Top Ten Possible Colors for "The Dress"

Have you heard of "The Dress" Internet frenzy on whether it's white and gold or black and blue? If not, you're behind in life. LOOK IT UP! Anyway, I just want to let you know that not only do people see it as either black and blue or white and gold, they see it as plenty of other crazy colors as well. Let's check it out!
The Top Ten
1 Blue & Black

Lots of people see this dress as blue and black. What is wrong with you people? I do not see what you are seeing. Honestly, I think if you see it as blue and black, you're color blind. No offense.

Is the dress supposed to be some psychological experiment? Who am I to know, I never seen it. After all, it is a stupid dress..

Its called color constancy. and we aren't colorblind, we're right! Its blue and black! In the other pictures, it's obviously blue and black.

Everybody in my family thinks its white and gold, but I am right!

2 White & Gold

Thank you @Minecraftcrazy530. This person put in exact words how I see it. I KNOW it's blue & black, but this list is about what you see, not what you know. I've only seen it blue and black once, but I see it white and gold all the time.

I recently read your past experiences determine how you see it:women tend to see it white and gold because they get up earlier on average and so get more natural light or something...

This is the absolutely most obvious answer in my opinion. It looks exactly like these colors in my opinion and nothing else.

This is what I see. I know it's actually blue and black, but I've never seen it like that once and I still can't.

3 Blue & Gold

I can kind of see why people would choose this because the original picture looks as if the "white" stripes are pale blue and it's kind of confusing, so I won't rant this time.

This is what I saw! And sometimes white and gold! Or blue and black! What is up with this picture?

I see gold clearly, I do not however, see the white for the life of me, I cannot see the white.

I saw white and blue

4 Blue & Brown

Once again, some people may see the "white" stripes as pale blue, but how does the gold look brown. Stop using the simple colors that you learn about in Pre-K, that is definitely a shade of gold. No brown is "that" light, I don't believe.

5 White & Black

I completely understand where the white comes from, but black? Come on, you guys could do way better than that. Where does the black come from? I would like an explanation of why people think like this nowadays.

6 White & Brown

Must I repeat myself once more? I understand where the white comes from, but why brown? That's like saying honey is brown and Beyonce's weave is brown. It must not be called Gold Peak Tea, it's brown Peak Tea. Do you see where I'm getting here?

7 White & Yellow

I know where the white comes from once again. I am on #teamwhiteandgold. Enough with the simple colors, people.

8 Red & Green
9 Grey & Silver
10 Yellow & Orange
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