Top 10 Reasons Why Ozzy Osbourne is Overrated

Don't get me wrong, I love Ozzy! But to tell you the truth, the prince of darkness has done many embarrassing things in his career. What are they you may ask? Well just read this list and find out.

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1 He Sold Out Numerous Times

He did many times in many different ways. Releasing poppy metal songs, having a reality show, and doing songs on MTV.

Yep, Ozzy certainly did it. Many times. In different ways. - Metal_Treasure

Look, he's a crappy singer. Why go further?

2 He Didn't Actually Create Metal

The so-called "Godfather of Heavy Metal" did nothing important in creating metal (Tony Iommi wrote Black Sabbath's songs, and Deep Purple did much more to invent the genre than Sabbath) and has zero talent (can't even read music notes) and doesn't even know anything about Metal. - shadomatrix

I truly believe Ozzy is the most overrated metal musician ever. Worshiping Ozzy is quite unhealthy for many reasons, some of them discussed on this list. - Metal_Treasure

Metal was around during the 1960s. Even Black Sabbath themselves said they're ONE of the creators of metal. Not the ultimate creator.

3 He Overshadows Other Metal Singers

He didn't overshadow anybody. Ronnie James Dio is very popular. It's that crook's fault that he couldn't be popular. The biggest jerk in rock n' roll. Smoked pot and talked like a philosopher.

Especially Dio who is a much better singer and person than Ozzy. R.I.P. Dio.

4 He Ordered Interference with Iron Maiden's PA at the Ozzfest in 2005

In 2005, Iron Maiden co-headlined the US festival tour, Ozzfest, with Black Sabbath. Ozzy's wife, Sharon, encouraged family friends and members of other bands to sabotage Iron Maiden's last performance at Hyundai Pavilion in San Bernardino, California, in an attack which Ron Smallwood called "vile, dangerous, criminal and cowardly", as well as disrespectful to fans who had paid to see the band perform "a full unhindered performance". Ozzy ordered interference with the band's PA, delayed the entrance of the band's mascot (Eddie), and encouraged members of the Osbourne camp to throw eggs, lighters and bottle tops from the front of the audience.

This was more Sharon's doing than Ozzy's, but still disgusting. - IronSabbathPriest

This was probably the ugliest thing done by a metal musician in metal history. Metal musicians usually don't do such things and don't sabotage their colleagues. Moreover, Iron Maiden were invited by Ozzy and wife!
Everything Aragorn98 described really happened, plus: during Iron Maiden's show the power was cut off 7 times; after Iron Maiden left the stage, Sharon took the mic and called Bruce Dickinson 'a prick'. After that she was booed off the stage. - Metal_Treasure

5 His Singing Style Isn't That Good

He was never a great singer, to begin with. He's got some singing ability but he isn't very talented and his vocal skills are mediocre according to the metal standards (metal standards are higher than the average though). - Metal_Treasure

I'm not impressed with his voice. It sounds as if it deteriorated over the years.

Back then - Pretty good, nothing like it.

Now - What... what happened? - Skullkid755

6 He Wrote Pop Songs Mixed With Rock Riffs

Shot in the Dark and Mama I'm Coming Home sound like pop songs mixed with rock riffs. I like those songs but my guess is he wrote them just to get more airplay on the radio.

*Cought* *Cough* Sabbath bloody sabbath.
That songs sounds too poppy during the chorus, to the point that it is pop song with a rock instrumental.

7 He's Been Getting Credits for Achievements that Aren't His Achievements

Such as, Ozzy created metal and is the Godfather of metal, and also credits for songs he didn't write. There are many sources about that, one of them being Bob Daisley's autobiography, 'For Facts Sake'. Bob Daisley was Ozzy's bassist and songwriter. - Metal_Treasure

8 He Had a Reality Show

His show was The Osbournes which lasted from 2002-2005. It's like a metal version of the Kardashians! (even though this show came out before The Kardashians did)

On top of that, the theme song for the show was a cover of Ozzy's song "Crazy Train" made in a jazz-swing style reminiscent of Pat Boone! Disgrace to metal. If you're a metal fan, you would vomit instantly.
A funny YouTuber, Andy Rehfeldt, makes similar absurd covers but he makes them for fun, such as Enter Sandman - Metallica (smooth jazz version), Symphony of Destruction - Megadeth (reggae version), The Trooper - Iron Maiden (bossa nova version), and many more. - Metal_Treasure

9 Many Metal Fans Even Think that Ozzy Was More Important Than Tony Iommi

Ozzy is overrated even within Black Sabbath - Tony Iommi did much more for metal than Ozzy. Also, Dio was a much better singer than Ozzy and did more for metal than Ozzy. - Metal_Treasure

10 He's Not Very Good at Singing Ballads

Kind of goes with Number 4 but listen to Changes by Black Sabbath there's a reason Sabbath never did another Piano Ballad after that one and that's because it sucks and even when Ozzy still had his voice he still wasn't that good - christangrant

The Contenders

11 He Did a Christmas Song with Jessica Simpson

Why ozzy why

This guy literally sang in a band that wrote songs about heaven, hell and Satan. And he does a Christmas song with some mediocre pop star? No wonder why most people don't take him seriously.

'He Did a Christmas Song with Jessica Simpson.' Rob Halford performs with Suzuka Nakamoto and he is angel. But when Ozzy Osbourne did a Christmas song he is overrated!

12 He Did Drugs

"You are clueless if you think everyone in rock does drugs ". Drugs made Ozzy Osbourne overrated? How does it make him overrated?

While I will agree this was probably the weakest reason on this list but the reason is this when he did drugs he started to lose his voice and yet he still is praised as being one of the greatest singers ever. - christangrant

Don't do drugs kids or you'll end up like Ozzy!

Lol so did Pink Floyd. Guess they're overrated too huh? - cjWriter1997

Freddie Mercury or Ronnie James Dio didn't do drugs? Everyone did drugs.

13 He Starred in a Best Buy Commercial with Justin Bieber

No doubt, Ozzy is the biggest sellout in metal history. - Metal_Treasure

I remember seeing it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I personally thought the advert was funny, but boy is it bound to p*ss off a lot of Ozzy fans considering how he's right next to Bieber.

14 He Guest Starred on Children's Cartoons

And they're not even good ones (Fish Hooks and Bubble Guppies).

15 He Likes Slipknot

He said he wanted to be in Slipknot. I don't hate Slipknot but I don't think they're one of the best in history.

I actually regret adding this reason now. Why should we judge by opinions?

He Likes Slipknot, then what? Anyone liking Slipknot is overrated.

Stupid reason, but I think these overrated lists aren't saying each individual reason makes something overrated but the reasons combined do. - Skullkid755

16 He Recorded a Rap Version of Iron Man with Busta Rhymes

In my opinion this is probably the worst thing a Metal musician has ever done that relates to music, the song is awful on every level and it's even worse that they put it on a BS tribute album, and I must ask how the hell is Busta Rhymes influenced by Black Sabbath? because he sampled/stole the riff of Iron Man and made it into a crappy rap beat? Ozzy raps in this song as well... and he's awful at it. Godfather of Metal my ass, a Godfather of metal wouldn't do that. - christangrant

17 He Can't Even Read Musical Notes
18 He Was on Jersey Shore
19 He Doesn't Even Know What Metal Is

According to him, AC/DC's Highway to Hell is the best metal album. How can he be called the Godfather of Metal when he's not the biggest metal expert?

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