Best Trios On TheTopTens

I haven't researched this properly, so yeah. Add more.
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1 IronSabbathPriest, Gemcloben, McKing1003

So true, I don't even care about the haters!

I see us as the evilangel, ultimatehybridx and lukestheman4 of the next generation.

2 EpicJake, Nintendofan126, SevenLizards

Both of them are good friends of mine. So this is a good trio.

SevenLizards left. So this isn't a trio anymore

3 EvilAngel, UltimateHybridX, Lukestheman4
4 PositronWildhawk, SuperHyperdude, Puga

Truth is, Britgirl and I have made a great pair over the years, and a number of people have tried to make a third part, but nobody's really hit that.

I'm actually not sure about this one. Just shows how good I am at research.

5 Puga, Therandom and GamerMike35

I will not rest until we reach the first place where we belong.

Seen the light, we deserve first place.

6 Wolftail, Anonymouschick, Stormver1
7 htoutlaws2012, Randomator, PackFan2005
8 Metal_Treasure, christangrant, Ananya

NOT a trio anymore because in Jan-Feb 2018 Ananya disappointed the key metal fans on this site. She teamed-up with the biggest metal hater on this site and both bullied a good user and metal fan for liking a band and not liking another band, until the bullied user deleted his account. And she never apologized.

All of them are metal fans so yeah!

9 MrBrony8675309, MusicalPony, and Pony
10 Forever_Smiling13, Lina1028, and CashMoney19

They work together as an excellent trio. It's fun to talk to each one of them.

Although one left and the other has to use a different account.

The Contenders
11 bobbythebrony, Gemcloben, Eternal_Laughter

Excellent trio! The trio of terror...

12 JaysTop10List, Garythesnail, Finn-Mordecai-Gumball
13 2cool4u, RiverClanRocks, kontrahinsunu
14 Toptendudes, iggyjepsen, lucasbck36
15 DarkBoi-X, B1ueNew, Not_A_Weaboo

We also have similar tastes in music and video games. We could also be called the "Make TheTopTens Great Again" trio because even though I hate trump while Not_A_Weaboo and B1ueNew have neutral feelings towards him we want to make TTT great again.

I guess we sort of are trio because we are really into memes.

We also have similar tastes in video games and music.

16 Alexandr, MatrixGuy, Magnolia
17 DrayTopTens, TheGoodGuy35, and LiamCoasterFan

We're all good friends. We often talk about the quality of days we've had in our personal lives. We also now talk a lot about things we made up.

18 Gametheorysucks, lovefrombadlands, MarioNinja101

Cool, a trio of three deleted accounts!

19 BoredJeff02, SomePersonYouHate, CaptainMowzker

Is it because all of those accounts are the same person?

20 Samanime, Forever_smiling13 and Garythesnail
21 Therandom, Puga, Turkeyasylum
22 Danteem, AggressiveBlaze, and Gamecubesarecool193

I wonder what they have in common...

23 WonkeyDude98, ProPanda, SwagFlicks

Eh. A year ago sure, but Hendo left the site a long time ago, and I doubt he's coming back. I don't think anyone really hit the third spot for me and Wonkey, besides Bela and Swellow, who's also pretty much gone. I'd say Martinglez could take it though.

24 ModernSpongebobSucks, TwilightKitsune, Elric-san
25 PositronWildhawk, Britgirl, PetSounds

Among the most iconic and respectable.

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