Top Ten Hindi Sufi Rock Bands

These are bands that have an element of raw rock to there Hindi sufi Band...
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1 Sifar (Delhi)

This band from New Delhi, Sifar, is an alt-rock band that was formed in 2008. Listen to "Dastan" from their album 2, which is a modern, grunge-heavy rock single that will leave you ready for more.

2 Faridkot

Faridkot, a band on the independent circuit for some time now, can't be overlooked on this list. Based in Delhi, the band blends Sufi influences with its rock ethos. Faridkot creates music that ranges from pop to progressive rock. As long as they're making exceptional music, we're thrilled.

3 Local Train

The Local Train is an Indian rock band from Delhi. Formed in Chandigarh Tricity in 2008, the band has gained recognition for its active participation in cultural festivals at Indian colleges. Their debut album, Aalas Ka Pedh, was released in September 2015.

4 Lagori

Lagori is a recreational game involving knocking down stones with a ball, followed by a chase sequence guided by boundaries. Similar to the adrenaline powered by the game, the fusion rock act Lagori also delivers sweet melodic riffs and excitement. Listen to their thrilling mix of "Garaj Baras" (Junoon) and "Pardesi" (Dev D) below.

5 Raghu Dixit Project

A mix of Indian folk and rock 'n' roll makes them one of the liveliest Indian bands around. They are steadily gaining popularity with a string of live performances that always keep the audience on its toes. Their reinterpretation of folk has all the people talking.

6 Kailasa

Founded by Kailash Kher, Kailasa mixes Sufi, rock, and Western music with elements of Indian classical to offer a delightful blend that no music lover can resist. Having performed in over 100 cities, it's clear that audiences truly love what they are singing.

7 Rohit Vasudevan Diaries

Pune rockers Rohit Vasudevan Diaries should be on everyone's radar. Frontman Rohit Vasudevan's captivating vocals give the band an edge that many groups find difficult to match. Listen to the single "Zindagi Ek Khoj." It will lift your spirit incredibly.

8 Swaraag

The band, through its heart's desire and mind's dexterity, has mesmerized the audience, inviting them to embark on a journey into the world created by the perfect blend of Western and traditional Indian music. In this world, unity breathes life into every 'raaga,' and love prevails.

Such is the enchantment of the band's music that listeners and melodies are no longer separate entities. Creating music that can captivate all audiences is not a feat many bands can achieve, let alone maintain.

9 Parvaaz

Had you been to Bangalore's CounterCulture venue early this year, you would've seen an unusual drink called Ziyankar. You'd be delighted to know that this drink was created to support Parvaaz's latest immersive offering, the album Baran. Clever dedication is all we can say. Listen to "Khufiya Dastan" below.

10 Kartavya

Kartavya has won various awards. The band's founding member, Rijo Cherian, the lead guitarist and mentor, has been part of MTV ROCK ON. He was honored with the Best Guitarist Award at MTV Band of the Year (2014). He has since launched a new project, "Indus Fleet."

The Contenders
11 Indus Fleet Band

Rijo, along with exceptionally talented musicians, formed Indus Fleet, a Hindi Sufi Fusion Rock Band, with the aim of bringing diversity in music together on one stage. In short, their music is a blend of different styles and genres that has consistently left a lasting impression.

Rijo is the most talented and versatile guitarist I have ever seen.

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