Best Songs on Imagine Dragons's Night Visions

Which song is best in the album Night Visions by Imagine Dragons?

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1 Demons

LOVE THIS SONG?! - Ilovestephanie

great song

I love this song! It helps show that no matter how happy people may look on the out side there is always something people don't share and have a secret

This song is really seriously...GOOD!

2 Radioactive

How is this No. 5? It's the best song ever because it appeals to fans of all different genres. - ChristianDavid

The best song of the album, awesome one. Very catchy

Oh my god. This is very, very, very good! I totally love it, I'm addicted for this song.

Best song ever its nice and catchy

3 Bleeding Out

Its not about a suicide attempt, what I think it about is telling someone you love that you would die for them. either way I love this song.

I LOVE this, even though I think its about a suicide attempt.

I listen to this song 75% more than any other Imagine Dragons song. I like pretty much all of the songs, but this one is just amazing. Lost Cause is my 2nd favorite, but then again, that isn't even on Night Visions.

To good I love it so much bleeding out is the best I would make it a top number 1 NICELY DONE IMAGINE DRAGONS

4 It's Time

This song I love! In the song it says "the path through heaven runs through miles of clouded hell" this helped me through being bullied and helped my hero Tyler Robinson through cancer.

Best song ever. Are you deaf?

How is this #8? Come on! This is easily the 3rd best song of the album, behind Demons and Radioactive. 4th should be On top of the world. What amazed me was that even Underdog and Round and round are higher, not meaning those songs are bad, but It's time and On top of the world are way better.


5 Tiptoe

My second favourite song on the album. It's very good!

Probably my favorite.

It's dang awesome Nuffield said

6 Nothing Left to Say/Rocks

One of the best, most epic songs I've ever heard. - HalTwen

I'm definitely differing in this area, but personally, I liked Rocks better than Nothing Left to Say. Fascinated by the mandolin and acoustic goodness of it, I set out to find the preview on iTunes after hearing Rocks played in a video by Dan at a concert in Hamburg. I was sad to find that Rocks was not included in the preview. However, both are great songs and I enjoyed them a lot.

Powerful lyrics, hook, chorus, and vocals that will make you melt, and a beautiful guitar to finish it all off. Nothing left to Say is without a doubt the best song on Night Visions and arguably the best Imagine Dragons song.

Rocks is very blase, but Nothing Left to Say now is really the only song that has any kind of power on the album, and it has that power

7 Round and Round

This is my favorite song! It's so catchy, and it is very underrated. I know that Demons, Radioactive, and It's Time are good, but Round and Round is the best in my opinion. This song gets absolutely no recognition, as well as many other Imagine Dragons songs. People listen to the three listed before, and while yes I won't deny that they are good songs, they get so much recognition while this amazing song gets no popularity.

How was this not on the list? It's not the best on the album, it's it's definitely top 5 material! It's epic!

This song is awesome radioactive is good but overplayed

8 On Top of the World

Super upbeat and cheerful. You need to stop listening to just Radioactive and Demons. They are great, but come on.

Seriously? How is this number 7? This should be higher, it’s one of the best songs on the album. - Gameplayer

Number 8? This is number 1 material. Also, where is The River? Great song, deserves to be on this list.

Love this song so much!

9 Underdog

The best song ever on the album. It's good, I love it so much. This is a great and beautiful song. Hope you like it.

I love this song so much you have no idea. - UltimateCraig

10 Hear Me

This is one of my favourite songs of theirs - It perfectly captures what I'm feeling when I'm anxious and depressed. I love it.

Hear me is such a heart-wrenchingly pained song accentuated by Reynold's incredible voice. The song perfectly captures the relatable feeling of helplessness in the depths of a depression. - Pluma

Hear Me is awesome. Should be at least number 4:
1. Demons
2. Radioactive
3. Nothing Left to Say/Rocks
4. Hear Me

The Contenders

11 Amsterdam

I think they might be copying Coldplay a bit...but it sounds really good and that's all that matters also I farted while writing this

It's amazing.

This song made me cry 0.o


12 Fallen

How is this number 7? This is my second favorite and it's just so GOOD

13 America

Great song! Great band

14 Cover Up
15 The River

This is an amazing song. People just don't appreciate anything below top 5 :(

16 Selene

So underrated...

17 Every Night

This should be on top 10!

I don't like, I love it.

18 My Fault
19 I Don't Mind
20 Working Man

Such a feel good tune and great beat!

Similar feel like On top of the World

21 Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older)

Is this even a song on the album? (Seriously, though) - Pluma

This actually is on the album on the Spotify edition. It's the second best after Underdog! - UltimateCraig

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