The Total Best Books for Learning Spanish

Compilation of different lists of the best books to learn Spanish.
The Top Ten
1 A Good Spanish Book!

Published in 2017 by University Academic Editions Ltd., New York.
Considered the best book nowadays to learn Spanish, according to most university rankings and lists. The author, Ricardo Roque Mateos, is a university professor from Spain with a PhD in Spanish Studies.

2 Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish

Published in 1956 by Three Rivers Press, Washington.
This book is more than 60 years old. Written by the most famous teacher from Costa Rica, Margarita Madrigal also authored books to learn French, German, Russian, and three other languages. Although the book is quite old, and the contents are a bit outdated, it's a classic.

3 Spanish for Dummies

Published in 1995 by Berlitz Int., New York.
This book has been popular for learning Spanish for more than 20 years. The authors, a Hungarian translator and a Hungarian high school teacher, also wrote materials for other languages in this series. Their Hungarian materials are a bit better.

4 Practice Makes Perfect

Published in 1998 by McGraw-Hill, New York.
The author, Gilda Nissenberg, specializes in high school teaching. The books in this collection have some mistakes in vocabulary and grammar, but the lists of verbs are very complete.

5 501 Spanish Verbs

Published in 1996 by Barron's Educational Series.
This book is a compilation of verbs conjugated in most tenses so that students can check how to use verbs correctly. It's one of the most popular books for training in tenses.

6 Lonely Planet Spanish

Published in 2001 by Lonely Planet Publishing.
This book is a good conversation guide to use during your trips. It has simple phrases but it doesn't teach Spanish, it's just a good collection of phrases and words to get around in an emergency. Lonely Planet is a well-known name in travel guides.

7 Spanish (Eyewitness Travel Guide Phrase Books)

Published in 1998 by Eyewitness Travel Guides, London.
This book is the second best conversation guide on the market. Like the Lonely Planet guide, it can also help you out of some problems during your trips with pre-made sentences and small vocabulary lists.

8 Easy Spanish Step-By-Step

Published in 2005 by McGraw-Hill, New York.
Although the book has mistakes and grammatical flaws, the drawings are nice and it's a fun book to read. Unfortunately, it's clear that the author, Barbara Bregstein, is not a Spanish native, and some of the mistakes she made have been pointed out by universities in Spain and Latin America. It's a fun book, but be careful if you use it for exams.

9 Las 500 dudas mas frecuentes del Espanol (Spanish Edition)

Published in 2011 by Instituto Cervantes, Madrid.
This book solves most of the problems and questions that students have regarding the Spanish language. The book is in Spanish so it's recommended for intermediate and advanced learners.

10 Enciclopedia del espanol en los Estados Unidos

Published in 2006 by Instituto Cervantes, Madrid.
This book is an excellent compilation of the history and developments of the Spanish language in the United States. Unfortunately, its practical uses are limited, which is why it's not higher on most lists.