Best Songs on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's The Heist

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1 Can't Hold Us Can't Hold Us

I can rap the begining it's so hard! I love this song

lucas 9 years old

Listen to it and it will make you download the song it's to good to be a great song

Yup. Da best. Been my favorite since 7. (P.S, bad grammar was intentional).

This song is about working hard to reach your goal, and not giving up, because if we give up, it won't ever happen, not just a song he made so people could dance to it. - williamrozario

2 Thrift Shop Thrift Shop

People say it's meaningless, but it's really not, this song is about consumerism, and just some song about some guy who is poor, and shops in thrift shops, and jizzes a lot, and this song is also more than just some stupid dance song with a catchy beat. - williamrozario

Holy crap, people! Why isn't this on the top... This song won GRAMMY for Best Rap Song Of The Year... I can't believe this!

THE BEAT AND THE RYTHYM AND THE STUFF :DD plus its macklemore yyeeaah

3 Same Love Same Love

My favorite song is swings but sadly it's not on this list. I love macklemore!

#9? You should all be ashamed of yourselves

4 White Walls

#8? Shall go higher

5 Ten Thousand Hours

This song has a true meaning of how we come this far of being a sucessful rapper!


6 Jimmy Iovine
7 Thin Line

This song has so much meaning behind it. It should be higher up on the list. It may not have a very catchy beat but the lyrics really connect with. Go ahead and listen all!

8 Wings

I love this song its beautiful and its my favorite song of macklemore - rocknrollhorselover

This song should be at least 6 I think it nudges good and thin line

I love this song so much, beautiful lyrics and so much feels..

This is way more better than jimmy lovine

9 Gold

Why in the world is this number eight? This song is amazing

10 Neon Cathedral

This song should be in the top 5, its churchy vibe is like nothing you'll ever hear

The Contenders

11 Cowboy Boots
12 A Wake
13 Make the Money

Great message behind it, one of my favorite Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Songs overall.

14 Starting Over

Beautiful song about relapse to drug addiction

Should switch places with Thrift Shop! - keycha1n

"'Cause God wrote "Otherside", that pen was in my hand
I’m just a flawed man, man I messed up
Like so many others I just never thought I would
I never thought I would, didn’t pick up the book
Doing’ it by myself, didn’t turn out that good

If I can be an example of getting sober
Then I can be an example of starting over."

I'm crying. - keycha1n

15 BomBom
16 Otherside

This song isn't even in the album

Perfect 5/7

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1. Jimmy Iovine
2. Same Love
3. Can't Hold Us
1. Can't Hold Us
2. Thin Line
3. Same Love
1. Wings
2. Same Love
3. Thrift Shop


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