Best Songs From Katy Perry's Teenage Dream

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1 Firework Firework V 2 Comments
2 E.T. E.T.

You are so hypnotizing
Could you be the angel
Could you be the devil... I just love its lyrics. Whenever I listen this song I start humming it... Its awesome - dontmesswidme

WOW! I Love this song so much. SO CATCHY AND STUCK ON MY BRAIN

3 Teenage Dream Teenage Dream

It is the title track, there's a reason the entire album was named after this song. It's the best song in her entire career.

Teenage Dream rocks I like the part when she says we drove to cali and got drunk on the beach got a motel and build a floor out of sheets I'm complete

This is the best song of Katy Perry I have ever heard.. really, the awesome lyrics, beautiful presentation.. And this should be placed in number 1, love Katy Perry much!

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4 The One That Got Away The One That Got Away

Please vote for it. Really emotional and based on the true things which happened between Katy and Russel. The clip made me cry. If you don't know, this song is warning us that we should be caerful when we are chosing our love and that the biggest love can also disappear. It should be number one so please VOTE

One of katy perrys best songs.
It needs to be by number one because it just has catchy tune and it just touches your heart!

5 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

Omg! WHy isn't this number 1? It is the best song ever! Super catchy! Also the music video is her best one yet! You have to admit that this will be the summer anthem of 2011. You can just tell. The video got at least 30 million views in one week! How cool is that!

Yeah, it's really catchy. And I love ET and wide awake all the same. There's a stranger in my bed, there's a pounding in my head... Love IT! - musiclover7621

6 California Gurls California Gurls

Captain hook these girls are so deniable daisy dukes bikinis on top! I love this song! So catchie!

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7 Wide Awake Wide Awake

Wide Awake's name really is kind of what happened... this song closed out the Teenage Dream era and we were all wondering

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8 Hummingbird Heartbeat Hummingbird Heartbeat

This song is very sweet and clever! I think we can al relate to the message of falling in love.

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9 Who Am I Living For? Who Am I Living For?

This is my favorite Katy song. The lyrics and beat give off a cool sci-fi vibe.

10 Not Like the Movies Not Like the Movies

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11 Pearl Pearl

I love this song. But it makes me sad. It's about a girl in a relation ship and she gets like I guess kind of abused physically and emotionally. And her boyfriend is trying to change her. So she's been trying to find her way out of the abusive relationship she's in. And she finds a way out.

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12 Circle the Drain Circle the Drain
13 Peacock Peacock
14 Dressin' Up Dressin' Up
15 Part of Me Part of Me
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1. Wide Awake
2. Firework
3. The One That Got Away
1. Firework
2. Teenage Dream
3. E.T.
1. Firework
2. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
3. Teenage Dream

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