Top 10 Songs on Sodom's in the Sign of Evil / Obsessed by Cruelty

In the Sign of Evil was the debut EP by Sodom and Obsessed by Cruelty was the debut studio album by Sodom. Both if these albums were a part of the 1st wave of Black Metal and this was when they were a pure Blackened Speed/Thrash Metal band before they switched to their more well known Thrash style. These albums were originally separate releases but when Obsessed by Cruelty was reissued it included all the tracks from the In the Sign of Evil EP as bonus tracks.

There are actually two recorded versions of Obsessed by Cruelty because they had to rerecord the album because the record label was not happy with the end result. The first version was released through Metal Blade Records and was recorded in Berlin and released in the United States, while the 2nd version was released through Steamhammer records and was recorded in Nuremberg and was released in Sodom's home country Germany. According to Tom Angelripper, the second recording is "completely different" and features a bonus track named "After the Deluge". Destructor (Michael Wulf) played guitar on the first version, while Assator (Uwe Christophers) played on the second.

The album had a major influence on then-developing black metal. Mayhem founder and guitarist Euronymous described the early Sodom and Destruction releases as underrated "masterpieces of black stinking metal".

The Top Ten

1 Witching Metal
2 Outbreak of Evil
3 Obsessed by Cruelty
4 Blasphemer
5 Burst Command Til War
6 Witchhammer
7 Brandish the Sceptre
8 Volcanic Slut
9 Deathlike Silence
10 Sepulchral Voice

The Contenders

11 Fall of Majesty Town
12 Proselytism Real
13 Equinox
14 Nuctemeron
15 Pretenders to the Throne
16 Burst Intro
17 Burst Outro
18 Intro (Obsessed by Cruelty)
19 Intro (In the Sign of Evil)
20 After the Deluge
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