Top Ten Best Rocko's Modern Life Episodes

The best episodes of the 1993-1996 Nicktoon "Rocko's Modern Life".

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1 Camera Shy

This is the only episode where Rocko is accidentally filmed nude (a reference to Nude Descending A Staircase), and the public result when the video nearly goes viral is as pricelessly hilarious as it is disturbing. "He's completely... NAKED. WITH NO CLOTHES ON! "

2 Wacky Delly

An episode about a show within a show. "Wacky Delly" is designed to be the worst show ever, but people still eat it up like maniacs.

I like this one because I want to be an animator like Ralph

Best Rocko episode in my opinion, hands down.

I am the cheese! I am the best character of the show! I am better than the salomi and bologna combined!

😆 Makes me laugh every time! by the way this is way better than *cough cough* Victorious *cough cough* and the other crappy shows we have today!

Although there are still a few good shows today, nothing can compare as good as the best show of all time, Rocko's Modern Life! 😍 I love you Rocko! 😘XOXO

3 Zanzibar

One of the only environmental protection musicals to openly admit how preachy and sappy it is.

This will teach Mr. Bighead about not caring for the country and littering

4 I Have No Son

Another episode about a show within a show. It is emotionally deeper than "Wacky Delly" (Ralph's cartoon series, "The Fatheads", is causing arguments and conflicts with his corporate father Ed) but is not nearly as funny.

5 Trash-O-Madness

Charmingly rough, but at points had great animation. Literally as I was watching it I thought to myself that it must have been one of the first episodes ever produced. I wasn't wrong. Overall, this episode was incredible.

This was originally the pilot episode. I prefer the official extended version, but either way, this episode about Rocko scrambling to pick up all his trash on trash day is a classic. And who could forget the psychotic stray dog, Earl? "Garbage day is a very dangerous day."

6 Put To Pasture

The high-school flashback was the real meat of this episode. The potato-battery science-experiment idea was really creative, and Filburt going insane over potato chips after Heffer ate the potato was especially hilarious.

The best flashback was when Mr. Bighead talked about when Heffer was his paperboy (back when he was the handsomest man in town).

7 To Heck And Back

That Satanic guy named Peaches was what really made this episode. He acts like Satan, but he's really just doing his job. Also, the plot of this episode is pretty wacky and disturbing, which I like.

That episode was weird but funny and creepy at the same time

This episode was funny and dark at the time.

I don't like this episode. It's too demonic.

8 Feisty Geist

Best epsiode ever

9 Ed Is Dead

I love this episode so much that I watch it even when it's nowhere near Halloween.

This is an incredibly dark and horrifying episode but that’s why it’s amazing!

10 I See London I See France

Crazy bus drivers, Americanization, cheesy French love proposal scenes... This episode had it all.

The Contenders

11 Sailing the Seven Zzz's
12 Carnival Knowledge

It's not my absolute favorite (that would be Wacky Delly), but it needs to be higher. 67th place is ridiculous.

At least Rocko won in the end.

П I feel sorry for Rocko in this episode…

13 Fish N Chumps

I love the underwater fishermen, they were funny

14 Closet Clown
15 The Big Question/The Big Answer

Filburt's marriage proposal to Dr. Hutchinson, which sounds pretty normal by the show's standards, predictably goes hilariously wrong. In the end, though, they get married.

16 From Here To Maternity
17 Leap Frogs

Mrs Bighead is an odd one, she is. Just one of the many reasons we have a fence between our houses.

This Episode was banned due to Adult Content

I actually felt sorry for Mrs. Bighead. She just wanted to be loved. :(

П Oh good lord… Mrs Bighead is such a spoiled brat in this episode! 😤 Gosh, I hate her so much!

18 Fortune Cookie

Filburt gets bad luck from a fortune cookie as it says the same word which is Bad Luck and Extreme Misfortune will infest your pathetic soul for all eternity. He got fortune cookies to celebrate him being Mr Lucky 'Game Spinner Show' but will his bad luck ruin his chance? find out

At least he won in the end.

"BAD LUCK AND EXTREME MISFORTUNE WILL INFEST YOUR PATHETIC SOUL FOR ALL ETERNITY." Leave it to Filburt to deny the fact that he became a bad luck magnet after reading that fortune... In fact, he even gets that exact same fortune repeatedly.

I feel sorry for Filbert in this episode… 😥

19 Teed Off

This episode had Heffer trying to help Mr. Bighead win a golfing match between him and his boss (even though he's NOT supposed to win), a parody of Darth Vader, exploding pianos, and a flying tractor! How is this not a great episode?

The best episode. They light up Ed with like 80 pianos when he's just trying to hit the ball.

20 Hut Sut Raw
21 Pranksters

I love the ending when Rocko's Grandma revealed to be Filbert the whole time, trying to get back at Heffer. After he laughed about how he finally got him, Heffer ended the episode by saying, "I knew it was him the whole time! "

I love this one!

22 Uniform Behavior

This had to be the world's scariest episodes ever made, Have you saw these ghost's? Its crazy

My favorite! I was laughing!

23 Jet Scream

Heffer was amazing in this episode this needs to be higher

24 Road Rash

ПBorn to eat fried food! 🎶 I also love the original song! 🎶Born to be wild! 🎶

25 Yarnbenders
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