Scariest The Twilight Zone Episodes

The Top Ten
1 Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

I saw this in school, and when he pulled back the curtains half the class just walked out the door

I pissed my self when he pulled back the curtains

2 Living Doll

Damn you, Talky Tina! I couldn't sleep for YEARS because of you! - BronySyndrome

Child’s Play before the movie. The sensation I had when I first watched it is memorable.

3 The Dummy

Before there was Dead Silence and Slappy, there was Willy. - BronySyndrome

4 Twenty Four

Evil nurse who beckons people to the hospital morgue. - BronySyndrome

5 Hitch Hiker

Stalkers. Supernatural stalkers. Stalkers that scare the wits out of me. - BronySyndrome

6 To Serve Man

Seriously, I couldn't eat for days after this. - BronySyndrome

7 Night Call

Dead husband calling at night. - BronySyndrome

8 The Masks

Plastic Surgery gone haywire. - BronySyndrome

9 The Fever
10 The Obsolete Man
The Contenders
11 It's a Good Life

? How is this not number one?

12 The Purple Testament
13 And When the Sky Was Opened

This was the first episode that actually trauamatised me. The way the characters freak out in this one was way too much. - Rocko

14 The New Exhibit
15 A Most Unusual​ Camera
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