underrated.

8 Britgirl

I don't think Britgirl's ever done a blog.

This is why I never followed her.

She has never done a blog.

You are kidding right?

9 Ironsabbathpriest

Thanks for adding me mate, I enjoy writing posts.

His are pretty good.

10 Mumbizz01

Thanks for adding me here!, DapperPickle

The Contenders
11 WonkeyDude98

It's appalling that this user is not on this list. Even if you agree or disagree with his choices, he really is an excellent post maker.

1st guy to get 100 HQ posts. If that doesn't say anything, I don't know what does.

Has the most HQ posts on the site and is 13 years old. Good job Andrew.

12 Wolftail
13 DapperPickle

Got to add you here. Can't wait for trapped to start.

14 RaineSage
15 CastlevaniaFanboy128

His anime reviews and video game reviews are high-quality, no doubt about it!

Random Reviews are great!

16 velitelcabal

I really hope you check mine out.

17 Admin
18 PetSounds
19 letdot52
20 Garythesnail

Awesome, I'm FINALLY on this list! Granted, I'm in dead last, but still, thanks to whoever added me!

21 htoutlaws2012
22 xandermartin98
23 egnomac
24 Kiteretsunu
25 Selfiefan68
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