Scariest The Twilight Zone Episodes

The Top Ten

Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

I saw this in school, and when he pulled back the curtains half the class just walked out the door

I pissed my self when he pulled back the curtains

Living Doll

Damn you, Talky Tina! I couldn't sleep for YEARS because of you! - BronySyndrome

Child’s Play before the movie. The sensation I had when I first watched it is memorable.

The Dummy

Before there was Dead Silence and Slappy, there was Willy. - BronySyndrome

Twenty Four

Evil nurse who beckons people to the hospital morgue. - BronySyndrome

To Serve Man

Seriously, I couldn't eat for days after this. - BronySyndrome

Night Call

Dead husband calling at night. - BronySyndrome

Hitch Hiker

Stalkers. Supernatural stalkers. Stalkers that scare the wits out of me. - BronySyndrome

The Masks

Plastic Surgery gone haywire. - BronySyndrome

The Fever
The Obsolete Man

The Contenders

The Purple Testament
It's a Good Life

? How is this not number one?

A Most Unusual​ Camera
And When the Sky Was Opened

This was the first episode that actually trauamatised me. The way the characters freak out in this one was way too much. - Rocko

The New Exhibit
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