Reasons Why Liv and Maddie is the Greatest Show On the Face of the Earth

I've wanted to do this for months now. Now that it's a new year, it's time for new lists! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, my list of reasons why Liv and Maddie is the best show you'll ever watch!

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1 It's heartwarming

Please... Liv and Maddie is one of the most stupid Disney channel shows ever made. The heartwarming reaction you get is you heart about to combust after hearing the characters whiny dumb voices. Better in stereo sounds like it was made by a peacock on LSD and auto-tune. WHY THE HEAP DO THE EPISODE TITLES HAVE TO HAVE A-Rooney in them, Just dumb. My most disliked characters on this piece of terribleness are ALL OF THEM! - DragonStriker829

Please, Full House was more heartwarming than this - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

It is heartwarming. When you watch it, you get a horrible heart attack, and your heart swells up and explodes. - TwilightKitsune

When I watched this show I cried tears of joy! Most heartwarming and beautiful show ever! Shows the true meaning of family and friendship! Sisters by chance, friends by choice!

2 It has lovable characters

Not really. They are annoying, and stereotypical. Liv's songs used autotune and The love stuff is the worst acting ever. - AnonymousChick

Who even made this list. The show is dumb. Cocky not even talented supposed "jock", drama queen sister, ultra nerd brother, brother who thinks he's smarter than everyone, woman probably in her forties who thinks she's 15 ( not funny like Cleveland show and guy) and the dad seems alright except he's a jerk to daughters boyfriend.

It has hatable characters. I love hating this show! - TwilightKitsune

Liv and Maddie = The Show That Me and Everyone Loves to Hate the Most. - ModernSpongeBobSucks


3 It has excellent moral values

Liv and Maddie teaches you that you should be a brat and that you will always get what you want.

Oh and it teaches you to be sexist towards boys because Liv and Maddie makes you learn that females will always win while males will lose. - KennyRulz244444

They don't let those jerk jocks push them around by rating them based on arbitrary numbers! They let people know there IS more to girls than what they look like! And the entire show is about the meaning of family and friendship! Most meaningful show EVER!

Yeah like to blackmail and disrespect adults

I agree with this. It has taught me a lot of things along the way. It teaches you life lessons and I love shows that do that.

4 It's adorable

I hate sitcoms like these. - Therandom

You know what this show is, it's another Disney teen drama. Nothing else. - Therandom

Liv is most beautiful and sweet sister EVER! She has the perfect fashion sense, but also never fails to be there for Maddie! I love her dresses, her hair, her face, and most of all, HER HEART! She is sweetest and most kind-hearted person ever! But Maddie is also great at being the champion! Even though she's not as stylish as her sister, Maddie is still sporty and athletic! And their mom Karen is SO FUNNY! I love how in one episode she tries to one-up Liv and they have a mother-daughter fashion face-off! THESE WRITERS ARE COMIC GENIUSES!

If you want an adorable teen sitcom on Disney Channel, I'd recommend Austin and Ally or Good Luck Charlie. Liv and Maddie is pure sleazy white trash.

5 It's magical

Magic doesn't exist you babies

I'm starting to think "Liv and Maddie" is slang for a drug... - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

How the heck is it magical? - Powerfulgirl10

Let me tell you something, MAGIC IS NOT REAL (except wizards magic)

6 It appeals to the whole family and not just kids

Because fathers love lowest common denominator Disney teen sitcoms. Heck, I bet they love Teletubbies too. - Puga

My mom like Good Luck Charlie. She thinks LAM is too much of a soap-opera. - TheAlbinoWolf

They always have a joke in their for the parents or something relatable for everybody! How many times have you ever caught your mother hoarding stuff? Or your father wanting to eat something with meat in it? Or your brothers trying to get away with everything? Shows like The Fairly OddParents have NOTHING on this!

It makes my boyfriend cry. - KennyRulz244444

7 It has something relatable for everyone in the family

I relate to none. - Therandom

When I watch this show I feel like Liv and Maddie are my best friends! One who's got a great fashion sense, and one who's great at sports, both of whom care about me! This show means SO MUCH! It's the most touching and relatable show ever!

I don't. - FennikenFan9

Good for teen girls so. - DynastiNoble

8 It's funny

Funny? Yeah right... it's very unfunny! I mean hell, I've laughed more at my own real life jokes then this show!

Funny? Yeah right! The only time this show would be funny is the day the show kills itself.

The parents and brothers are SO FUNNY! ESPECIALLY PARKER AND KAREN! Karen has the best lines! And it's funny how Joey never wins but still thinks he can win, and Willow wants to be his wife! Modern SpongeBob and Fairly OddParents aren't HALF as funny as this show!

Oh it's funny...FOR 5 year olds.

9 It's a wholesome family show
10 It's a feel-good show

The Contenders

11 It's joyous

No, I would rather here Justin Bieber's songs than watch this show!

I love how Liv is always perky and upbeat while Maddie is always determined to win! But even better, THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH! I actually cried during the pilot when Liv told Maddie "you couldn't drag me away! " And those were tears of joy!

The show is all about the joy of having a family, as well as having a best friend. Liv also adds to the merit, but all the characters have their victories.

Trent reznor and Dita Von Teese making a song is more joyus.

12 It has positive messages

So being stereotypical and sexist is positive? - Powerfulgirl10

13 It's imaginative

Liv and Maddie is about Two bratty stereotypical teens

Kirby is about a pink puffball who is friends with a knight, a hamster, a penguin (well they used to be rivals), a guy called bandana waddle dee, a fairy, dragons, And so much more. And Kirby and his friends tried to save the world millions of times. Also it was a plot twist that Magolor was actually the bad guy in Kirby's return to dreamland

Now tell me which one is more imaginative

-Kirbyyes Justinbieberno

Imaginatively terrible. - Therandom

These writers are geniuses when it comes to making horrible shows

Foster's home is much more imaginative than this.

14 It teaches good lessons to kids
15 It's sweet

Any show that is stereotypical is sour not sweet

-Kirbyyes Justinbieberno

It's the sweetest show EVER! If you don't believe me watch some of the following episodes:


and lots more! I cry tears of joy watching this show! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND HEARTWARMING! THIS IS THE MOST WARM-HEARTED SHOW EVER!

16 It can be funny

HAHA "can be" I see the wording there

17 It's cute

This show is uncute even frogs and flies are cuter. Even diarrhea and vomits are cuter! - MLPFan

18 It gives hope to a better future
19 It's relatable
20 It's interesting
21 It's about standing up for what you believe
22 It's charming

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is much more charming.

Just No - Neonco31

23 It has good songs

I prefer Marilyn Manson songs

24 It's clever
25 It's inspirational
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