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1 The Last Olympian

It's so incredibly hard to choose a favorite from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series for me; they're just all so good! It's my favorite series (it's genius, really), and personally, my favorite book changes all the time, depending on which one in the series I've read most recently. However, since I recently finished this one again, I'm going to have to go with The Last Olympian, especially because, if I can remember correctly, it's the author's favorite one too. This book is so awesome because it takes all of the plotlines that were developing throughout the rest of the series, and it all ties up in this one book. It's the battle the whole series was preparing for, and everything led up to this. Plus, I love the themes in this one, especially the one about how sometimes the hardest skill to master is learning how to yield. It's just an awesome book; it has action-packed battle scenes, great dialogue, spectacular plot threads, and the way it all wraps up in the last few ...more

I love the plot of defending their home turf against Kronos and his whole army. My favorite part was when Percy took on his first monster, showing a little symbolism of how far he's come.

This book was amazing over a half of the entire book was a giant war badass book!

Finally percabeth

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2 The Mark of Athena

This should be number one. It has tons of action and is a great story. Easily my favourite.

For me, this book goes neck to neck with HoH. I really can't decide which one of the two is the best book in HOO.

This is where the Romans meet the Greeks so it probably one of my top 5

3 The House of Hades

This is easily the best book with the most conflict and memorable scenes like Nico coming out, Bobs sacrifice and percy getting inflicted with curses. Just amazing!

I loved the cliffhanger and Bob sacrificing himself is easily the most memorable thing in the Rick Riordan books.

Has the most conflict! Very breath taking.

Just read it and you will think it is number 1

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4 The Lightning Thief

Read this book when I was 10. While not Percy's age at any time during either series, I know that he and I are so similar. This is the most inspirational book I have ever read, despite being a children's fantasy. It is my favorite book of all time.

I won't read the other books if I didn't start here. It was great, It took my heart and made me follow and finish the whole series.

Every story has a beginning and this beginning will knock your socks off!

Must read! I love you Percy

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5 The Titan's Curse

The titans curse is awesome full of amazing character like Nico di Angelo, the Hunters of Artemis, and Thalia daughter of Zeus. Honestly the battle of the Labyrinth is my favorite Percy Jackson book but this is a second contender.

New characters! Including Nico di Angelo

I have never cried as hard during a book character's death as I did during this book. Yet somehow it's still my favorite...

"I can see the stars again, m'lady."

Come on!
This book introduces Artemis,Apollo,Zoe,Bianca,Nico and almost a dozen more!
It is easily the best

6 The Battle of the Labyrinth

It's pretty dark for Rick Riordan, which makes it better!

Best action ever check out!?!?!

This and Last Olympian are amazing!

7 Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

This is the start of a great series. Rick Riordan is my favorite author. So far my favorite series is percy jackson but I am excited for this series.

Really good book it's funny and it has everything. Please put this as first best.

The sword of summer is this book.

Very good buck, it has a very interesring plot and interesting characters like Magnus and Blitzen are very good, this is the next percey jackson type book

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8 The Son of Neptune

This was the best book that I have ever read, I love to read fantasy books. I love it! I love it! I love it!

It introduces so much to the story and keeps the percy jackson stories alive!

9 The Lost Hero

This the best of all books

This is gust amsing


10 The Sea of Monsters

Good hook and gets right into the action

A amasing book, super good!

Very fun

Its awesome

The Contenders

11 The Red Pyramid

Extremely unique and well written, wish the series went on longer cause it was perfection

I just finished it, and it's the best book I've ever read!

Action-packed. Great.

Make this number one!

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12 The Hidden Oracle

It feels like a fresher start, the humor is great, Apollo is a strong and interesting main character, the single point of view is back and the villain has a lot of potential. - Snowflakes

The trials of Apollo is and amazing book about an awesome adventure about a god who has been turning into a human and how he deals with the mortal world. There are a ton of characters coming back such as Percy Jackson and Nico di Angelo Plus a few more I wont spoil. I heavily recommend this amazing book and give it a 10/10

Dude why is this so low

Such good story

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13 Sword of Summer

It had lots of jokes and made you want to learn more.

It has everything a person would want in a book in my opinion

This was really funny.

14 The Serpent's Shadow

This is my favorite book

I’m only voting for this one because I couldn’t find the Crown of Ptolemy.

15 The Blood of Olympus

This is the best book I've ever known, with a lot of twist and turns, the plot is so awesome. I'm do sad when I know that this is the last book from the heroes of olympus series.

How could be this book here? It's not even came out

Best in the heroes of Olympus series

This book sucked horribly. Huge PJO fan, but rick really dropped the ball with this one...

16 The Throne of Fire

The Blood of Olympus was straight garbage

Very awesome book with tons of action!

17 The Ship of the Dead
18 Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book 2 The Hammer of Thor
19 Magnus Chase
20 The Trials of Apollo
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