What made Total Drama All Stars So bad

Hi, back with another post. This one being on what exactly made TDAS so bad and I have some pretty agreeable reasons.

3. The casting: Sam has too be the most out of place character there, but for an All-Star season. The cast should be bigger and they left out some people that deserve a spot. Like Bridgette, Owen, or even Leshawna. Then there are a few that are either not an "All Star" or barely make the cut. Sierra, Jo, and Mike being those few.

2. Continuity: After the first episode all I can remember hearing about was Duncan and Jo's friendship. Then next episode its like it never happened. This kept happening over and over. Alejandro flirting with Gwen, Jo and Lightning's alliance, Sierra's development in WT, don't get me started on Sundae Muddy Sundae!

1. Mal: It kills me to say it, but he is even more bland than Justin. He was just a terrible antagonist who eliminated one person,(Courtney). Then his motive to break things went absolutely nowhere because virtually nobody cared.

But what kills me the most is on what they did to make him look "bad" and "dangerous". They dumbed down everyone after Heather's elimination. Because everyone there could have easily figured him out. The top three being Cameron, Zoey, and Scott.

I think this is what made All Stars so bad. I would put my rants of the characters, but that can happen on another post.