Top 10 Best Monsters, Inc. Characters

Best characters from the 2001 Disney Pixar movie Monsters, Inc. The film is set in a world populated by monsters who produce energy by scaring human children. A prequel titled Monsters University was released in 2013.
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1 Mike Wazowski Michael Wazowski also known as Mike, is a main character in Monsters, Inc. and the main character of its prequel Monsters University. He is a lime green spherical monster with one large green eye, two small horns on his head, and thin arms and legs attached to either side of his torso. He is voiced... read more

In my opinion, Mike is cute, funny, and the best Disney character ever! He makes the movie even better! (He is awesome in Monsters University too! ) Billy Crystal is the perfect actor for him!

I really loved him in monsters university I thought he was the sweetest thing and I really felt for him. He's my favorite character hands down.

Milke is funny, good at commucation skills, tries his best to be a good boyfriend to Celia & he may not like Boo at first but he still deeply cares for her no matter what.

2 James P. Sullivan James P. Sullivan, also known as Sulley, is a fictional character in the Monsters, Inc franchise. He is voiced by John Goodman.

I like the close bond that Sully and Boo had like as of Sully is acting like a father figure for her. It's very sad when the two of them had to say goodbye, which made me cry. For a very fierce beyond six feet tall monster, Sully has a very soft spot for Boo, always protecting her & I hope the two of them reunite again.

Monsters University Sulley, was the complete opposite of Monsters Inc Sulley. In Monsters Inc, Sulley was humble, good-natured, hard-working, and devoted, while in Monsters University, Sulley was lazy, arrogant, ignorant, and conceited. And what's worse, is that Sulley and Mike were best friends in Monsters Inc while in Monsters University they were arch rivals.

3 Randall Boggs Randall Boggs is a Pixar villain from both Monsters Inc and its prequel, Monsters University. He is voiced by Steve Buscemi, and has a reptilian appearance, with purple and blue scales and green eyes.

Randall could have been good. All he wanted was to have people he could call friends. But instead, everyone saw Mike and Sully as the heros. I mean, he used to be kind back in Monsters University, but when he made a mistake the "cool" kids abandoned him. AND in Monsters University he said "I'll get you for this, Sullivan" showing that he still cared about Mike in someway but felt Sully took everything from him. Also, Mike and Sully were starting to become best friends and Mike was now Randall's only friend, therefore he was also mad at Sully because he was jealous. Plus, Waternoose is the reason Randall tried to kill Boo (Thanks to his myth about children being poisonous). He wasn't trying to get back at Mike and Sully, he was just trying to protect everyone from Boo.
So, is he a villain or a shocking hero?

4 Boo

Boo is my favourite character & I hope that she Reunites with Mike and especially Sully. I heard that Boo might be Asian ethic (not sure which part of Asia), ADORABLY CUTE, so playful & I wish that she appeared in Monsters at Work just to see the two of the (Mile and Sully) again.

5 Yeti

The Yeti is very welcoming kind, caring, friendly & is very down to Earth towards others around him.

The Yeti is so friendly to everyone that he comes in contact with.

He loves lemon snow cones I think that's enough said.

6 Roz Roz is a slug-style monster in Monsters, Inc. who appears to be the key master and administrator for Scare Floor F, holding all the keys to children's closet doors at Monsters, Inc. She is later revealed to be the head of the CDA. Roz is voiced by Bob Peterson.

Mike Wazowski: Wouldn't it be better if it all just... blew away?

Roz:*leans in close to him* Don't let it happen again... I'm watching you, Wazowski. Always watching. Always.


Roz: This office is now closed.*closes the window on his fingers*

Need I go on?

Roz is funny, an alright character & she let's Sully and Milke say their "goodbyes" to Boo properly before letting her (Boo) door to be shredded.

He gave me good laugh that his voice came out in Monster University evil is that were 4 seconds

7 Celia Mae

I can't blame Cecil's for getting angry because her perfect birthday was ruined. But overall, she's a very good girlfriend to Milke, nice to others & friendly.

Celia Mae is promoted to be floor manager in Monster's at Work.

I like her and the voice actress who voices her!

8 Henry J. Waternoose III

He would've been one of Mt favourite characters if he didn't lie about kids being dangerous. And because of this, Sully & Mike had to protect Boo at all costs from and danger. But I liked how he acknowledge that Sully is the top best scarer though.

The most evil guy? Didn't he make up the myth of children are poisonous to monsters and that monsters have to scare not make them laugh.

I wonder if he regret his actions for after what he did.

9 George Sanderson
10 Fungus

I'm glad that he's not working for Randall anymore because Randall is so mean to him.

He's the good guy in Monsters at Work, no longer working for Randall Boggs!

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11 Claws Ward

Claws Ward is very sensitive for a scary looking monster with large claws.

12 Ms. Flint
13 Needleman
14 Jerry Slugworth
15 Charlie Proctor
16 Baby Smitty
17 Bile
18 Ms. Nesbit
19 Pete ''Claws'' Ward
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