Top Ten Best Songs Between Xtrullor and Mafia Pineapple

These 2 DJs are very underrated. What do you think are the best songs from them?

The Top Ten

1 The Step of Death - Mafia Pineapple

This is the most heaviest dubstep song! This song is underrated. - DynastiNoble

2 Ego Death - Xtrullor

Amazing dubstep drops - Zohaib

3 Cry - Xtrullor

As an former Geometry Dash player, I know some people are mega-triggered that Supernova is not number one. And, I know nobody will agree with me, but I personally love his Zelda Palace Then Remix. This songs good too. Nice drop

4 Eternity - Mafia Pineapple
5 Screamroom - Xtrullor
6 Ichor - Xtrullor
7 Supernova -  Xtrullor
8 The Force - Mafia Pineapple

Love it! - thedinosaurgeek

9 Tria - Xtrullor
10 Genesis - Mafia Pineapple

The Contenders

11 Rebirth - Mafia Pineapple

This song is cool and underrated. - DynastiNoble

12 Shattered - Maffia Pineaple
13 Sheol - Xtrullor
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