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21 Wallaby On Wheels
22 Uniform Behavior

This had to be the world's scariest episodes ever made, Have you saw these ghost's? Its crazy

23 The Good, The Bad, And The Wallaby
24 A Sucker For The Suck-O-Matic V 1 Comment
25 The High-Five Of Doom
26 Leap Frogs

This Episode was banned due to Adult Content

I actually felt sorry for Mrs. Bighead. She just wanted to be loved. :(

П Oh good lord… Mrs Bighead is such a spoiled brat in this episode! 😤 Gosh, I hate her so much!

27 Commuted Sentence
28 Dirty Dog
29 Rinse And Spit

I love how Filbert made a reference to Doctor Who or whatever the heck that show was!

Filbert was almost about to sing a parody of The Lumberjack Song from Monty Python's Flying Circus (another show I really love).

30 Seat To Stardom
31 Canned

This was also the first appearance of, "Turn the page, wash your hands. Turn the page, wash your hands."

It had Rocko working as a specialty phone operator. Enough said. /

32 Old Fogey Froggy
33 Sugar-Frosted Frights
34 Yarnbenders
35 Wimp On The Barbie
36 Power Trip
37 Heffer In A Handbasket

Both Heffer and Peaches are what made this episode hilarious. It was also great how they did parodies of Jeopardy, Family Feud, Million Dollar Pyramid, and Wheel of Fortune. But, of course, the best part was...Peaches' Modern Life!

38 Who's For Dinner?

I liked this episode because it was both funny and heartwarming. The heartwarming part was when Heffer reunited with the Wolfe Family, because he realized that, even though he's adopted, he's still a part of their family.

39 Tickled Pinky
40 Spitballs
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