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1 Abominable Putridity Abominable Putridity Abominable Putridity is a Russian slam death metal band formed originally from Moscow, formed in 2003. The band has released two albums; In the End of Human Existence and The Anomalies of Artificial Origin. They are one of the most popular brutal death metal bands to day. Abominable Putridity shares more.

Such good vocals

Indisputably the best band, amazing gutturals and great tone.



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2 Devourment Devourment Devourment is an American brutal/slam death metal band from Dallas, Texas. Formed in 1995, the band has split up and reformed three times and Brad Fincher is the only original member.

Devourment should be number 1, they practically created slam death.

They set the rules for slam death metal, they are slam godfathers. They're like Slayer for thrash metal and Bathory for black metal.

Indeed devourment should be first

This band should be #1 in the ranks without batting an eye.

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3 Ingested Ingested Ingested are a British slam death metal/deathcore band from Manchester. Since their formation in 2007, the group have built a reputation as one of the most savage death metal acts to come out of the UK for a long time and have built a large fanbase within their country as well as in the US, Australia, more.

My absolute favorite band!

4 Katalepsy Katalepsy Katalepsy is a Russian slam death metal band from Moscow. They have released two split albums, one EP, two full length albums, and one demo. Katalepsy has established themselves as one of the most prominent acts in the Russian metal scene, and a popular band in the extreme metal underground.
5 Kraanium Kraanium Kraanium is a Norwegian slam death metal band formed in 2001. Kraanium was founded by twin brothers Martin and Mats Funderud. Having played previously in hardcore and black metal projects together, the brothers seeked out for a heavier project.

Seriously? Vulvodynia is on this list as SBDM?

6 Acranius Acranius Acranius is a German slam death metal band from Rostock, formed in 2009. The band shows elements of beatdown hardcore, crafting their own signature sound.
7 Vulvodynia

Love this band to death, honestly, their vocals inspire me to learn how to scream. Their lyrics make me laugh most times because they're so gruesome

Top of my list for slam


I’m Rick Harrison and this is my pawn shop. I work here with my old man and my son, Big Hoss, and in 23 years I’ve learned one thing. You never know what is gonna come through that door.

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8 Extermination Dismemberment

This need to be al least on top 3


9 Pathology Pathology Pathology is an American brutal/slam death metal band from San Diego, California, formed in 2006 by drummer Dave Astor (formerly of Cattle Decapitation and The Locust.) And vocalist Matti Way (also of Abominable Putridity.)

Simply incredible! They can be incredibly brutal even without being as morbid as other slam bands. They were especially great when they were fronted by Jonathon Huber.

10 Soils of Fate Soils of Fate Soils of Fate is a Swedish slam death metal band from Stockholm, formed in 1995. Mostly known for their unique "Ultra Groovy Slam Death Metal-style". Soils of Fate is sometimes credited with crafting slam death metal and the brutal death metal underground.

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11 Vulvectomy

Brutal and wonderful

12 Epicardiectomy

Putreseminal Morphodysplastic Virulency - Best album ever made.

13 Defeated Sanity Defeated Sanity Defeated Sanity is a German technical death metal band from Dachsbach, Bavaria, that was formed in 1994, originally as a side project of guitarist Wolfgang Teske and his son, drummer Lille Gruber.
14 Veiyadra Veiyadra
15 Glossectomy
16 Vomit Remnants Vomit Remnants Vomit Remnants is a Brutal Death Metal band from Tokyo, Japan, which was formed in 1997 and are currently signed to Unique Leader Records. They released besides 2 EPs and 2 split-albums only one full-length called "Supreme Entity" so far and are rather unknown among metal fans. more.
17 Carnal Disfigurement
18 The Last Ten Seconds Of Life

They're unique, they have influences from progressive and doom. They are NOT deathcore! People call them that, but they're not. - ThatStrangeKid42

19 Gorevent
20 Degrade
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1. Abominable Putridity
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