Top Ten Rick Riordan Books

The Top Ten Rick Riordan Books

1 The Last Olympian

It's so incredibly hard to choose a favorite from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series for me; they're just all so good! It's my favorite series (it's genius, really), and personally, my favorite book changes all the time, depending on which one in the series I've read most recently. However, since I recently finished this one again, I'm going to have to go with The Last Olympian, especially because, if I can remember correctly, it's the author's favorite one too. This book is so awesome because it takes all of the plotlines that were developing throughout the rest of the series, and it all ties up in this one book. It's the battle the whole series was preparing for, and everything led up to this. Plus, I love the themes in this one, especially the one about how sometimes the hardest skill to master is learning how to yield. It's just an awesome book; it has action-packed battle scenes, great dialogue, spectacular plot threads, and the way it all wraps up in the last few ...more

This book is one of the best I've ever read from from Rick and may I say that it was stellar. Anyone in their right mind should read this because it is so good. I am an aspiring author myself, though I'm only 12, these books are the reason I wasnt to be an author. Rick Riordan has had a huge impact on my life and every time I'm feeling down, I'll pick up one his books. I even have a shrine filled with all of his books in my room. Rick Riordan is my biggest role model and I bet he' a real nice guy as well as an award winning author. Every last mythology book he's written has been a NewYork Times best seller and that is a huge accomplishment. I hope to be just like Rick Riordan when I emerge from my shell as an adolescent, then gloriously rise to adulthood.

This book is by far the best book I have read. It is just simply brilliant. I know there are more amazing books out there but this, this is special.

I agree the lost hero pissed me off too I mean don't get me wrong I like the new characters but I did not like how they tried to make Jason better than Percy aka the one who defeated Kronos, the one who took a swim in the River Styx, the one who FOUGHT ARES AND WON, the one who saved many lives, the one who saved his best friend from a giant cyclops, and so many other things. And what has Jason done? IDRC to be honest...

2 The Lightning Thief

This is the best book written by riordan yet. Man it's so good
the starting when percy kills the minotaur is just awesome

Read this book when I was 10. While not Percy's age at any time during either series, I know that he and I are so similar. This is the most inspirational book I have ever read, despite being a children's fantasy. It is my favorite book of all time.

This book started it all! If I never read this book then I wouldn't have been reading Rick Riordan's books! The best start to the greatest series ever. Not the best Rick Riordan book but a really good one.

I won't read the other books if I didn't start here. It was great, It took my heart and made me follow and finish the whole series.

3 The Mark of Athena

This was just wow, it is definitely my number one book, the love story here was at its peak. God, I really miss Anabeth and Percy, in the new books (trials of Apollo) we rarely get to seem them.

Best book ever- a deeper exploration of annabeth and what makes her tick

This was when the 7 heroes gathered up. The most amazing part was that when the date of finishing the world of Gaia changes

This should be number one. It has tons of action and is a great story. Easily my favourite.

4 The House of Hades

HoH shows a different side of our favourite characters. Instead of being oddly cheerful in a word where the end is near, this book is majorly set in... there. It shows us Percy's other side and mental health (in a way), which was never explored I feel, despite 5 books where he was the main character and the HoO where he was one of the main characters.
I would say the Blood of Olympus is my favourite, but Annabeth and Percy are my favourite characters and they're minor characters in it so...

I just love the angst in this book. The character feels the most human in this book in the whole of the series!

I like how Percabeth got out of Tartarus, and Bob and Damasen's sacrifice. RIP Bob and Damasen

I really like this book because of the passion between Annabeth and Percy. Its almost like being back in the old days of the PJO books. It gives us a time without Percy and Jason shooting daggers at each other. Also, what is up with Jason! He's like Rick Riordon took Percy and stripped him of all good things. Jason is way to shallow. He is too perfect and has no personality.

5 The Battle of the Labyrinth

The Best Book by far by Rick Riordan. Dadaelus was just perfect! People hate on Rachael but she's really good to me!

Despite The Last Olympian being the perfect ending for a series, this one impressed me more. A last book may be the most entertaining for others, but for me second-to-last books in a series have the power to prepare the reader for the grand finale, having more emotional stuff (for me) and having lots and lots of cool action scenes.

It's pretty dark for Rick Riordan, which makes it better!

Best action ever check out!?!?!

6 The Titan's Curse

I love this book, it is definitely the best Percy Jackson book

I'm rlly annoyed bc my name is Bianca, and my sister's name is Zoe, and both these characters appear, and die in this book! IT"S SO ANNOYING!

"Let us find the dam snack bar". Lol it so funny because Grover, Thalia and percy are all cracking up and Zoe's just like "What is funny". I'm reading Mark of Athena just now and Piper is talking about the monsters coming back through the doors of death and she says " like they're leaking through a hole in a dam" or something like that and percy says "We've got a dam hole" If I'm honest Last olympian and Mark of Athena are better than Titan's curse but this book introduces some amazing characters like thalia,zoe, nico,bianca and it deserves to be higher than 6

This one had the best plot, characters, writing, and best of all, Annabeth was gone the entire book!

7 The Son of Neptune

Percy lost his memory. It's so cute that the only thing that he remembers is Annabeth. Did Hera do that by purpose?

I love it but the only reason I hated it is because the cliffhanger at the ending

This was the best book that I have ever read, I love to read fantasy books. I love it! I love it! I love it!

It introduces so much to the story and keeps the percy jackson stories alive!

8 The Lost Hero

Personally looking at this list I was a bit surprised that the lost hero was voted at no. 10 for most of these because I really enjoyed this book. Jason was cool and all but we all know Percy is better, however I don't think it's fair that some people hate Jason just for that reason. In short, I really enjoyed the start to Heros Of Olympus and the feeling followed all the way through to the end. Great author, great series, great books. More should read.

Amazing! I love the plot and the mystery

This the best of all books

I love this book

9 Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

This is my favorite book EVER! I love Magnus, and the narritive is so hilarious! Why is this so far down the list?

To be honest, this is way too underrated, I loved the book! It gave me butterflies, it made me laugh and and I just love every second of the series, so sad it's only a trilogy, I think we all want to see more though

It is more funny and has better stories than the Percy Jackson series...only in my opinion (maybe I am wrong), but really, I love this book. I have read all the three books in this series, in which the all the books are good. The fight scenes are also described more dramatically and has better dialogues. Thank you...

This is the start of a great series. Rick Riordan is my favorite author. So far my favorite series is percy jackson but I am excited for this series.

10 The Red Pyramid

The first time I read this book, I didn't like it as much as I like the others. However, I liked it a lot more once I read it again.

I love the Kane chronicles
I love Sadie and Carter
Best Moment in the red pyramid: "Somebody get a can-opener. I got a god stuck in my head"

It's the best book I've ever read!

Extremely unique and well written, wish the series went on longer cause it was perfection

The Contenders

11 The Sea of Monsters

Good hook and gets right into the action

Just too much stuff going on.

A amasing book, super good!

Very fun

12 The Serpent's Shadow

Insanely good, kept a good pace throughout the book to the very end

This is my favorite book


i love it

13 The Hidden Oracle

Apollo as Lester Papodopolous! A combo never to be missed. Also, "I have a note from the doctor"
A quote from Nico di Angelo

The first part was the best when Meg had thrown trash at those guys and it exploded. Ha Ha I love all of the books, it's very hard to choose which one is my favorite.

This is so awesome and I love the crazy plot twist near the end!

It feels like a fresher start, the humor is great, Apollo is a strong and interesting main character, the single point of view is back and the villain has a lot of potential.

14 Sword of Summer

I found the Sword of Summer more appealing to me than The Lightning Thief, as a start to a series. Magnus is my second favorite Rick Riordan character, the first being Alex, the third being Percy. I loved the book so much! 10/10

It had lots of jokes and made you want to learn more.

It has everything a person would want in a book in my opinion

By far the best book I have ever read

15 The Throne of Fire

I started speaking kinda British after reading this...
My mom thought I was sick

The Blood of Olympus was straight garbage

This book is just straight up great despite how a lots of people hate this series! READ IT!

This book was fantastic, the entire Kane Chronicles should be the top three

16 The Blood of Olympus

This is the best book I've ever known, with a lot of twist and turns, the plot is so awesome. I'm do sad when I know that this is the last book from the heroes of olympus series.

How could be this book here? It's not even came out

Best in the heroes of Olympus series

This book sucked horribly. Huge PJO fan, but rick really dropped the ball with this one...

17 The Ship of the Dead

My favorite book of the Magnus Chase series, I really like the relationship building up between Magnus and Alex

The plot is straightforward, the twists and turns are nice. Especially the Magnus and Alex twist.

Too bad it had to end here

A nice addition to MC.! Percy has a sister...

18 The Burning Maze

RIP Jason. And to the person who said that they hate Jason and Piper, you can go to tarterus covered in papercuts. stuff you.

Had an amazing plot with awesome characters and a villain terrible enough to kill one of the book's main characters. So sad...

Good book, it's the best cause Jason dies. He was always my least favorite character... and the weakest.

Such an awesome book but it is so sad. I can't wait for the Tyrant's Tomb!

19 The Tyrant's Tomb

Tyrants Tomb should be number 1! Rick explains it so good I can imagine it around me!

Brilliant book with an amazing new character and some sad deaths... if you have not read it, you should do so ASAP.

Just read it quick guys it's the best book (yet).

Amazing apollo starts to jive

20 Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book 2 The Hammer of Thor

Diverse cast of characters

21 Trials of Apollo Dark Prophecy

Honestly Riordon keeps getting better. I was originally going to vote for House Of Hades, Last Olympian or Ship Of The Dead but this is the best. The humour and action are excellent and Riordan's use of them keeps improving. The characters are great particularly Lit and Apollo both of whom undergo serious character development. This book also gave is Riordan's best villain since Luke Castellan. Menacing, sympathetic, charismatic and focused entirely on destruction Commodus is one hell of a villain. I enjoyed Nero but Commodus is far better. So far I'm really enjoying Riordan's villian emperor team up and the final emperor of the trio is getting a lot of hype which I hope he lives up to. Riordan is my all time favourite Author.

I'm in the middle of it now, so far, I'm LOVING IT!

This book is very interesting!

I really liked it

22 Demigods and Magicians

Great story about Percy and Annabeth meeting the Kane siblings, Carter and Sadie. A powerful story by Rick!

23 Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods

Percy narrating all the greek gods, both complementing, and insulting them. It's one of the books not to be missed

the best

So funny

Dear very bottom comment, u spelles awesome wrong.- Denise

24 The Demigod Files
25 Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes

Another Percy Jackson narration. A son of Posiedon named after a son of Zeus. Who knew?

Ridiculously hilarious

26 Magnus Chase

Great book

27 The Crown of Ptolemy

In all honesty, this was hilarious but also just the right amount of seriousness. The action in this was awesome to read about and the plot was perfect! Percy alway cracks me up and his opinions on Sadie and Carter and everything in general were great! This was one of my favorite books


28 The Dark Prophecy

I think that this book is really a good book for both children and adults

29 The Maze of Bones

loved it


It’s pretty good

30 The Son of Sobek
31 Camp Half-Blood Confidential

It is a hilarious book it has a lot of plot twists and action. I also really like that they are short mini story’s that incredibly good and helps you understand some parts of other books like the battle of the labyrinth and the house of hades.

32 Cold Springs
33 The Last King of Texas
34 Big Red Tequila
35 The Kane Chronicles Survival Guide
36 Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Ultimate Survival Guide

Very good book

37 The Staff of Serapis
38 Southtown
39 The Devil Went Down to Austin
40 The Widower's Two-Step
41 The Demigod Diaries
42 9 From the Nine Worlds: Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

It was awesome explained so much about the beauty of the Norse myths... Just beautiful!

43 9 From the Nine Worlds: Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
44 Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio's Journal
45 Trials of Apollo: Tower of Nero
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