Top Ten Ships From WW2

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1 Bismarck

The Bismarck is a good ship and a bad one its time in the sea was about a week its speed was good guns too but not the amour id give it a replacement with the yamato

"the ship the most powerful navy in the world, feared" So powerful that it was sunk in the beginning of the war.

Tied up a good deal of the Royal Navy searching for her in May 1941. - PetSounds

If its dry dock wasnt destroyed we all would be nazis

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2 Yamato Yamato

I took 40 aircraft to destroy this

Only 4!? Put this on number 1 you idiots don't know how devastating power this thing had! It took ages for americans to destroy thos

3 USS Iowa

As an obsolete class of ships, this was by far the best ever built and one of the few that saw its role as a support vessel. This is a no brainier, the Bismarck was a pile of junk compared to it on so many levels. Sick of hearing about the Bismarck and even worse the hood! All around, this class of battleships had no equal and would be the one a smart individual would want to serve on! Best guns, better then the 18" of the Yamato, by far the best anti aircraft protection, armor belt, speed, radar aiming, damage control and it just gives on. Not saying it could not lose but it's the ship I would bet on to Win! In fact, if not this class then my next choice would be the Dakotas over the rest.

4 Tirpitz
5 HMS Hood

It should replace with the enterprise it sank in 2mins and 30 secs

6 Bl├╝cher
7 Admiral Hipper
8 Enterprise
9 RN Roma
10 HMS Warspite

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11 IJN Musashi
12 USS Essex (CV-9)
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