Scariest Sci-fi Movies

When we think of Sci-Fi we think of Star Wars and computers etc. But Sci Fi does have a dark side to it, here is the list of Scariest Sci-Fi films of all time!

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1 Alien

By far the scariest Sci-Fi movie ever made - scary locations, scary monster's look, scary score. Brilliant acting from the whole cast made it look even more impressive - Irina2932

Cursed me with insomniac and nightmares for weeks, and whenever the name "alien" is mentioned, my little kid-scary-first-encounter's memories return.

In its day the most unique movie ever made, a great combination of space, horror, suspense and drama.


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2 The Thing

All of the other sci-fi movies on this list are AMAZING, but none with the psychological, gut-ripping, gory, horrifying, suspenseful terror that The Thing provides for you.

I go back and fourth between this and Alien being the greatest horror movie of all time...but this one wins out.

No other movie with it's theme and music score could ever compete with this film best of all time

Alien sucks! The Thing is great...

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3 Aliens

Laugh out loud, the alien series in general is the best sci-fi ever! Predator sucks and is the only franchise coming to mind which I would like to discredit. All other sci-fi's are awesome though. Xenomorphs rule! They look great and have awesome abilities which, in my opinion, ranks them at the top of the evil alien list

so scary! even scarier than the first one! But the guns make me feel safe

Aliens is a great movie but it should be no. 10 cause its not scary at all I think the thing is the scariest and alien ressurection is the most disgusting and alien 3 also and alien is the scariest.

Alien was a lot scarier, you had no idea what the creature was, the crew wasnt prepared, and the overall atmosphere and tone was a lot freakier. this movie was great as well, but FAR from scary.

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4 Predator

Predator is my favorite Sci Fi/Action movie of all time, a solid performance by Arnie, great action, horror and plot twist, not to mention excellent score and endlessly memorable quotes.

Predator is AMAZING I have a movie like this one it is called alien vs predator

Could you wish for a more iconic creature?

Spectacular film

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5 28 Days Later

this movie is so scary compared to I Am LEgend!

6 I Am Legend

It was one of the best movies I've seen in a while.

Scary weird I dn't get it at all

7 Cloverfield

You know even though we have problems with terrorists, it would be better and awesome if there's a real-life monster wrecking havoc in our country instead!

Not in the least enjoyable, although Goodman is great, as always

8 Signs

This is the most underrated scary movie ever, saw it when I was 5 and didn't sleep til at least three days without a nightmare

I saw this when I was young too I still have nightmares about those those monsters

I hate this movie only because I saw it when I was 6 or 7 and I got so scared I cried

Oh my gosh freakiest alien movie ever, watched it before I went to sleep and couldn't stop thinking about the scene were bow says to her dad there's a monster outside and there's like a massive, buff, glaring figure like an impersonation of the devil and also the 7 year old birthday in Brazil on T.V. If that was shown o actual T.V. people all over the world would be crappin their pants honestly brilliant but damn creepy. God bless all who watch.

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9 Event Horizon

The scarest movie I ever watched in my life.

Sickness at its finest

This should be No1. Not just the scariest SciFi movie, one of the scariest movies of any genre.

I took a girl on our first date to see EH in theatres. Needless to say it was consequently our last date as well. The hell visualization was about as creepy as it gets. The theatrical version ended with Prodigy's "Funky Sh! t" Appropriate.

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10 The Fly

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11 Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

This movie wasn't even here. I'm shocked. "Invasion... " is one of the most creative and scary Sci-Fi films ever made - Irina2932

12 Jacob's Ladder
13 The Terminator


14 Jurassic Park
15 28 Weeks Later
16 The Mist
17 They Live

You guys should watch this movie - real masterpiece from Carpenter. And enough creepy - Alexandr

18 The Cell
19 The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

Excellent. They do not make them like that anymore

20 Jurassic Park III
21 The Descent
22 Christine

Awesome movie, wtched this all the time as a kid

23 Alien 3

Not the best alien film the best alien films are alien, alien 2, alien 4 and Prometheus

24 Hollow Man
25 Solaris
26 Fire In the Sky

Oh god! That experiments scene! Scared the crap out of me! - Jetticus12

27 Pitch Black
28 Scanners
29 The X-Files
30 E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial

If it weren't for E.T. himself. - renatofgv

31 Communion
32 Mimic

I just love bug movies! It was great!

33 The Hidden
34 Deep Star Six
35 Invaders From Mars
36 Contact

Enjoyed very much

37 Basket Case
38 The Ruins
39 The Brood
40 Dreamcatcher
41 2012

This movie was a serious scare, it was based on a doomsday event that was going to happen in December 21, 2012, but thankfully, it never happened, so there, this movie is scrapped.

42 Gravity

Most uninteresting

Gravity was such a suckish film, it wasn't even scary at all, it was totally unrealistic and fake everywhere.

43 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
44 Return of the Jedi

By far the best movie ever

Really really good classic film

45 The Maze Runner

Good film

46 Galaxy of Terror
47 Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens

We all know it's going to be scary, because there's this huge super weapon that will blow up star systems, destroying all of their planets, and killing many billions of people and lives on them, that will beat anything else.

I love Star Wars

48 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

Only because of the scene where the Death Star destroyed Alderaan, Princess Leia's home planet, as billions of people were blown to bits at once by that tragic event.

I love star wars

49 Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Not exactly as scary as the other two, but it was very scary, as Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader, was burning on the hell planet Mustafar after losing to Obi Wan Kenobi., that scene was way too scary for many people, and caused an emotional outrage.

I love Star Wars

50 War of the Worlds
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